18 points that simplify your everyday life

Life does not have to be very difficult. It is possible to create a flow that is simple and determined in advance that makes the day run and where you know what the next step is. You do this by having your values ​​and your points of view clear. It simplifies your everyday life.


Simplify your everyday life

In everyday life, you are faced with choices all the time. Should I do this or that? Which is really most important? It takes energy and creates a feeling of overwhelming. It is an unnecessary feeling to have to have every day. It’s nicer to feel that things are flowing and that the next step in the day is ready. It should preferably not even need to be planned very much, but be clear that you have already decided that this is how you want it. You can call it routines if you want or points of view. That’s where you plan the rest of your day.


18 points that simplify your everyday life


Have ready-made solutions

I’m pretty sure you have some solutions that you come back to. Do you often cook dishes, workouts you like to train or places you like to visit. Collect these. There is no one to rediscover the wheel.



10 minutes cleaning every day

Take a tour of the home every day and clean up what needs to be fixed. Make the bed, wipe the sink, water the flowers and fill the toilet with toilet paper. Put things back in place. It really simplifies everyday life and also means that there is not as much to clean when it’s time to really clean.



Make quick decisions

If you are in the store and are going to buy bread or flowers, for example, do not let the decisions take time. If what you are going to decide is not important in a week or a month, there is no reason to spend time making decisions. Quick decisions about the more mundane things are perfectly okay. Of course, you should take the time to make life-changing decisions. But if you choose chicken cake or loaf this week may not really matter that much



Go for walks

Do not look so much at what others do. You probably have friends who go to the gym every day or run the mile three days a week. Let them do it. You should do what suits you. Walking is a great way to get out and get some exercise. Maybe you would rather cycle or jog. Do it. It also works well, but do not set the bar too high just because others do other than what you do.



Forget what others do

Yep, I say that again because it’s important. Do not worry about what others do. Do what is right for you and what makes you happy. The other thing you might be doing is maybe super sad, so why should you do it. Choose your activities according to your premises.



Have a few goals

Choose your battles! Have goals but do not have too many. It is difficult to achieve many at once and the time is seldom enough and it becomes instead too high mountains to climb. Be picky about what goals you set for yourself and then work on getting them naturally into your everyday life.



Accept the situation as it is

Accept the situation as it is if you know it is something you can not change. Do not put energy into dwelling on why this is just for you. Sometimes you have to take it as it is for a while and assume that the conditions change later.



Choose your clothes

Go through your clothes and leave what you actually use. It makes it a lot easier when it’s time to choose today’s outfit. You do not have to spend time on it. And when you are still planning your wardrobe, it is smart if the clothes are timeless because then you can use them for a long time. And present what you are going to wear the next day already in the evening so you are prepared and do not have to make a decision about it at all.



Do what gives you joy

Stick to activities that you enjoy as much as possible. Why do things you do not really like or have things you never use. So review your subscriptions, apps and memberships. It is completely unnecessary to pay for things you do not use.




Have a specific routine for your weekly cleaning. What do you do when cleaning your entire home? Which rooms do you prioritize? Do you vacuum and mop every week or do you split it up in some way? Do you change bedding every week and do it on the weekend? You understand! Make a plan for your cleaning. What you do every week, what you do once a month and what you do once a quarter for example.



Do something that makes you happy every day

I’m happy to watch Netflix every day or cuddle with my dogs. I will be happy if I can sit down with the family on the sofa for a little while every day. And I get happy with my morning ritual so I prefer not to miss it. Do something every day that makes you happy. Enter it on the to-do list to make sure you prioritize yourself.




I have a divided opinion about my own time. I absolutely believe that we need it but I do not think it needs to be something that is well planned and involves going somewhere. Free time can be reading a book while taking a bus to and from work. It may be to set aside a moment a week to write reflections on what happened. It could be putting on a face mask and watching an episode of your favorite series. It does not have to be difficult and advanced.



End what is important and ignore what is unimportant

Review your long list of things to do and see what you really NEED and WANT to do. Delete what is no longer relevant or that you wanted another time no longer feels exciting. Do what you really need to do and create time for what you want.



Try something new and accept that it was not for you

Dare to try new things and do not be afraid to feel that this was not for you. It is okay. Making something new is fun, so why not give it a try. Do not be annoyed that you may have “wasted” time on something you did not like. You would not have known if you had not tried. If you do not try, you will not get new experiences and you may find something that turns out to be your big thing in life. You do not want to miss that.



Let others be right (sometimes)

Do not quarrel over unnecessary things. Do not spend time on it. There is so much more that is much better and more fun to do than to claim that you are right. If it’s a person you do not like, there is no need to spend time arguing at all. Is it a person you like, so you should not quarrel at all, perhaps?



Have a set time for social media

Social media takes an awful lot of time. You can scroll for an eternity. There disappears important time you can put other things. Time you can spend on what you usually say you never have time to do. Do it instead. Set a specific time when you check out what happened during the day or week. Comment on what you want to comment on and write your own post if you want. Then leave your phone and do something else.



Take breaks

Take breaks every day. Several times a day. The breaks are super important for your efficiency and so that you do not get too tired during the day. The breaks do not have to be long and you do not have to do anything special. Pause your brain from your work for a while. It will make a big difference.




Last but certainly not least: Plan! Plan your week, your day, what to eat and what to exercise. Write in your calendar when what should happen and check at regular intervals so that you are in phase. Set aside a day and a time for your planning and get ready for the entire coming week. Plan what you can plan and leave room for what you cannot plan today. Whether you plan digitally or analog does not matter as long as it works and simplifies for you.


Choose what suits you

Of course, you choose which points of departure are relevant to you. They should benefit you and simplify for you. There is no reason to add something just because it sounds good but in fact it is not for you.

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