14 Weird Alexa Skills You Should Enable Right Now

Alexa Skills brings all kinds of extra skills to Amazon’s smart voice assistant.

They can open up a whole new world of uses for the company’s Echo devices. And because it’s relatively easy to create new skills, developers aren’t ashamed to have fun with technology. Aside from more serious endeavors, there are some really weird Alexa skills available for you to try.

1. Chewbacca chat

Say “Alexa, open Chewbacca Chat”.

This unofficial Star Wars skill brings the sweet tones of everyone’s favorite Wookie to your Amazon voice assistant. Tell him what you have in mind and he will respond with some of Chewbacca’s best lines (if you can call it that) from the movies.

You can also ask questions, and for some of them Alexa will provide a translation of Chewie’s answer.

You can test your Star Wars knowledge by trying to find the six hidden Easter eggs. Say “Alexa, ask Chewbacca Chat to tell me about Easter eggs” to find out more.

2. Skyrim Very Special Edition

Say “Alexa, open Skyrim”.

According to Bethesda Games Studios, this is “the version of Skyrim you never saw coming… on the platform you never asked for”. The developer promises the ability to “burn spiders”, “chase butterflies” and “walk straight up a mountain instead of walking around”.

Sometimes, that ironic tone extends to the skill itself, a basic adventure game set in the Skyrim universe. One of the first enemies you may encounter is an “adoring fan” whose attacks consist of unwanted hugs.

Most of the time, however, it works like other Alexa games you can play on your Echo , with magic, swords, and so on. But that only makes it more fun when you pick up a new sword and the game says “Ooh shining!”

3. Sad trombone

Say “Alexa, play sad Trombone”

The sad trombone is the “womp womp” sound effect used in countless movies and TV shows to indicate failure. With this Alexa skill, you can summon her at will.

That’s all it does. Not exactly sophisticated but perfect for when someone in your family stumbles, drops something or has some other unexpected but hilarious calamity.

4. Rimshot

Say “Alexa, open Rimshot”.

Apart from the loud moans, nothing follows a bad joke quite like a rimshot. This is the classic “badum-tish” drum effect that comes right after a final beat.

And that’s what this skill does: it plays a sample of that sound effect. Simple and fun for everyone except those who have to listen to your lines.

5. Random quote from Bane

Say “Alexa, throw a random quote from Bane.”

Can’t wait to hear Tom Hardy’s indecipherable mumbles from The Dark Knight Rises? Good news then. This skill offers more than 100 audio snippets of Batman’s infamous villain. You can ask for one or more random quotes below.

6. My fish feeder

Say “Alexa, open My Fish Feeder”.

If you have a hard time remembering to feed your fish, this skill is meant for you. Simply ask him if you have already fed your fish and he will tell you.

The weird thing is that all this ability does is remember a Yes / No state. When it’s mealtime, you have to tell My Fish Feeder to “feed my fish”. So please remember that it is ready to be asked for later in the day.

Extremely simple, but perhaps useful if you have a memory like a fish.

7. Roast Me

Say “Alexa, open Roast Me”.

Roast Me is one of Alexa’s many abilities that offers insults on demand. The target in this case is you.

The jokes aren’t particularly scratchy or even funny, but it’s a fun distraction for a couple of minutes. After each roast, he’ll ask you if you want more, asking you to say things like “Bring it on” or “Give me that hard love.”

8. Bubble filter

Say “Alexa, open the filter bubble”.

Nobody likes to be told they are wrong. And with Filter Bubble, this never has to happen.

It is essentially a virtual yes. Open it up and then tell him what you believe, about absolutely anything (he’s not really listening). Alexa will then respond with a firm statement of your views, so you can stay safe in your personal echo chamber.

“You are so right!”

Yes, we know, thank you very much.

9. Fortune Cookie

Say “Alexa, open Fortune Cookie”.

This skill claims to offer thousands of authentic fortune cookie quotes. Among them are pearls such as “Today, your charm will make them sing like birds” and “An empty stomach is not a good political advisor”.

All the false wisdom without the brittle mess.

10. Lee Neilson

Say “Alexa, open Lee Neilson”.

The barrier to entry for Alexa Skills developers is extremely low. According to Amazon , you can develop a skill in under an hour.

As a result, there are a lot of useless and low-quality skills in the Alexa Skills store. Lee Neilson is an excellent example of this. However, it is also quite charming, in its simplistic way.

Created by the owner of a UK-based web design company, all it does is say “Hi from Lee Neilson”.

Back to you, Lee.

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11. My domestic cat

Say “Alexa, open My Pet Cat”.

Get your own virtual (and invisible) feline with My Pet Cat. First, choose a color for your cat and a name. So you can feed it, wash it, take it for a walk or let it rest. You can even take it on adventures, running into battles with dogs and other cats.

Over time, your cat can acquire new skills and will grow and level up as you care for them.

Most importantly, there are no veterinary or flea bills.

12. Facts about Chuck Norris fans

Say, “Alexa, open Chuck Norris Fan Facts”.

Did you know that Chuck Norris’s phone doesn’t have autocorrect because nobody corrects Chuck Norris? This is just one of the many interesting facts this skill can tell you about Mr. Norris.

Of course, these “facts” are a joke. They are part of the long-standing Internet phenomenon “The Facts of Chuck Norris,” which celebrates the alleged superhuman abilities of the famous martial artist.

With this skill, you can collect new facts about Norris whenever you want.

13. Chip Information

Say “Alexa, open Chip Facts”.

All it does is give you a randomly chosen fact about chips, Britain’s national dish.

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Unfortunately, his database of facts appears to be extremely limited and he repeats the same facts over and over again. However, we learned that “Americans call them French fries, but Belgians call them Belgian French fries”.


14. Celery Man

Say “Alexa, open Celery Man”.

The Celery Man skill will cause many people to scratch their heads. Accept commands like “Add oyster in sequence” and “Ask Celery Man if I can see a hat swinging”, playing strange sound effects in response.

Nonsense to most people, but for the right people, this skill makes perfect sense. Celery Man is a bizarre comic sketch starring Paul Rudd, from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show. His popularity on YouTube led Celery Man to become a meme , as so many things do, and this led to this Alexa skill.

Why you should download these weird Alexa skills

None of these weird Alexa skills are particularly useful. Only My Pet Cat and Skyrim Very Special Edition have real long-term value, because they save your progress. And the playful skills are fun but not exactly hilarious. So why bother enabling them?

They simply offer some simple, disposable fun and are all completely free. They are the kind of silly things that are fun to share with others, even if you disable them shortly after.

So give them a try, because you have nothing to lose. And if you want really useful Alexa skills, there are plenty for you to try.


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