14 Ways to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing in Safari Mac

YouTube, one of the most popular video sites, works well in all browsers, including Apple’s Safari. However, doesn’t Safari play YouTube videos on your Mac? This could be due to a conflicting ad blocker, extension, or bad internet. Alternatively, YouTube may be at fault.

Do not worry! Let me show you 14 quick ways to fix YouTube videos not playing on Mac Safari.

  1. Make sure Safari loads other websites
  2. Let’s do a quick speed test!
  3. Make sure YouTube is not disabled
  4. Force Safari to close and restart
  5. Reboot your Mac
  6. Reboot your Wi-Fi router.
  7. Disable VPN on Mac
  8. Clear YouTube cache and cookies
  9. Disable YouTube Safari Content Blocker
  10. Disable Adblocker in Safari
  11. Remove YouTube extension
  12. Make sure JavaScript is enabled
  13. Update Safari on Mac
  14. Use a different browser

1. Make sure Safari is loading other websites.

If you’re reading this post in Safari, your Internet is fine. You can skip and move on to the next solution. If you’re reading this in another browser or device, open Safari on your Mac and visit the website.

It works? If so, skip to the next fix. If not, learn how to fix Internet not working on Mac.

2. Let’s do a quick speed test!

To put it simply, YouTube is pretty good and generally works even with a bad connection (with reduced video quality). However, if Safari won’t play YouTube videos on Mac, do a quick speed test.

  1. Visit fast.com using Safari and let it rate your internet speed.
  2. If it is around a few Mbps, you are fine.
  3. If it’s worse, YouTube won’t work properly. Check with your internet service provider.
  4. You can also check out our guide on how to increase your download speed on Mac.

3. Make sure YouTube is not disabled.

If you can’t suddenly play the video, chances are it’s not your fault. Instead, there are some technical issues on the YouTube side.

To check this, search for “ YouTube not working? … »Click on one of the various web search results, for example:

If YouTube isn’t working for multiple people, wait until they fix the problem.

4. Force quit Safari and restart it.

  1. Press Command + Option + esc to open the Force Logout menu.
    You can also click the Apple logo in the upper left corner → Force Quit.
  2. Select Safari and click Force Quit.
  3. After 15 seconds, open Safari again and see if YouTube loads.

5. Restart your Mac.

This is one of the most important (not yet noticed) decisions. The reboot fixes a few minor glitches your Mac detects during normal use.

To do this, click the Apple logo in the upper left corner → select Restart. After turning on your Mac, try using YouTube in Safari. It should work flawlessly.

6. Reboot your Wi-Fi router.

When I lived in a shared space, sometimes YouTube would not load in Safari Mac using the establishment’s Wi-Fi. Restarting the router often helped.

If you’ve tried the solutions above and the problem persists, try restarting your home or office Wi-Fi router.

7. Disable VPN on Mac.

Are you using a VPN on your Mac or a Wi-Fi router? While YouTube is not as strict as other streaming services like Hotstar, Netflix, etc., I would recommend turning off your VPN for unimpeded use.

8. Clear your YouTube cache and cookies.

  1. When you’re in Safari, press Command +, (comma), or from the top menu, choose Safari → Preferences.
  2. Click Privacy → Manage Website Data.
  3. Scroll to youtube.com or use the search box to find it.
  4. Select youtube.com and click Uninstall → Done.
  5. Press Command + Q to quit Safari.
  6. After a few seconds, restart it and try using YouTube. It should work.

9. Disable YouTube Safari Content Blocking.

  1. Log in to comin the Safari address bar and try visiting it.
    This is fine even if YouTube does not load completely.
  2. Click Safari on the top menu bar → choose Preferences for this website.
  3. Uncheck Enable content blockers.
  4. Now exit Safari by pressing Command + Q.
  5. After a few seconds, restart it and visit YouTube.

10. Disable ad blocking in Safari.

If you are using an ad blocker in Safari, please disable it completely. Or add YouTube.com to your Safe Senders List. This will ensure there are no conflicting codes that are preventing you from watching YouTube.

Tip: If you need to use an ad blocker and the existing one doesn’t work with YouTube, consider using a different ad blocker.

11. Remove the YouTube extension.

I mainly use YouTube in Firefox and I use a fantastic extension called Enhancer for YouTube ™. If you are also using the YouTube Safari extension, scripts may conflict.

To fix this, remove the extension. (Uninstalling and reinstalling plus updating Safari might help as well.)

12. Make sure JavaScript is enabled.

It is enabled by default. But maybe one day you tweak the settings and turn it off. So let’s quickly make sure it’s on.

  1. When you’re in Safari, press Command +, (comma).
    You can also click Safari in the top menu bar and choose Preferences.
  2. Click Security.
  3. Make sure the Enable JavaScript checkbox is checked.

13. Update Safari on Mac.

Apple is rolling out Safari updates to make sure it works well overall. To fix this YouTube issue, please update your Safari browser. Once this is done, this problem can become a thing of the past.

14. Use a different browser.

Finally, if nothing seems to be working, consider temporarily using a different browser. You can use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, etc. They will most likely have no problem playing YouTube videos.

Here’s how you can fix YouTube not working in Safari on Mac. I hope the above solutions helped you solve the problem. If you need more help, please contact me via the comments section below.


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