15 secrets to young faces to look younger

It could be said that When we see everyone That look younger Inevitably the question arises that How to always look good Regardless of whether they are parents or siblings, they can never guess that He is a sibling, father, son or mother and son. Experts have suggested ways to stay young Which has a total of 15 items as follows

1. A lot of calories will deteriorate quickly.

Eating a high-calorie diet will cause your body to metabolize more nutrients. Causing more free radicals in the body The food we eat, whether it is protein, fat, carbohydrate, it will eventually be broken down into sugar. If the body receives heavy calories with every meal Inevitably, the blood sugar levels are high and low, the body must constantly secrete insulin to keep the sugar in the cells

People with this lifestyle are at risk of developing diabetes, which is a factor in their aging. In the past, eating foods focused on starches and sugars, followed by proteins, vegetables, fruits and fats. But if you want to eat well, not to get old quickly Need to replace Because what you should eat the most is 1-2 liters of pure water per day, focusing on fruits and vegetables, and useful protein foods. Polyunsaturated fats group Omega 3,6 and 9, what should be eaten as little as the saturated fat contained in starch and sugar.

2. Use a serum that helps tighten the face.

If you do not want to get old or have premature aging Do not overlook the use of cream on a regular basis absolutely. Which women may be looking for a nourishing cream Containing Retinol (vitamin A) and Niacinamide (vitamin B3) because these two substances. Will help make the skin look smooth and firm And does not make it look old quickly And a nourishing serum that satisfies both ingredients is the Olay Regenerist RETINOL24 Night Serum.

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3. Eat many sources.

Choose from organic vegetables or from a variety of sources. Because we do not know if the planting site is contaminated or not This helps reduce the accumulation of certain substances in the body. Because research indicates Reducing the intake of toxins is not as effective as eating foods from different sources.

4. Overheating, not good, crispy and not working

Avoid eating foods that have been processed very hot or fried until crispy. In addition to the loss of nutrients Also add more carcinogens as well Better try switching to organic food or steamed or boiled.

5. Reduce caffeine

Normally, the body secrete thyroid hormones to stimulate the body to metabolize enough blood, creating a natural rejuvenation. But if you drink caffeinated beverages to stimulate the body to release adenaline on a regular basis. Epinephrine works like a thyroid hormone. Causing the body to reduce the production of thyroid hormones implicitly Resulting in the deterioration of the thyroid gland faster than normal

If hypothyroidism occurs Lowers metabolism Even though we eat the same food, but easily obese, some people have cold hands and feet, dizziness, memory loss, dry skin and hair, high blood fat, the risk of heart disease. Is a chain forever

 6.Drink too much milk to osteoporosis

In adulthood there are no enzymes used to digest milk. Especially in Asians, there was a higher incidence of Cows Milk Intolerance than in America and Europe. In addition, the latest research in America found that People who drink a lot of milk are at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis.The reason is that some of the amino acids in the milk make the blood acidic. This results in the loss of calcium and magnesium from the bones in the urine. Increased risk of osteoporosis in adulthood It’s a good idea to get calcium from other sources, such as small fish, grains, or tofu.

7. Drink water from a glass bottle

Drinking pure water from a glass bottle is better than drinking from a plastic bottle. Because toxins in plastics are constantly dissolved in water Causing the body to get toxins Causing the deterioration without a doubt

8. Old face because of being too fit

You have seen people exercising hard until they get old. Or do some people get fit but have a sudden heart attack in the middle of the stadium? That’s because the body metabolism increases. Causing more free radicals than ever before As a result of the deterioration of the body, so the fitness and aerobics are appropriate should be 30-45 minutes a day, then do some weight training 3-5 times per week is considered a good no more, no less. Too much It has a beneficial effect on the body than the negative effects.

9.Drink a lot from a man to a woman.

Drinking alcohol causes free radicals in the body. Plus the liquor that is drunk into sugar in the form of fat Compared to the calorie intake from 1 gram of protein, 4 kilocalories of energy, but the same amount of liquor provides 7 kilocalories of energy, and also gives a man who drank the shape of a bald beer barrel with breast. Like a woman That’s because liquor affects the liver. Causing hormonal changes from male to female Which is the nature of female hormones used to store fat Those who drink a lot will lose belly and grow old quickly. It also increases the risk of prostate cancer. In women who drink heavily There is research that has come out. Increases the risk of breast cancer as well

 10. Stop smoking today.

Smoking a single cigarette induces 1014 million additional free radicals, causing an increased risk of emphysema and cancer.

11. Avoid heavy metals and mercury.

In America and Europe, the use of amalgum (made from mercury, a heavy metal) is banned in dental fillings. Because it has been found to evaporate mercury into the body all the time. Research has shown that people with breast cancer and Alzheimer’s are influenced in part by mercury and heavy metals. Today, Germans are turning to zirconium (Russian diamonds) for fillings, as well as in the manufacture of artificial joints, bones and implants. Because it does not react on the body

12. Put the mobile phone far away

There is research that the use of mobile phones, which uses high frequency waves. Increased risk of cancer. If possible, it is better to place the phone farther away from your body.

13. Go to bed from 10pm.

From 4pm to 2am, the body produces melatonin, which results in deep sleep. Make good memory As an antioxidant And balance the secretion of other hormones in the body At the same time, during the body’s deep sleep, the hormone is released to build protein in the body, such as collagen under the skin, muscles and bones. Helps reduce fat deposits in the body. If you don’t want to get old Don’t sleep too late

14. I was in the Minsk.

Some vitamins act as free radicals, such as vitamin A, E, C, which are substances that the body needs all the time because they cannot create it. And must work systematically Each has different properties such as vitamin C dissolves in water. Help protect DNA Vitamin A, E, Coenzyme Q10 is soluble in fat, helping to protect cell walls to be healthy. If you are confident that you are getting enough of these substances through your diet, you may not be able to take vitamin supplements.

But the problem is How can I be sure that For example, the body needs 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C per day, equal to 14 oranges, 500 IU of vitamin E, equal to 12.5 tablespoons of peanut oil, which we do not have the opportunity to receive in our daily life in full. Therefore need to use vitamin supplements to replace nutrients that the body is lacking How do we know that we are missing? Well, by checking the amount of these substances in the blood that they are sufficient or not How much is needed per day to be optimal?

15.Hormones supplement

Normally the body requires hormones to function. But women and men are predetermined. On average, at age 35, the body will begin to decline in hormone production. Adverse changes, such as fatigue, irritability, worsening memory, decreased metabolism. Body changes such as wrinkled skin, dry, hair loss according to the principles of anti-aging medicine or Anti-Aging Medicine, if there is no contraindication. Can be given hormone replacement to restore the balance. But must be under the supervision of a doctor


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