17 Use of Social Media in Business Communication

Business Communication  is an exchange of information or messages made to create opportunities and success in the business world or the business world. In an increasingly advanced and modern era, business life is easier to do. This happens because the chances of business success also begin to increase along with various government policies, as well as the  Use of Information Technology in Business Communication . The Use of Technology in Business Communication  that is often used is social media or social media.

If referring to  Understanding Social Media , then the use of social media in business communication is business communication that is done using various social media or social applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Path, Twitter, and other social media applications to carry out various  Marketing Communication Strategy Functions . But to use social media in business activities to get   a significant effect of Technology in Business Communication is not easy. A businessman must be able to avoid various  barriers to the use of technology in business communication , such as:

  1. Mismatch of technology used with the type of business being run
  2. Lack of technological literacy owned by managers
  3. Lack of technological literacy owned by employees
  4. The technology used does not meet the required standards
  5. Budget allocation
  6. The high cost of developing and maintaining a technology system
  7. Slow internet connection
  8. Problems with technology integration
  9. Lack of consumer confidence in products or services sold  online
  10. Lack of security in onlinetransactions

After the various obstacles above can be overcome and avoided, the  Impact of Ineffective Communication in Business Communication  will be avoided so that the  effect of Social Media  or the  Effect of Social Media on  business communication becomes very large. Below, we will explain the various uses of social media in business communication. Among others are :

  1. Building a Network

The development of Social Media in Indonesia  takes place very quickly, as well as economic and business growth also increases every year. When business people have started to have a thriving business, of course it is necessary to have a wide network to develop the business. This is where the role and use of social media are needed. Social media that is fast and easy to use to communicate with anyone, will certainly make communication more intense. When communication is carried out intensely, surely the network that is built will have enough power to widen the business area.

  1. Receiving Information from Consumers

The influence of Culture in Business Communication  certainly cannot be released just like that, because culture also has a bond within consumers to determine the goods or products to be used. For example, in the area of ​​North Sumatra which has a variety of cultures such as karo culture, Malay culture and so on will certainly affect business development. When a businessman opens a fashion business in the Malay or Karo fields, it is certain that the business will run smoothly. This is where the use of social media is involved to receive information about culture, preferences, desires or various other information from consumers. Examples of use such as making a poll on a social media application.

  1. Minimize expenses

The Negative Impact of Social Media  on business is only in the form of the susceptibility of money transactions being misused or the vulnerability of consumers being victims of fraud. While the negative impact of conventional business communication, such as directly visiting colleagues, directly visiting consumers and so on, certainly makes marketing expenses or costs even greater. This means, when business people are able to do business with  the Communication Ethics in Social Media  that is good and right, then the use of social media in business communication is one way to minimize marketing expenses or costs.

  1. Become a Place of Advertising

The use of social media has now become one of the most favorite advertising spots. Apart from being cheap, advertising on Social Media is also better able to reach consumers from various places and ages. It’s just that advertisements on social media tend to have negative content than advertisements on TV or print media which are more closely monitored. What we mean by advertising is that ads should be inappropriate for teenagers, such as adult game advertisements, advertisement for beauty products for adult women to ads for contraception using adult models. This ad certainly has the impact of Social Media on Youth Communication Today .

  1. Suitable for business beginners

Business communication using social media is perfect for business people in the beginner to intermediate category. When novice business people do not yet have a large capital to do marketing, do not have an extensive network to not have a good business concept, then by using social media everything becomes resolved. The use of social media for novice business people can be seen, for example, a Facebook user offers a variety of used goods, electronic products, food products or cakes to fashion products through his Facebook Timeline, and it is free of advertising fees.

  1. Creating Brand Awareness

The use of social media to create brand awareness is very effective for spreading information from certain brands. This is usually done when the product is new and in the promotion phase of business people who want to see consumer responses and want consumers to quickly know the product. An example of creating brand awareness through social media is to make various posts about a product on an ongoing basis either by using specialist social media, community or social groups to create websites based on SEO or  search engine optimization.

  1. Connect directly with consumers

Business communication is carried out and carried out through social media, of course, making business people directly connected with consumers. At this stage, business people and consumers will most likely have a communication channel from all directions and not just one or two directions. When businesses are connected with consumers, then with   a good Online Marketing Strategy , business people will be able to change the opinions, views and attitudes of consumers.

  1. Market Research

In business communication, market research is the most important thing to know the desires and wishes of consumers. That is why social media can also be used as a tool for conducting market research at various levels of consumers. To conduct market research on social media is quite easy, just by polling surveys or polls, market research can be obtained easily.

  1. Getting Consumers

The goal of Integrated Marketing Communication  in the main business world is to get consumers. Now by using social media, consumers can easily be obtained. This happens because promotions or advertisements carried out on social media can be adjusted to the age range, gender, domicile area, sales area to use viral phenomena or trending topics. For example, when Jokowi uses a boomber jacket and becomes viral, many fashion manufacturers compete to create a boomber jacket creation. That way, searching for consumers and getting consumers becomes easier.

  1. Targeting

The social media application has a targeting feature that gives rise to various information about consumers that we make a target market. This is certainly very influential for business continuity. A simple example when you have a fashion business for teenagers, by using the social media twiter application and making #hastag for example #Fashionremajakekekinian, teenagers will easily see your entire post. Especially if your #hastag becomes a viral or tranding topic, your customers will be guaranteed to overflow in accordance with the specified target.

  1. More effective

Stages of Communication  in the social media world is an  Effective Communication Process at  this time. Anyone and anywhere can easily exchange information. This is certainly very good if applied and used in the business world. Keep in mind that nowadays, people tend to prefer to roam using a smartphone, so that communication becomes more effective when businesses also use social media.

  1. Expanding the Market

Today, shipping goods from Sabang to Merauke is getting easier and only takes a few days. When a businessman only has a shop in Aceh and uses social media in developing his business, it is unlikely that the businessman will get buyers from Jakarta or Sulawesi or even from Papua. Therefore, the use of social media in business communication can not be separated from the influence of shipping services or expeditions. On that basis also, the market area in the business conducted will be more extensive.

  1. Get Direct Consumer Response

The main features of Social Media  are user-based. Because it is user-based, the use of business in business communication will make it easier for business people to get responses, feedback or responses from consumers. The response or feedback is of course also very important to develop the business and gain the trust of other consumers, because when consumer A buys goods from business B and gives a very satisfying response or feedback, consumers C, D, and E will not hesitate to buy goods from businessman B.

  1. Increase website visitors

With an increasingly sophisticated era, even more so Google provides AdSense services that can also provide revenue dollars for people who have a website, the use of social media can also be used to increase website visitors. So it is like a rowing once – three islands are exceeded. That is, the business development process is also getting smoother, and on the other hand income from AdSense is also increasing.

  1. Faster Information Dissemination

In previous years, the process of disseminating information was not so fast, this certainly also affected the business. But now the spread of information is very fast. Just imagine in 1 hour, an event can be directly viral or become a trending topic. For example where there is a couple who did an un commendable deed by carrying a bottle of Aqua mineral water, immediately there was a #saveAqua hastag and the hastag became viral on social media. Indirectly, this incident is a huge marketing promotion process for Aqua producers and makes Aqua better known.

  1. Completing Marketing Activities

The role of marketing communication  in business is huge, which is why companies are willing to spend hundreds of millions to market their products. If marketing usually uses TV, Radio or print media such as billboards, banners, posters, leaflets to promotions in shopping centers, then marketing is deemed incomplete without the use of social media in business communication.

  1. Don’t Have Limits

If business communications such as advertising or promotion through TV have limits, it is different when using social media. If on one TV station, in one day the advertisement is only 20 times, then by using social media the ad has no limitation of exposure and distribution. There are thousands of groups in one type of social media that can be continuously used as promotional media. This shows that, in addition to being cheap and easy, social media can also be used at any time depending on needs.


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