13 things men don’t tell you about sex: find out everything here!

We all have secrets when it comes to sex, don’t we?

You don’t tell anyone how many partners you’ve had.

Nor will you tell a new flirt what your insecurities about your body are, and it takes a while to start saying what you like openly.

The novelty is that it is not only women who hide these details.

Check out some things men don’t tell you about sex!

Things men don’t tell you about sex:

1. Men can also fake orgasms

That’s right!

It’s not just women who can pretend to have reached a climax!

Of course, that doesn’t mean he is able to ejaculate when he wants to, but you won’t always check, will you?

Especially when they use condoms and it is the man who takes them out, it is simple enough for them to pretend they came.

The reasons that lead men to fake an orgasm are basically the same as for women: he may be tired or not in the mood, want to end the act soon, but not want to frustrate his partner.

Maybe he’s sleepy, thinking about work, or he’s just not feeling up that day and wants to finish quickly.

2. You can have a greater libido than his

There is a social demand that gives the illusion that men are always willing, prepared and horny.

This is not always true!

In some couples, the woman may have more libido. This is not a problem or dysfunction, it says nothing about his masculinity and does not diminish it.

It just means that you like sex more than he does, and that’s okay!

Libido, in addition to varying from person to person, also changes throughout life.

We all have more or less lively phases, so even if he tries hard to deny it, it is common that in the couple’s life there are times when the woman has more sexual appetite.

3. Men also like affection after sex

Not all men and not always.

But not all women like it either, right?

Men, as well as women, can also have sex for love.

And regardless, hug after sex is a delight for everyone!

The contact with the partner’s skin can even serve to animate for another round.

As long as the two have the same expectations, there is nothing wrong with sleeping hugging even if it is a casual relationship.

4. Not all men have anal sex fetish

Another myth fueled by Western society: what all men want or prefer anal sex.

Some, in fact, nurture this fantasy, but many prefer vaginal penetration than anal penetration.

To find out what your partner likes, the only way is to ask! There is no point in generalizing male desires.

5. They don’t admit it, but they care (a lot) about the size

If you ask, he may not confess, but most likely your partner has already measured and knows exactly how many centimeters your penis has.

Men are taught to worry about this from an early age, and in some cases size can even become a trauma.

Having a small or not as big penis as you would like is a source of shame and insecurity for many.

6. They also have insecurities about the body

It is not just about the size of the penis that a man can feel bad.

In the same way that many women are ashamed of stretch marks, cellulite and fat when taking off their clothes, men also feel charged in relation to an aesthetic standard.

He would probably prefer to have a calico belly to impress you, and is afraid to disappoint you when you notice that his body is not perfect.

As much as women’s beauty standards are much stricter than men’s, there are also men ashamed to undress in front of their partner.

In addition to men with self-image problems, men who worry about how much their prominent tummy dislikes you during sex.

Little sexual experience is often a secret

Unlike women, who often say openly when they have little experience, men hide this fact as much as possible.

He may be uncomfortable if he knows that you have more experience than him, or that you have had more partners.

So he may not want to count on how many women he has had sex with, for fear that you will think badly of him. He wants you to think that he is an expert in bed!

Our social structure expects men to have had many partners, and he may feel insecure for not meeting this expectation.

8. Men also experience anal pleasure

Your partner may or may not be willing to experiment or take over, but the fact is that the anal area is very sensitive and a potential source of sexual pleasure.

Not every man will let or like you to touch or penetrate with your fingers, but many of them may find it pleasurable.

And it has nothing to do with sexual orientation!

If your partner likes anal stimulation it doesn’t mean he is less straight! It is just a part of the body that can be stimulated.

The perineum, the region between the sac and the anus, is also a powerful erogenous zone that, if he likes it, you can stimulate with your fingers or tongue

Men also like praise

We usually forget that!

It seems like a habit for men to praise women, but rarely the opposite happens with the same naturalness.

If you want to please and show affection , praise your partner!

Tell him how beautiful, smelling, or embellish some part of his body that you like.

This helps self-esteem and also encourages intimacy between the couple.

10. Masturbating is not a sign of dissatisfaction

There are women who think that their partner masturbates because he is sexually dissatisfied.

This is not true!

There is less taboo about male masturbation than female masturbation , and that makes them deal with it more naturally.

He masturbates because he wants to, and not because he doesn’t find your relationship satisfactory.

And this is good for keeping libido high or for relaxing.

There is no reason to be insecure about your partner masturbating or watching porn.

11. Complicity is the most important thing in bed

It is difficult to generalize male behavior, but if there is one thing that almost every man wants, it is that you let go when you are with him in bed.

Nothing better than a sex without inhibition, without shame, without judgments or insecurities.

The closer you are and the more freedom you feel with each other, the better the sex will be – and he knows it!

It is important to create this space where the two feel comfortable to express desire in all ways.

12. He cares about the duration of sex

And this concern can often make erection difficult.

There are men who think that penetration has to last as long as possible, and if that is the case with your partner and it bothers you, it is important that you talk to him!

Many men spend much of the sexual act trying to control themselves to postpone the moment of orgasm and make the relationship last longer.

This is a very common concern for them, because they tend to think that sex ends when they come.

Show your partner that there is a lot to do after that!

13. The problem is not the condom

There are men who say that the condom is responsible for a not-so-good sex or difficulty in erection .

For them it is very comfortable: they take the responsibility from them and still pressure you to have unprotected sex.

What he doesn’t tell you is that he told other women exactly the same thing he is talking to you about, and who knows if he did exams after that!

So don’t give up the condom , huh?

If you are in a monogamous relationship and decide to stop using, think about it, talk a lot and do STD exams first of all, for the safety of both!

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