13 Tips on Writing a Blog Like a Professional Journalist in Mass Media

Blogging or blogging activities are one of the activities that are much loved today. Ranging from young people to the elderly. Writing on a blog gives its authors pleasure. But writing on a blog like a professional journalist is not easy. The following are some tips for writing a blog like a professional journalist in a mass media.

  1. Read a lot

One important thing that must be done by blog writers in order to write well is to read a lot. Reading will greatly help improve the use and writing of sentences that are good and right and add insight.

To be able to maximize blog writing like a professional journalist, read readings that have a relationship with the theme of the blog that will be written. Not just reading a book, but also can read other people’s blogs or watch other news.

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  1. Write interesting content

Even though you are not a professional writer, writing on a blog does not have to follow the standards of an actual professional writer. The most important thing when writing a blog is to make writing that attracts visitors. With interesting writing, the number of readers will certainly increase.

Start by determining the topic being trending then give an interesting title so that visitors can immediately be interested in reading further when viewing the title.

  1. Give the reader what he wants

A professional journalist always knows what the reader wants. Then you also need to know what the reader wants sought in the blog. To be able to find out what the reader wants, you can do some research or a little research. This little research will make it easier for you to find the most important parts that readers want.

  1. Dare to reveal the truth

Next, tips on writing a blog like a professional journalist, you also have to have the soul and determination like a journalist, which always puts the truth first. Many media are currently silenced or afraid to speak the truth, even though one of the oaths of a journalist or journalist is to tell the truth.

You can pour every truth or fact obtained on your blog so that the contents of the blog become more interesting to read. The truth that may not be found in other writings but can actually be obtained in your writing is certainly an added value.

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  1. Always curious

A writer must always have high curiosity. Therefore, to be able to write quality content and look like a professional, curiosity must always be had. A journalist will usually be placed in a field that is always changing so that they are required to have curiosity and a desire to always learn so that the results obtained will also be of high quality.

  1. Often socialize

Who says being a writer is kuper or anti social? A blog writer must socialize more often or socialize with various kinds of environments. To be able to get interesting writing material and in accordance with the facts. One more tips on writing a blog like a professional journalist is that you have to be able to dive right into the field and mingle with the surrounding community.

  1. Adjust language style

In making a blog, certainly have known who is the target reader of the blog. If the blog is targeted at young people, then the use of language styles that use more slang will make the blog look more attractive.

But if the target audience is the intellect, then the use of language styles must also use official language in accordance with EYD rules. This style adjustment will make the reader not easily bored to read the next article.

  1. Determine the right title

Lots of blogs that mislead readers. This is because there are titles that are not in accordance with the contents of the writing. To be able to get the attention of loyal readers, use the right title and in accordance with the contents of the content written on the blog. Do not force yourself to make an interesting title but it does not contain any link with the article content.

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  1. Compact and compact

Writing a blog like a professional doesn’t have to use long sentences of up to thousands of words. The reader will of course also feel bored quickly if what is read is too long. Write articles with concise and concise writing while still conveying the essence of the writing itself.

  1. Don’t get hung up on SEO Friendly

Many blog writers are stuck with SEO friendly rules even though this rule has long been abandoned. Google’s search engine now does not place SEO articles first in its search results, but instead places the most read articles or human friendly.

Articles that have the same number of words with the same theme often have different numbers of readers and recommendations due to different styles in their writing. So write articles as interesting as possible according to humans, not machines.

  1. Don’t give wrong data

If you write an article that has numeric data in it, then make sure that you write the data correctly. For example, writing 0.02% will certainly be different results with 0.2%. Always double-check data or articles that are written before being published.

  1. Pay attention to the format of writing

Another important thing from blog writing tips like professional reporters that must be considered is the format of writing used. Note the size of the writing if it is in accordance with the rules and make the eye comfortable to read it. Then consider also the sentence breakdown of each paragraph. Do not carelessly cut sentences because it will feel uncomfortable when reading.

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  1. Always learn from mistakes

There is no human who is never wrong. Similarly, a blog writer. As a professional blog writer, you must stand up to various comments. When finding errors in a writing that was made, immediately correct and make these mistakes as a lesson to be able to write better in the future.

That’s 13 tips for writing a blog like a professional journalist that you can try. But to be a professional writer does require a lot of time and learning, therefore what must always be maintained is the passion for writing.


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