The 16 relaxing things that give you more well-being than yoga

Yoga is certainly very useful, but it is also a trend. Because I really don’t think that the many people with the intelligence of a bedside table who do yoga are able to implement what it takes to better appreciate the benefits of this practice, that is to enter the coordinates of the culture (which is not theirs) that has conceived. yoga and extract the best possible advantage from it. So, if you too are a jerk who can’t do yoga properly but still wants to relax, aim for these things.

# 1. Having breakfast on Sunday – without any commitment that breaks the chestnuts.

#2. Read an adventure book, to experience the best emotions comfortably spread on the sofa.

# 3. Fucking at the sea.

# 4. Scratching your genitals.

# 5. Watch three seasons of your favorite TV series on one weekend.

# 6. Post a photo of your boobs on Facebook and enjoy the tsunami of likes that will overwhelm you (not valid for men).

# 7. Winning at soccer. Losing no, losing produces levels of stress that Wall Street brokers are Buddhist monks in comparison.

# 8. Drink a good red.

# 9. Cooking ragù or anything that requires more than two hours of time and dedication.

# 10. Having one of those two and a half hour baths that those outside believe you are jerking off or drowning in the tub full of water and sperm (because obviously you really did jerk off).

# 11. Spotify playlists, so you don’t even have to choose songs.

# 12. Fall asleep lulled by the voice of Alberto Angela while spending the Saturday evening watching Ulysses lying on the sofa.

# 13. Masturbating.

# 14. The joints.

# 15. Look at road construction sites.

# 16. Plan to sign up for a yoga class and then find that the well-being it could give you is less than the stress of having to show up to classes.


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