15 tips on how to overcome the end of a relationship

Ending a relationship is never easy.

You feel as if a part of you has been torn away, leaving a huge void and you panic when you imagine that, from now on, you are alone. It doesn’t matter if your relationship has lasted three months or ten years, you have had important moments with the other person and leaving it all behind is a painful process.

And then the question arises: how to overcome the end of a relationship?

I know what that feeling is because I went through it too. And I can tell you that it is possible to turn this painful stage into a wonderful stage in your life, prioritizing your personal development and development.

In today’s text, I brought 15 tips on how to overcome the end of a relationship that will help you get through this difficult time. I am sure that at the end of the reading you will feel more prepared to face the new challenges that will arise.

In today’s text, we will cover the following topics:

  • Accept your emotions;
  • Cry;
  • Take care of yourself;
  • Seek emotional support from those closest to you;
  • Don’t be afraid to seek professional help;
  • Make changes in your life;
  • Remember the good things in your relationship;
  • Get away from social networks;
  • Make a cleaning;
  • Avoid contact with your ex;
  • Listen to happy music;
  • Be active;
  • Do things that make you happy;
  • Learn from your mistakes;
  • Think of yourself;
  • How to overcome the end of a relationship and move on?

15 tips on how to overcome the end of a relationship

1- Accept your emotions

Every mourning process comprises several phases and is determined by particular factors: if you finished, if you were abandoned, if you were in mutual agreement, how long you were together, etc.

However, no matter how it ended, one thing is certain: in the coming weeks you will look like an emotional blender, without much control

2 – Cry

Scream, let your pain out and cry until you have no more tears to dry. A breakup is a process of pain.

This is just another step that will help you move forward and face the next steps.

It is important that you allow yourself to feel. Striving to be well does not allow you to process what you are experiencing and results in unnecessary emotional strain.

3 – Take care of yourself

Eat well, sleep well and exercise.

Remember that suffering will not make time go by faster.

If you neglect your physique, the discomfort in relation to your body will add to your psychological distress, negatively affecting your self-esteem.

Try to see the end of your relationship as sick leave: you need to take care of yourself to heal as soon as possible.

4 – Seek emotional support from those closest to you

Often, our relationships lead us away from friends and family with whom we previously had a good relationship.

Recovering and strengthening these bonds can help you form an emotional support network so you don’t go through this period alone.

Look for someone to vent your emotions.

5 – Don’t be afraid to seek professional help

If you cannot count on the support network described in the previous item, it may happen that you become isolated and end up with a depression.

If you cannot trust the people around you, look for some type of therapy that will allow you to see your situation from a different point of view.

You don’t have to go through this phase alone.

A good professional will guide you and show you how to overcome the end of a relationship in a healthy way.

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6- Make changes in your life

It is a good time to make changes to your image and also the place where you live.

Meet new people, read, write, travel (even if you are alone), take a course, discover new hobbies.

Do you know that project you are postponing?

Start now! Expand your horizons! This is the best time!

7- Remember the good things in your relationship

This is probably advice that your hand would give you … because it is right.

After the breakup you are in a position to assess the time you spent with your ex-partner and find out what the two have learned from each other.

He was part of your life, probably your family too and you two must have shared countless moments.

Not everything could have been so bad, otherwise it wouldn’t hurt so much.

8 – Get away from social networks

At least temporarily. Through them, you can get a certain level of information and your imagination will probably fill in the gaps in a cruel and painful way.

Better to stay away from these sources of information if you want to get over the end of the relationship and  forget about your ex .

9- Make a cleaning at home

Get rid of objects that resemble your ex-partner.

If you want to keep something, keep it somewhere out of your reach, until you are past the end.

It will make you think less about his absence.

A good idea is to make changes in the house such as buying new curtains, painting the walls or decorating the environments of the property.

10 – Avoid contact with your ex

Although it seems difficult, reduce the possibilities of having contact with your ex as much as possible.

Communication (which also includes social networks) will intensify discomfort and make it more difficult to overcome this relationship.

A good tip is to create an emergency plan for when you feel like looking for your ex. I leave you with some ideas: Call a friend or family member, take a cold shower, do a run, do 50 sit-ups, play a thinking game (like a crossword puzzle).

The goal is to divert your attention to something else so that this impulse loses momentum.

11- Listen to happy music

Avoid melancholic songs or songs that remind you of your ex-partner.

Try to listen to the happy songs, which bring good feelings and make you smile.

This will help you to maintain a more optimistic attitude.

12- Be active

It doesn’t matter if it’s cutting wood, going around with your car or working in your garden.

The important thing is to stay active. Start some activity or go for a walk after waking up.

Practicing outdoor activities will help to awaken your mind.

13 – Do things that make you happy

Sometimes, in a relationship, we fail to do some things we like to please the partner.

Take this time to do some activity that will improve your mood.

Go to a beautician, watch your favorite movies, eat whatever you want or buy new clothes. Perform activities that make you happy.

14 – Learn from your mistakes

Separations serve as a lesson and help us improve as people.

In many cases it is good to reflect on our own mistakes in order not to repeat them in the future and to ensure that the next relationship is better than the previous one.

15. Think about yourself

What are you going to do now? How would you like to live your life from now on.

Start working for it.

See what it takes to achieve your goals and get started as soon as possible.

You have the opportunity to make new dreams come true and achieve the things that you consider important in your life.

How to overcome the end of a relationship and move on?

As the saying goes, “there is nothing that time does not heal”.

If the “eternal love” is over, think that the pain that resulted with the end of it will also be a passing thing.

Life goes on, this is not the end. In the book of your life, it’s just one more chapter.

Over time, it will stop hurting and become just a memory.

And remember: don’t close your heart to new experiences; who knows what the future holds for you?

Identified with the post?

Are you going through a termination process?

Have you had a similar situation before and want to tell what you did to overcome it?

Have you figured out how to overcome the end of a relationship? Write in the comments and let’s talk!

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