14 best free Roblox games of 2020, try them!

Discover our list of the best Roblox games in different themes to enjoy with your friends.

One of the wonders of Roblox is the large number of minigames available on the platform and also free. Although they have other more exclusive rooms for Premium members , it is really worth an investment.

What you can be 100% sure is that they are all full of fun and you will have many guaranteed hours of pure entertainment. In addition, you can play alone or with your friends .

If you just created a Roblox account and among so many maps you don’t know which one to choose, don’t worry. This time we will show you a list of the best free Roblox games of 2020 that you have to try.

The best online Roblox games of this 2020

Before starting with the list of great games , it is important to clarify that all the games on the Roblox platform are online and are distributed by genre, from popular, trending, recommended, best rated and some for special users. So when you experience each of them you will live a totally different adventure from the previous one.

As we said before, most are free and others are paid. However, remember that there are tickets or passes, also known as Game Passes , which allow you to make purchases of exclusive clothing or accessories within each server and with them the opportunity to acquire certain powers and abilities .

If you are one of those who asks: what are the Roblox online games that I can play from home? Enjoy this compilation of the most profitable categories of the moment.

Roleplay Roblox Games

The computer roleplaying games are always a huge success and Roblox knows it very well. Although there are many maps with this style, these are some of the most attractive to play.

Adopt Me!

One of the most famous Roblox games , without a doubt is Adopt Me! . It is a role-playing room , where you can choose between being a dad or being a son.

Within the minigame, you will have your own house, which you can set up as you see fit, both outside and inside, since by performing certain actions you will be rewarded.

Adopt Me! is a game highly sought after by users and the most popular of the moment

In addition, you can modify the appearance of your character with various outfits and as many times as you want. One of the particular characteristics of Adopt Me! is that you can attend parties, meet people, have friends and buy accessories or transport vehicles such as: bicycles, cars.

And best of all, as time passes, your character will grow larger. For example: if you decided to be a baby, you will grow as time passes until you reach adulthood.

Play Adopt Me!

The wild west

Wester or Wild West themed video games are generally successful, as The Wild West is no exception. This is another of the most popular Roblox Roleplay games on the platform, where you can relive the golden age of the west.

Inside the map, you will have the opportunity to be a bandit and rob banks, or be the bailiff of a town and protect its inhabitants.

Relive the golden age of the Wild West with The Wild West

If you like games of this style, then don’t stop exploring the gigantic map with your trusty steed and start battling fierce Native Americans.

And to be the most feared in town, you can challenge whoever you want to a duel, and the one who shoots the fastest will be the winner. On the contrary, if you prefer to lead a quiet life, work as a miner and become the wealthiest man of all.

Play The Wild West

El Paso, Border Patrol Roleplay

If you want to live the experience of being a trained officer of one of the most lethal forces in Roblox, then you must not miss one of the best Roblox games : El Paso, Border Patrol Roleplay .

At the moment of starting you will have the lowest rank of the squad, therefore you must follow orders from your superior and at no time should you disobey them. You can also decide to be against the law, and be the most wanted person in all of Border.

Play El Paso, Border Patrol Roleplay

Roblox games fear and terror

Although the animation and design of Roblox is geared towards children, you can also see maps with a touch of mystery and terror for the most daring.

Of course, you will not experience extreme terror like in other video games, but it will keep you on the edge of suspense. Here are some scary and horror Roblox games that you should consider:

Field Trip Z

The city where this map is located has been invaded by zombies , your mission will be to avoid being eaten by any of these beings. But if you think that you will live this adventure alone, you are wrong, since when you start the game it will be a group of 5 people.

The main objective in Field Trip Z will be to create a defensive plan against the zombies and the people who survive at the end of the clock countdown will win. If you are looking for scary games on Roblox , you cannot miss this room.

Play Field Trip Z

Banana Eats

The objective of Banana Eats is extremely easy, you just have to escape from a giant banana , the secret is in the journey.

Each game will be made up of several members established under some scenario, it can be a school, laboratory, home. Once inside the place you should avoid being eaten by the banana.

Live this horror adventure and don’t get caught by the chilling banana

Each player will have three hearts, which represent three bites on the part of the banana, perhaps it seems quite easy; however, as time passes, certain doors will close, making the situation more and more difficult.

The terrifying fruit will leave traps everywhere and will become faster and faster. The game ends when the specified time is up, it can be 5 to 3 minutes.

Play Banana Eats


Piggy is a map similar to Banana Eats . Once the game has started, you must escape from a humanoid creature with the appearance of a pig, which will chase you everywhere no matter how much you hide.

The advantage you will have is that you will not be alone in the place, other victims will accompany you, who like you are trying to survive.

However, the lighting of all the scenarios is quite limited , therefore you will not know very well where the creature is. In this case, the best thing you can do is avoid being touched and survive.


Escape Room Roblox Games

The video game challenges will always test the mettle of a gamer, in these maps you must do everything possible to escape or reach the goal to be victorious. Let’s see the best selection of Escape Room games on Roblox :

Hell Tower

Although it has a rather intimidating name, it is not. In the Hell Tower map your mission will be to escape from a fairly long tower , but the journey will not be easy, since you will have to go through hundreds of obstacles , many of them moving until you reach the goal.

Hell’s Tower is one of the most prominent Escape Room games on Roblox

The only disadvantage is that this escape game does not have a checkpoint, so if you lose in any of the levels, no matter how close you are to the goal, you will start from the beginning. But do not be discouraged, because it is a map that tests your skills.

Hell Tower

New Escape Grandma House Obby

Grandmothers are generally an ocean of love, but in this map it will be the opposite, since you have to flee from a very bad grandmother at any cost. This is New Escape Grandma House Obby .

In this game you can hide in different places , but not stay there for long, since grandmother tends to check every corner of the house. In the end, only those who manage to survive will be victorious.

New Escape Grandma House Obby

Roblox games of natural disasters

Inside Roblox you can find games of any genre and one of them is natural disasters . As expected, there are hundreds of maps with this theme, but these are the most acclaimed:

Wave Disaster Survival!

One of the funniest servers in this category is Wave Disaster Survival , the premise of the game is very simple, you must avoid that the water touches you , for this it is necessary to climb to the top, depending on the scenario where you are.

Try to survive and don’t let the water reach you in Wave Disaster Survival

In this map you will not be alone, it will always be an eternal fight against other players for the highest place, you can jump, push, run and try to survive to be victorious.

Wave Disaster Survival!

Natural Disaster Survival

Natural Disaster Survival is a minigame similar to the previous one, with the difference that natural disasters will be varied. Sometimes it can be: heavy rain, fireballs, hurricane force winds, and your only objective will be to survive each one of them. In the end, the winner will be the one who can withstand the drastic changes of time .

Natural Disaster Survival

Roblox games recommended for kids

The smallest of the house could not be left out of this list of Roblox online games , and the main objective of this system is to entertain children and young people. Therefore, we present you the best Roblox games and also recommended for children .

Speed ​​city

In the world of comics there are quite famous sprinters such as Flash and Quicksilver . However, in Speed ​​City you can experience what it feels like to be one of them at its best.

When you enter the map you will be slower than a turtle, but as time goes by and doing activities such as moving and taking colored spheres, you will be able to increase your speed little by little .

The objective of Speed ​​City is to run super fast

The speed limit you can reach will depend on you, since the longer you are in motion, the faster you will be.

In addition, thanks to the Roblox promocodes and codes , you will make the experience more entertaining, since you can have extra powers such as jumping very high, leaving a trace when running of a color, among other interesting things.

Speed ​​city

Anime Fighting Simulator

One of the preferred and recommended fighting simulators for kids on Roblox is Anime Fighting Simulator . Once inside the game you must train, either hand-to-hand combat or with bladed weapons.

This is one of the best recommended Roblox games for kids that you can try

The increase in your agility and strength will depend on how much time you spend training, but what makes this room so great is that you will be able to run into the childhood heroes of many gamer, such as: Goku, Naruto among others.

Anime Fighting Simulator


SUPER FUN MUYSIC OBBY is one of the best Roblox games and of course recommended for children , as it tests your concentration and strategies.

In this world you must pass thousands of obstacles either by jumping or running and logic or memory will be a key point to cross each of the obstacles.

A video game that will put your neurons to work

In this Roblox game you will see a world without end, as you can spend hours jumping the impediments and never reach the goal. The obstacles will be represented by geometric figures, constructions of video game characters, among other things. This is an extremely easy map, especially if you keep calm during the journey.


BIG Paintball!

The premise of BIG Paintball is to venture onto a battlefield , where you must defend yourself with a gun that ejects paintballs.

These battles will be made up in some cases by two sides or you can also play a “all against all” , very similar to a Battle Royale , only that when you die you will play again until the time is up.

Live an adventure on the battlefield with BIG Paintball

Each time you eliminate an enemy, you will receive a reward, which you can then exchange for new weapons . Here the most important thing is to create your own offensive strategy and thus you will be the player most feared by all.


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