14 important things to never sacrifice for a relationship

Being in a relationship is meant to help you be a better person. Your partner is supposed to help you grow through personal growth.

Yes, sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself for the sake of your partner. Selfishness has no place in a healthy relationship. Sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort, desires, and even opportunity to secure your relationship.

However, there are some important things that you should never sacrifice for your relationship. If you do, you will get lost. To find out what it is, check below.

1. Self-love
When you enter a relationship, you make a commitment to love the person to whom you give your heart. To love is to take care of your partner’s needs and be careful not to hurt them.

However, you cannot lose self-esteem by loving someone else. Before loving others, you must first love yourself. It is not selfish. It just means that you can only love others effectively by learning to love yourself.

Therefore, never forget your own needs. Don’t let yourself be abused in any way in your relationship.

2. Self-respect
The loss of your self-esteem can lead your partner to disrespect you. Some forms of disrespect in a relationship include cheating, being taken for granted, and abuse of any kind. Don’t let yourself be disrespected physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and even financially.

3. Time for yourself
Whether you are single or in a relationship, always save your “me time”. You need it to be able to cope with the stressful demands of life. Plus, it will help you heal and rest whenever you have any issues.

Be with someone who will respect your right to privacy. Your partner needs to understand that you can’t give them all of your time. He / she should even encourage you for holistic growth.

4. Identity
Never get lost for someone. If your current relationship requires you to change your identity, then you are probably in the wrong place. A healthy relationship is supposed to help you unleash who you really are. Don’t settle down with someone who wants to change you based on their idealism.

5. Independence
This is especially true for women. No matter how stable you are with your partner or spouse, never lose your independence. Your partner may be able to secure you physically, emotionally, or financially, but the weather is not always the same.

It is good to have a responsible partner who takes care of you and your needs. However, what if something happens and you have to be alone? It would be a big, painful adjustment.

Always practice autonomy.

6. Principles
The right person will not make you compromise your values. If your relationship causes you to break your principles of life, such as your morality and your integrity, then it is not healthy. You get lost along the way.

As 1 Corinthians 13: 6 says, “love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth”. Therefore, if your relationship makes you lie, tolerate, and even comply with, wrongdoing, there is no real love in it.

7. Health
A good partner will help you be a complete individual. This means that he should encourage you to improve yourself in all areas of life. This includes your health – physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. So, if your relationship makes you be unhealthy in any way, think twice.

8. Joy
Why stay in a relationship that only gives you pain and sadness? If it only gives you temporary and superficial happiness, but robs you of inner joy, then it’s not worth it.

For example, you can’t be really happy if you know that your relationship is causing pain to others. Or why keep a relationship that causes you to lose other important relationships, like with your family and friends?

9. Peace of mind
In connection with no. 7, you don’t have to sacrifice peace of mind for a relationship. It’s not worth keeping a relationship that gives you sleepless nights. If your current relationship gives you guilt, worry, and fear, how can you be happy? Ask yourself if you want to spend the rest of your life in uncertainty.

10. Dreams
Yes, it is okay to adjust your career plans if it can help secure your relationship. Sometimes such a sacrifice is necessary for longer term plans in the future of your relationship.

However, what is wrong is if you have to give up on your dreams completely. Remember that before you met your partner, you already had your life goals. Sacrificing your dreams would make you lose the direction of self-growth.

You need to be with a partner who will support you and help you achieve your dreams. He / she should allow you to spread your wings and reach for heights.

11. Rights
You may love your partner or spouse so much, but be careful not to ignore your rights. Some people who are abused by their partner do not consider seeking justice because of their love.

You need to know your rights as a person. This way you won’t be fooled.

12. Family
As we always say, ” blood is thicker than water “. You can change partners, but your family will always be your family. For this reason, never sacrifice your family for a romantic relationship.

If your relationship creates a gap between you and your family, assess why. Your family probably disapproves of your relationship because they can see it’s not good for you.

13. Good Friends
If your partner is jealous of your friends and doesn’t want you to see them, then it’s unhealthy. As long as your friends don’t make you do anything that’s dangerous to you or your relationship, there’s no reason to lose them. Don’t lose good friends for unreasonable jealousy.

14. Faith
Your relationship with God, who is your creator, should be your top priority. The way you follow God has a direct impact on your identity, your standards, and even your love. That’s why you have to feed him.

However, if your relationship distracts you or even discourages you from strengthening your faith in God, then you are in a difficult situation. Ask yourself who is more important to you – God or your partner?

You choose

Love is important, and once you find it, you need to take good care of it. Just make sure that by seeking or nurturing love, you don’t get lost.

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