15 General Business Communication Functions

Communication is a process of exchanging information in the form of messages between individuals and groups, where there are communicators as senders of messages, media as intermediaries, and communicants as recipients of messages. In communication there are also types of communication, one of which is business communication which has the function of business communication as with other types of communication. (Also read: Jean Baudrillard’s Theory )

Effective communication is communication that can run according to its function. Likewise with business communication functions that can run effectively, it can be said that the communication process was successfully carried out. For this reason, we must know several business communication functions. Here are 15 business communication functions that we need to know about.

  1. Clarify

The first function of business communication is as a tool to clarify a business information that needs to be conveyed to the communicant. In this business communication, the communicant can be as a client, partner, or partnet. Therefore, there is a need for clarity of business information as a message in business communication so that activities in business-business can run smoothly and according to what is expected.

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  1. Accuracy

A good message and information is information that is accurate and has proven information. With business communication, the information in the field of business that is conveyed can be accurate business information and can be tested for truth. Thus, the information conveyed by the communicator or a company is not a false fake alias. Therefore, there is a need for business communication in the business world. This is what is called a business communication function in the accuracy of information.

  1. Representing the Mind

When a company or someone has an idea or innovation, it needs to be conveyed to other parties, either individuals or groups, so that the idea can be realized. That way, the idea needs a communication process to be conveyed.

This is where the function of business communication is used as a medium or media to convey ideas in our brain. It’s useless when we have many ideas and innovations, but they are only buried deep in the mind. Therefore, business communication is needed as a medium in order to be able to realize these ideas. Well, this is where business communication can function as a function of business communication in representing the mind. (Also read: Intrapersonal Communication Theory )

  1. Look for Attention

A company or business certainly requires a promotion so that the business runs smoothly or the product is sold. Both services and goods, still need promotion. Well, this promotion is the duty of an advertising to seek attention both public and individuals so that the company, service, or product that he offers can be known by others. That way, in seeking attention this requires a business communication as a promotional event alias seeking attention.

In marketing science, business communication is needed so that he can easily and smoothly promote his products or companies. That way, the function of business communication as an attention seeker is what is an important function in a business communication. So that a company can run smoothly and successfully.

  1. Vision and Mission

In building a business, the company both goods and services, it is necessary to have a vision and mission so that the company can stand up and process well and regularly. Thus, the vision and mission is an important thing in building a company or organization. Without a vision and mission, the company or organization will be destroyed or not run smoothly.

It is also useless if this vision and mission are only as decoration or decoration in a company. So from the need for information or vision and mission information to employees and some members involved in the company. Well, information about a company’s vision and mission can be conveyed in business communication. Because the vision and mission in the company is business information that can be used for the company. (Also read: Types of Communication Media )

  1. Business Understanding

A company certainly has goods and services that are sold or offered. These goods and services are referred to as product knowledge, aka knowledge of the products in a company. Product knowledge is business information that needs to be conveyed both to prospective customers and to company members.

Well, this product knowledge is also something that goes into business understanding. Because product knowledge is some of the most important things in a business. Therefore, business communication is needed that has a function as a provider of business understanding, one of which is product knowledge.

  1. Clarification of Issues

In running a business no one does not have obstacles or risks. Whether it’s a small risk or a big risk. Well, one of these obstacles is a company issue or product issue. This product issue is said to be a business obstacle because it can hinder and damage the image of a company both goods and services.

With the issues that hinder the smooth running of the company, clarification is needed in improving the company’s image. Therefore, clarification must be conveyed that goes into business communication.

  1. Corporate Social

Where there may be companies that are closed in another sense companies that are not known to the public. The average company is something that is seen and known by the public. (Also read: Understanding Information According to Experts )

This is because of the nature in the business world is public, which means known to the public. Now, in order for a company to be achieved successfully, a company needs to have these qualities. That way, companies can utilize business communication to achieve corporate nature as social or social.

  1. Business Ethics

Please note that business communication is one of the business ethics that must be used. That way, the company can run as it should in the business world. Business communication is what functions as one of the requirements in business ethics which as a reference and benchmark for the establishment of a business in companies both small and large companies. Because, these references can lead the company to a successful path.

  1. Ease of Doing Business

With business communication, a business activity in the business world can run easily and effectively. That way, business communication is needed so that the business process can run effectively.

If business communication has not made the company run effectively, then the business communication process needs to be investigated what the problem is.

  1. Harmonization

Which company does not want harmony in the company both employees and employees and between employees and superiors. Harmonization in a company is important to advance the company to be good in the eyes of the community and internally.

Therefore, the need for a process of communication within the company which is also called business communication. This business communication can open minds between individuals in a company that is still closed. (Also read: How to Communicate Well )

  1. Instrumental Imagery

Cheney, M. Kent, and M. Debashish said that business communication with the public plays an instrumental role in developing the image of an organization. Therefore, it is undeniable that the management of high ethical standards during business communication is a success factor for some businesses.

That way, it can be said that this business communication has a function as an instrumental image alias can raise the company’s image in the eyes of the public. That way, the company’s value can be lifted by the existence of business communication.

  1. Globalization

The existence of globalization in civilization, then a company needs interesting innovations and always the latest. That way, a company needs innovation to frighten the flow of globalization in a civilization.

The current of globalization can be overcome with some interesting innovations that need to be delivered. As said above that an innovation can be realized the need for business communication within a company or in the business world. This is what is called the function of business communication as the conqueror of globalization flow where globalization flows can reduce the image and value of a company in the business world and society.

  1. Company Character

A company needs character as a characteristic to be easily known and remembered by the public. That way the character of this company is one of the most important elements in a company so that the company can be elevated in value. That in fact the character of this company can be created with the existence of business communication in a company where the communication is communication that is different from other company communications.

This is where communication functions and acts as a supporter and character provider in a company and in the business world.

  1. Neutral

Jaska (1996) argues that the main function of business communication is to ensure that business messages sent and received are business messages that are neutral and do not attack various parties. The ethics of effective business communication plays an important role in strengthening or strengthening the culture of the organization in strengthening or strengthening the culture of the organization or company. (Also read: Scharmm Communication Model )


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