15 Healthy Habits to Live Better

It is said that  to form a habit in your life you need to work on it for 30 days in a row.  Good habits require not only determination, but special affection. To change a routine the beginnings will be complicated, especially if what you want is to  change an old use for a new one , although its purpose and end  is  most  gratifying. Here is a compilation of the best 15 Healthy Habits to live better.

Do you see yourself able to change a habit of your life by following the same routine for 30 days?

Living is an attitude, it is an improvement, a daily discovery … living is not adopting a bad habit and waiting for some change to be able to eliminate that habit.

If what you are looking for is to be able to change or have a habit, here are 15 healthy habits to live better:

  1. Write a post, a “like”, a comment, an emailfor 1 day … for 30 days and adopt a new habit. You can start by putting a comment on this article and you will have already started your first day for a change in habits.
    Habit Level: Easy.
    I tell you from experience. I wrote an article for 100 days in a row. I got it.
  2. Talk to a stranger every day.
    If you find it difficult to talk or approach people, why not try to adopt this habit? Try to meet or strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know for 30 days in a row. It is not about talking about the weather when you enter an elevator, let your need decide what and with whom you want to talk. Would you like to improve your English? To which you have spoken with 30 foreigners you will improve your level without understanding why.
    Habit Level: Exciting
  3. Take a photo every day.
    This habit is very gratifying although as your days progress to achieve it it will be more complicated since you will be more and more demanding with your photos. It’s a great way to keep a photo journal! eye! Nor do you like the tourists that I encountered in Rome. Discover it here.
    Habit Level: Easy
  4. Walk for 30 minutes each day.
    Walking is healthy, relaxing and stimulating. And it is both easy and free!
    Habit Level: Easy
  5. Read every day.
    Reading is very rewarding. It is a constant learning and discovery. The problem is that it is easier for us to put ourselves in front of a screen (TV, mobile or computer), than to take a book and enjoy. Reading with constancy is difficult but it is possible when you are looking for that type of book that you like and that leads you to another. Find a cozy place with ambient music and be passionate.
    Habit Level: Easy
  6. Change the daily commute.
    Whether it’s your daily commute to work or school, this is a very good challenge. Think that you are the President of the United States and every day you have to change your route to avoid being kidnapped. A great rewarding adventure that keeps you alert and makes you discover new places.
    Habit Level: Easy
  7. Purify your mind from technological attacks.
    Apart from television, there are many electronic devices that crush us daily with information. On many occasions they are unnecessary but we make them indispensable. The computer, the mobile phone, Facebook, Twitter … learn to leave that dependence on over communication for 30 days. Start by putting your mobile on silence and taking disciplinary measures that you can follow. For example, do not use your mobile on a table and less when you are with someone. You learn not only to listen to people but to understand what they are saying and communicate better. Look at the dependence of your friends with the mobile. Don’t tell me you are not gratified when you can see it with your own eyes. They will not pay the slightest attention to you right now, but they will have time to retract this slavery.
    Habit Level: Easy
  8. Meditate every day.
    Preferably when you get up. Take your time (minimum 5 minutes). Be grateful for the day ahead of you, be grateful for what you have, who you are… think about how your day will be and how you will solve all situations, be they good or bad. Think about the good work you will do today and how gratified you will find yourself at the end of the day. Inspire happiness in yourself and in your life, your days will be more pleasant. Get a principle to live on.
    Habit Level: Intermediate
  9. Take the stairs whenever you can.
    Even with the possibility of using the escalators or elevators, give your body the exercise it deserves, no matter how little it is. For 30 days try to get into the habit of making your life healthier even if it is only going up and down stairs before taking elevators, make your life make you go up to your house or go down to the street, and that a machine does not do it.
    Habit Level: Easy
  10. Get up early every day.
    You don’t have to get up at 4 in the morning. Getting up early so that you can prepare what you have ahead is very rewarding. The trick in being able to be up at 5:30 is not in the number of hours you sleep but in the quality of those hours. If what you want is to have a deep sleep and get enough rest, try going to sleep at 10 p.m. at the latest, having eaten lightly 2 hours before. Do not read in bed as your rest will reflect your reading and above all avoid television. Ask yourself when you turn on the TV if there is really something that interests you to see how to dedicate those hours you need to rest. Most of the time we only turn on the television because we get bored. So we let the hours go by. Try to avoid it and get up earlier. Enjoy the sunrise,
    Habit Level: Exciting
  11. Avoid lies for 30 days.
    This is a great challenge. Every day we deceive ourselves and the worst thing is that we also do it with others. Usually with the people who least deserve it. Speak from the heart as if you do so you will have no need to cheat or lie.
    Habit Level: Hard
  12. Do not complain.
    30 days to change a habit doesn’t seem like a lot, but when we talk about changing our way of being, it becomes difficult. Therefore, it is essential that we have the will and understanding of what we want to change and why.
    Even if you are a totally positive person, it’s hard not to complain for 24 hours. Try to park the days in hours and not complain every hour. You have to tell yourself that now from 9 to 10 you will not complain. After achieving it, it goes from 10 to 11 and so on progressively. That you drop a pen on the ground, you pick it up and that’s it. That there is traffic jam on the road, you understand that you are not the only one using this route and you enjoy the landscape. Has someone thrown a piece of paper on the ground?… Often think that it will be karma that will take care of people who do not adopt a good attitude for their life and that of the people around them.
    Habit Level: Exciting
  13. Do not criticize.
    Criticizing is on many occasions our defensive posture against a possible attack and not the exaltation of our virtues. There was a time when I was a virtuoso of criticism – something hereditary -; Over time I have come to understand that if a person is obese, they may not have asked for it. If a person is badly educated, it may have been the life that he has had to live and he has suffered enough for me to get into that limitation … life or who we are is not always our own decision. And above all it is not the concern of other people. Be responsible for your life and stop criticizing. We always think that we are better than our bosses or that the company would run better than them, why don’t you start your company? You’re not so sure about it. Do it decisively and you will understand that life is not always how your eyes see it.
    Habit Level: Intermediate
  14. Laugh daily.
    So easy and so difficult. It is absolutely necessary to have a stable life to have positive thinking. Being able to help others, giving smiles. Every day when you get up, stand in front of the mirror and smile. Erase your image of just woke up and mad at the world because you have to work. You have a whole day to enjoy and already do you wake up with complaints and cursing your destiny? You, but try to understand that it is your life and not that of others that is at stake.
    Habit Level: Easy
  15. Give € 5 to charity.
    Do you consider that giving € 5 to a person in need is a lot of money? You look for excuses of the type: surely he is an alcoholic, if I give him money he will spend it on tobacco, surely he is a drug addict, he will have done something to end up like this … in order not to give alms to people who ask for it. You are within your right to think this but next time instead of thinking, just say that you don’t want to give him money and that’s it. You do not have to create stories to justify your actions, it is your money and your choice, however, if I would like you to give a chance to that person who asks you for money to give him a ticket because even if we do not know what he will do with our alms, it will give you a smile that you will remember your life. You will find gratitude and joy in those sad eyes. Try it, you lose only € 5 and earn much more, I assure you.
    Habit Level: Easy.

Reading every day is one of the Healthy Habits to live better that you can apply immediately.

You must remember that you are the only one responsible for your life and therefore the only person who decides your life; Stop looking for excuses and guilty people in your environment or in the afterlife and understand that the way you live life and are happy with it is your responsibility.

Healthy habits to live better that I love

  1. Do not watch television: A few days ago I adopted the habit of stopping watching television and in the end the news that interests me continues to reach me. Why is it necessary to watch the news when everything is news without hope? If I have not lost hope yet, I will not be influenced by others.
  2. Making the bed:  When I tell my mother, she won’t believe it! With what had haunted me as a child. Anyway, I’ve been making my bed for 20 days before I go home. I confirm that even when I was 5 days in Dubai a week ago, I made my bed every day. I do not know how the bed would be for Housekeeping .
  3. H abit already have established: free from mobile, drinking tea, eating vegetables, not to criticize, not complain, clean the dishes after use, read a lot and something I like a lot: if I drop something, I pick it up, if I open A window, door, closet … I close it after using it, if I stain something I clean it immediately … I love this habit as it keeps my house clean and tidy.

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