As discussed in previous articles, emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence is a “thing” that exists in every human being that can affect the way you manage emotions, how to behave, deal with social complexity, make the right personal decisions, be positive towards things that are less pleasant, even being nice to people around you.


Previously, before emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence was present in the community, Intelligence Quotient (IQ) or the value of one’s intelligence was considered as the only key to one’s success in life. Logically, if you have an IQ above average, you can be sure you are a very smart person and can be successful like Albert Einstein.


When emotional intelligence is present in the community, emotional intelligence starts to become the most important factor that can distinguish someone from other superior people. In fact, some people believe that having a high EQ is far more important than having a high IQ. The fact is that people who have a high level of excellence are those who have 90% emotional intelligence.


Does Everyone Have Emotional Intelligence or emotional intelligence? If Yes, What Are the Signs?

Because emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence cannot be seen directly physically, so as an ordinary human you will be difficult to detect “do I have high emotional intelligence?


However, this is something that can be felt by yourself. What’s more, to take a scientifically valid test to check emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence is also not free. So, this article was made in order to make it easier for Career Advice colleagues to detect the signs they have on high emotional intelligence. According to the entrepreneur’s website, there are 18 significant signs that fellow readers can detect from within you.


1. Naturally, You Have a Strong Emotional Vocabulary.

We know that everyone has experienced emotions. Sense of emotion will come indiscriminately, ethnicity, nation and state. However, only a few people can and successfully detect emotions that are being felt by him. According to our research, only 36% of individuals in the world can detect their emotions. People who cannot detect their emotions or anger tend to make irrational decisions and counterproductive actions.


The first sign that proves that you have high emotional intelligence is that they can detect their emotional feelings AND they have extensive emotional vocabulary. What do you mean? When emotions come, they don’t say it is just “bad feelings.” However, they are able to describe it better.


They know whether it is feeling, “angry”, “frustrated”, “oppressed or bullied” or just feeling “anxious”. If you manage to describe the emotional feelings specifically, then this indicates that you have high emotional intelligence.


The more specific choice of words you have, the better insight you have of how that feeling, what causes it, and what your fellow readers should do.


2. You Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses Very Well.

In this world, the person who best understands how you are inside and out, especially the weaknesses and strengths that your fellow readers have are you.


People with high emotional intelligence know this well. Someone who is emotionally intelligent not only understands their emotions, but they also know what they are good at and what they are not good at. They also know what things they can do to succeed, anyone who is good for their relationships so that they form a strong person. By having emotional intelligence, you can maximize your strengths and maintain your weaknesses by holding back emotions or things you don’t want.


3. You Know How to Say “No” and Dare to Say It.

Emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence has a close relationship with self-control. One study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco showed that when a person has difficulty refusing and does not have the courage to say “no”, they are people who easily feel stress, frustration, fatigue, and even depression.


Dare to say “no” is the first form of self control. People with emotional intelligence will not beat around the bush to say no, because they will maximize efforts for commitments that are in front of their eyes now and will not neglect them with new commitments that might hurt themselves and emotionally.


4. You are very empathetic with others and care for many people.

Is your fellow reader a person who is very empathetic towards others and likes to give them attention? If so, this is a sign that fellow readers have high emotional intelligence. No matter whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, having high emotional intelligence means having a strong sense of empathy for your fellow humans.


5. You Are Not Afraid to Accept Changes.

The fifth sign of emotional intelligence or high emotional intelligence is the nature of being flexible and constantly adapting to new things. These people know very well that fear and avoidance will only lead them to suffering and this can be a big threat to the success and happiness of their lives.


Therefore, they choose to face it and adapt to all changes. How, they will control their emotions and be calm in the face of all the changes that come. Do your fellow readers also behave like this?


6. You are not Offended.

Hey, who’s here a little angry and sensitive? In fact, people with high emotional intelligence are those who are not easily offended! High emotional intelligence will make someone difficult to feel offended and can not be “pitted” by others. They have a strong defense and motivation in life. No matter how bad statements other people make about them, it won’t make them feel “dropped”. Why? Because they know only he who understands the weaknesses and strengths of themselves.


7. You are a Good Judge of Character.

Emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence will make you someone who understands the life situation of others. In other words, you will have good social awareness such as, being able to read other people’s feelings from their movements, understand things about other people and want to understand what they are going through. So, all this will not make you a judgmental person.


8. You Are Not a Revengeful Person.

Revenge? It’s just a feeling of harm and a waste of time. People with high emotional intelligence will be smart in choosing things that are important for them to think about and things they should forget. Revenge is something that must be forgotten, because without a sense of revenge your life will be calm. Research conducted at Emory University shows that letting go of revenge not only makes you feel better, but this attitude will also improve your health.


9. You Always Learn from Past Mistakes.

People with emotional intelligence will never want to fall into the same hole more than once. They are very aware of their past mistakes, and they will be very careful not to do them again. They will not regret the mistakes made, but rather make it a very meaningful lesson.


10. You are not an individual who seeks perfection.

Emotional intelligence or high emotional intelligence will not bring someone to set goals and perfect results in every effort. These are people who are very aware that “no human is perfect, and humans have SURE never made a mistake”. The difference is, whether humans want to learn from their mistakes or not?


They do not want if a sense of perfection will lead them to become depressed when the results obtained do not match what is expected. Therefore, they are very much their emotions from things like this.


11. You Are a Sincere Person by Not Expecting Any Rewards.

Having emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence will make you a person who likes to think and pay attention to others. This feeling makes you a sincere person who likes to give without expecting anything in return from someone else. In other words, emotionally intelligent people will always try to build strong relationships with others.


12. You Always Appreciate What You Have.

Reflecting on what you have and being grateful for everything will make you a person who is not jealous of others and this can reduce the feeling of stress in yourself. Research says that this attitude will reduce the stress hormone cortisol by 23%. That’s why emotionally intelligent people will always appreciate what they have.


13. You can Manage Time with Social Media.

Emotional intelligence or high emotional intelligence will make you wise in managing time with social media. You become aware of what are the priorities, so that they are not interrupted by the endless use of social media .


14. You are good at maintaining caffeine intake into the body.

Too much caffeine that you consume will also not be good for health. In fact, excessive caffeine will also make you put aside rational thinking because it is motivated to do things quickly. People with emotional intelligence will not want to take risks like this.


15. You have enough sleep.

Having enough rest will make you feel refreshed. Amazingly, getting enough sleep can also increase your emotional intelligence. So it’s not wrong if they will always have enough sleep.


16. You Always Avoid Negative Talks.

Whether the negative talk is about yourself or someone else, emotionally intelligent people will consider this an activity that is not beneficial at all.


17. You can neutralize Toxic People .

Amazingly, people with high emotional intelligence are able to deal with negative and poisonous people, WITHOUT slipping into those vices.


When dealing with toxic people, they will approach it rationally, identifying their own emotions and not allowing anger or frustration to ignite chaos. They also consider the point of view of toxic people and are able to find solutions and similarities with them. These emotionally intelligent people truly deal with toxic people elegantly and intelligently.


18. Nothing Can Block These People’s Happiness.

High emotional intelligence and emotional intelligence will not make a person seek happiness from others or wait for validation from others. They only need themselves to be happy, so that no one can hinder the happiness of these people.


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