Every professional realizes that negotiation is important in business. Negotiations are needed from the time we discuss the desired salary to discuss agreements with clients. Yes, business negotiations are not easy. We have to train a lot to master it. Of course this means it takes time. However, to successfully master the ability to negotiate in business, we must have one important thing, namely dedication.


In this article, we will discuss the 14 skills that must be possessed in conducting business negotiations. It is intended that we can become superior negotiators who always succeed in getting the desired agreement. Well. what abilities should we have?


1. Empathy . 

If you want to get an agreement, you must first understand and appreciate what the other party wants from the agreement. That way, we can offer important things and solutions that benefit both parties.


2. Clear objectives

Make sure we always have clear goals before conducting business negotiations. A clear goal makes us appear confident. This confidence can make us able to convince others.


3. A calm attitude.

In business negotiations, it is necessary to ensure that we have other solutions to offer. Also make sure we can be calm and not panic. Serenity can assure others that we are the right people to work with.


4. Give more value.

To reach an agreement that benefits both parties, we must be able to add more value. We must think about what added value can be given to other parties. This will support the agreement well.


5. Listen and ask questions.

Listening is important. This helps us to get clarity about what other people want, need and expect from existing business negotiations. When listening, we must also be able to ask a number of questions to clarify things. That way, we can build rapport and make others feel listened to as well as valued. So, make sure we build collaborative conversations, fellow readers.


6. Awareness of the situation. 

Besides having a clear purpose, awareness of the situation is also an ability that we must have. That way, we can be well aware of the other party’s situation and have a greater influence.


7. Draw conclusions.

Classic negotiation focuses on comparison. However, the important thing that a superior negotiator must have is to read through what the other party has to say and draw conclusions. That way, we will be more likely to win the ongoing negotiations.


8. Be silent.

To succeed in business negotiations, we must have a communication strategy. Use words that are concise and concise. We also need to know the right time to be silent. Yes, we must feel comfortable to be quiet. This will allow us to process every information correctly and succeed in getting an agreement by finding a win-win solution for both parties.


9. Understanding the value that is owned.

If you feel that you do not deserve to get the numbers or compensation you want, you will never get it or when you are not sure of the price offered, the other party will realize it and ask for a discount. So, it is very important to understand the value they have. We do not need to feel afraid or hesitant in conveying what is desired. That way, we will get the agreement.


10. A collaborative mindset. 

In business negotiations, make sure we don’t create a competitive atmosphere. Both parties must have the same chance of victory. For that, it is very important to have a collaborative mindset. This allows us to be honest and transparent. No one wants to waste energy by guessing what will happen and arrange a strategy to attack. Try to be transparent and open, for example “I want X and you want Y. Although we have different desires, we both want Z. So, let’s find a way to work together and get it.”


11. Emotional approach.

An emotional approach helps us to find out what is needed and stay focused on the goal. That way, the business negotiation process can take place effectively. The emotional approach also gives us a greater chance of success.


12. Self-awareness. 

Self-awareness enables us to look great in business negotiations. Self-awareness helps us to understand personal intuition and understand the intentions of others through the words they convey. Self-awareness also helps us understand whether the other party is covering, focusing on something or even just bragging.


13. Strategic mindset.

When we have a strategic mindset, we will be able to understand that the word ‘no’ is only an initial challenge in a conversation. Challenges are opportunities for us to learn and collect more data. That way, we will have many alternative solutions. Of course, this will provide a great opportunity to get a deal. So, we don’t need to feel afraid and worry about the word ‘no’, fellow reader.


14. Emotional intelligence .

Negotiation is not just conveying words, but we must also put emotion in those words. What other people say is important, but the emotions in their words are also the main thing.


Decisions in business are not only based on data, but also on emotions. We must be able to put aside personal emotions and listen to others and the emotions that they convey. If we have emotional intelligence, we will be able to understand the intentions and goals to be conveyed by other parties and can put aside personal emotions so as not to take the wrong step.


Those are the 14 abilities that must be possessed in conducting business negotiations. Business negotiation is not just conveying what is wanted, it involves empathy, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and other abilities. The more we train ourselves to master the negotiating ability, the more we will become a superior negotiator. Of course this will make us always succeed in winning the intended agreement.


by Abdullah Sam
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