15 Tips to Make Your Work Less of a Burden

Anyone certainly needs a job to fulfill their daily needs and for the future.

Not infrequently, work that is done continuously and is monotonous can make a person stressed and overwhelmed.

This has various triggers, but usually because what has been targeted does not match expectations.

Not surprisingly, if the work done does not match expectations, it can become a burden for yourself and others.

If allowed to continue, it certainly will not be good for physical and psychological health. However, don’t worry, because here we will describe 15 tips to make the work done by you less of a burden.

And here comes the review!

1. Be grateful

One of the factors causing your work to become a burden is a lack of gratitude.

This is accompanied by “ the grass is greener ”, meaning that everything that is done is always compared to other people, so that whatever is done is always a burden.

Feeling jealous of your neighbors because you have reached manager level, while you are still an employee.
Feeling jealous of neighbors or friends who work at large corporate offices. And other feelings of envy that are often infected by the heart.

Therefore, be grateful for what you have and what you have achieved because it is possible that the work that is being done now is the dream of thousands of people out there.

It would be better to make someone who has been successful than you as a motivator. That way, you will be even more enthusiastic at work.

2. Exercise regularly

When you think of work as a burden, it will indirectly make you more stressed.

When you are stressed, you have the potential to get various diseases which of course make you lose because you cannot do various activities, including work.

Therefore, in order not to get stressed quickly due to work, you must exercise frequently.

In addition to making the body healthy, you will not be quickly exposed to stress, always be happy, calm, and can face anything according to your ability.

If you can’t do strenuous exercise, try to break up walking or just doing hiit cardio exercise for 30 minutes.

With regular exercise, more or less can help your mood better in facing work.

3. Enough Sleep

In a way, it will interfere with concentration and thinking power when you are sleep deprived.

Every human being needs rest, namely by sleeping to be able to nourish the body and mind. If all this time, work is still a burden for you, try to check the quality of sleep you’ve been doing so far.

If you get tired easily, have difficulty concentrating, your mood changes easily, it means that you need enough sleep for 7-8 hours.

It’s best not to take your work home with you as it can make you unable to sleep.
If you still can’t sleep with enough time, it’s a good idea to do the activity in point two, namely regular exercise.

Apart from lack of sleep, be careful of frequent sleep, which is more than 8 hours because it can have the same effect on your body.

4. Doing difficult jobs before easy ones

There is no theory that patents this point, it’s just that doing difficult jobs later that are easy is highly recommended by many people.

Why is that?

Like it or not, when there is a difficult job assigned to you, the solution that can be done is to do it.

Now, when you do this difficult job and successfully complete it, it will definitely make your work mood even better.

This means that when there is other work assigned to you, you will be more enthusiastic about doing it.
Moreover, if the difficulty level was lower than before, it would certainly be completed in a short time.

If this is done by you repeatedly, it can change the mindset of the job.

5. Choose a Job You Like

So that the work that is done does not become a burden, the next step that can be done is to choose a job that you like.

If you like working in the field, then don’t choose a job that requires you to work in an office, which is always in the room.

Therefore, working is not just to make money, there must be significant value and benefits for the people around you.

It would be nice, before deciding to work, think about what passion you are ready to do.

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After knowing the passion or interest you want to do, then look for companies that accept job vacancies in that field.

In this case, you can also open or start your own business so that you can employ other people.

Work that is done according to your passion, will make you happy to do it.

6. Using Your Leave Rights

If the work for you has started to be unpleasant and feels hard to go to the office, it means you need to stop for a moment from the job you are currently doing.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to go to the HR department and question what time off you can use.

Consulting with the HRD will be better in order to minimize problems in the future.
If there are many leave rights that have not been used, it would be a good idea to use the time off.

Look for activities that are really fun and can get you back in the mood.

It’s like taking a vacation to a place you’ve never been to before. Enjoy the vacation as well as possible and don’t think about work first.

The feeling of pleasure that is felt can be a new energy to return to work as before.

7. Recalling Goals and Targets at Work

When work has become a burden that is heavy enough for you and feels lazy to do it, then remember the goals and targets that were made before working.

This needs to be done so that it can be motivated again to restore your mood to work.
When you remember it often, maybe it can be a whip to be able to work harder and harder.

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Therefore, try to remember the goals and targets that have been written or promised

8. Remember Your Family

If you are overwhelmed with the work you are currently doing, try to remember and imagine the faces of your family.

There is a glimmer of hope from them for you who are always there in any condition. What happens if you are lazy to work, what is the fate of your family today and in the future?

So if you feel lazy at work, remember your family. Because they can be a strong motivation for doing work.

9. Doing Teamwork

At work it seems impossible to work alone. Each company usually has many divisions filled by several people where they are called teams.

Because the team, of course, cannot work alone and must be completed together according to their respective abilities and expertise.

So, if at this time you feel burdened with work, try to ask for help from the team in your division.

Ask for help from experts in the unknown. That way, one by one the problems faced at work can be resolved properly.

10. Most importantly, don’t be shy about asking for help. Don’t procrastinate

One of the factors of work being a burden is procrastinating work.

The “ disease ” of workers is usually procrastination and underestimates difficult work.

As a result, when it is close to the deadline, the work will accumulate and become a burden for you. Therefore, start not to pile up work and do it while there is free time.

11. Work Within Your Ability

The next way to keep work from becoming a burden is to work according to your abilities.

For example, you have 60 percent of the capacity to do work then do it. Don’t force yourself to do something that’s 70 percent worth.

It is not meant to discourage yourself, but if you want to do something more, be sure to have sufficient knowledge to be able to solve it.

So that you can complete a higher job, of course, you must be able to complete your current job and then upgrade yourself by deepening more adequate knowledge.

That way, the work you do will not be a burden.

12. Completing Work According to Priorities

The next step that can be done so that work does not become a burden is to do work in accordance with your priorities.

Of the many jobs that you have to do, try to make a priority scale which should be done first and which should be postponed.

It is important to make this priority scale in order to achieve the target you want.

When everything is well organized, your job is to finish the job.
Especially if you have to work while trying which is usually very time consuming. In this case, it is mandatory to set a priority scale according to needs and abilities.

13. Working with professionals

When you have to do a job, there is no other way than to finish the job.

Everyone must already know the statement above, it’s just that not all realize that the work that must be done should be done professionally.

The company has entrusted you with a job where they believe in your ability and expertise to complete.

Now, when given this trust, then you must work professionally by presenting the best for the company that has employed you.

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Build that trust by doing your best at everything you do.

14. Pray

When I was in school, this prayer activity was always done before starting learning.
Hope that God will facilitate and bless all activities in teaching and learning activities.

Likewise at work, don’t forget to pray first so that God will get rid of laziness in yourself then ask Him to make the work you do easier.

Praying earnestly will give you a sense of calm so that you can easily do the job.

15. Work Sincerity

After you try to implement the points above, the next step is sincere work.

With sincere work, it will make you more relaxed at work and have the potential to generate new energy to be able to complete work well.

You have tried, then sincerely accept the results that have been done.


Thus the information about 15 tips for making work so as not to become a burden. Hopefully it will increase your enthusiasm in completing a better job.


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