18 smart ways to resist temptation in a relationship

Are you struggling with a temptation that could ruin your relationship right now? Are you afraid of cheating on your partner / spouse?

Being in love with your partner or spouse does not guarantee that you would be faithful to them. There are people in love who find themselves caught in momentary lapses that could lead to emotional damage and broken relationships.

If you want to know how to resist the temptation that can threaten your relationship, here are 18 smart ways to do it.

1. Be aware of your temptations.
The very first thing to do is recognize your vulnerability. Being aware of your temptations will help you be more vigilant about your behaviors, decisions, and thoughts.

2. Talk to your partner about your weakness.
Your spouse or partner certainly understands that you are not perfect. He will appreciate your openness.

Giving it an idea of ​​your weakness is a sign that you want to fight it. In addition, your partner can help you overcome temptations by monitoring you.

3. Find a responsible partner.
It is also advisable to find a responsible partner in addition to your loved one. They should be a mature and trustworthy person of the same sex. The role of your accountability partner is to watch over you, rebuke you when necessary, and pray for you.

4. Get advice.
If you continue to fail in this area, seeking professional help can also be a good idea. You can consult a spiritual mentor or find a psychologist.

5. Think about how this will affect your relationship.
What if you give in? Have you ever thought about what might happen if your spouse or partner finds out? Are you willing to risk your relationship for momentary pleasure?

Even if you are forgiven, it would be difficult to restore your partner’s confidence.

6. Ask yourself if your partner deserves it.
Yes, there is a chance that your partner will never find out about your affair. However, do you really think he / she deserves to be cheated on?

Your partner or spouse might not be perfect, but he / she could be so devoted to you and trying to be the best for you.

7. Avoid friends who encourage you to cheat.
If you have friends who think being able to cheat is cool, stay away from them. True friends will help you protect your relationship or marriage.

As the saying goes, “bad business corrupts good character.” Therefore, choose your friends wisely.

8. Cut or limit ties with those who appeal to you.
You might think you aren’t doing anything wrong yet, but fantasizing about someone else is already cheating. Plus, if you know that you’re attracted to someone and intentionally find ways to stay in touch or be together, you’re in trouble.

To avoid this, run away from temptation. Limit your communication or proximity to the person. Or, if there is no point in staying in touch with him / her, just cut the connection.

9. Stay away from places where you shouldn’t be.
What are these places to avoid? These are the areas that you don’t want your partner to know about. For example, avoid going to private places where you might be alone with someone else of the opposite sex.

10. Develop transparency in your relationship.
Another way to protect yourself from temptation is to maintain transparency in your relationship. Being transparent means giving each other access to your accounts and gadgets.

Some people don’t like this idea because it invades their privacy. However, the temptation is less knowing that your partner can find out.

11. Turn your thoughts to something else.
If your mind continues to be haunted by tempting thoughts, distract yourself. Think about something positive or productive. Or think about how you love your spouse or partner.

You can also take care of work or a hobby.

12. Be honest with your partner.
If you’re tempted to cheat right now, it’s best to open up with your partner. Admit it, the more you suppress something, the more it presses you. Once you open up you’ll realize it was just a passing urge because the thrill is gone.

Yes, he might get upset once you open up. However, it could be worse if you talk to him after your failure. Moreover, he / she deserves to know the truth.

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13. Practice mind over matter.
No matter how tempted you are, you need strong willpower to master yourself. Do not follow your heart, which represents your fleeting emotions. Instead, pay attention to your brain, which signifies good judgment and reasoning.

14. Resolve the problem in your relationship.
Some people cheat because they have a problem with their relationship. If so, please solve the problem, not add another one. If you want to continue your relationship, don’t do something that can end it completely.

Talk to your partner. Find possible solutions and cooperate with each other. Also, work together to rekindle the passion in your relationship.

15. Confront the other person, if necessary.
If the person you’re talking to is obviously striking you or has expressed a desire to flirt with you, speak up. The “tempter” would keep coming if you are passive about it. He / she probably thinks you want this to continue.

To keep the person from tempting you, boldly tell them to stop. Refuse indecent offers and tell the person you’re hired.

16. Weigh between love and lust.
Please understand that being attracted to a person does not necessarily mean love. What you probably feel about the other person is just lust. Maybe it’s just a physical attraction that will soon be gone.

If you are sure that you love your partner and know that you are only attracted to another person by lust, then be wise. Never risk the true love for lust, which is temporary.

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17. Humble yourself before God.
It is difficult to overcome temptations because we are only humans. If you are desperate to resist them, ask for God’s help. Recognize that you cannot do it on your own.

Make it part of your daily prayers for the courage and strength to flee temptation.

18. Get wisdom and reminders from the Bible.
Reading the Bible regularly can also help you change your perspective on temptations. There are many reminders and nuggets of wisdom about resisting temptation that you can find there.

For example, 1 Corinthians 10:13 tells us that God will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we are able to bear. If you want testimonies that temptations can be overcome, read the success stories of Joseph (Genesis 39) and Jesus (Matthew 4: 1-11).

Do not give in

No matter how strong the temptation, rest assured that it is possible not to fail. All you have to do is actively resist it.

Whether or not you want to give in is up to you. However, if you do, think about the possible consequences. Are you ready for them? If you know they will only destroy you, then why give in?

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