Office events are a good time to promote the outside world. For this reason, we need to ensure that the event that is held will take place successfully. We must focus on the communication strategy used.


To make an office event a success, we must focus on the brand, the audience and how to promote it. That way, we must create an interesting and fun way so that everyone present will be impressed with the event.


This time, we will discuss 13 communication strategies for the success of office events. That way, our office will be known to the outside community. This is a good thing for prospects in the future, right? What can we do?


1. Invite famous speakers.

Renowned speakers usually have millions of followers who like to listen to what they share. When inviting a speaker, it is possible that his followers will also attend the event. Make sure that the speaker also informs his followers about his presence at our office events.


2. Having more goals.

In an era of advanced and sophisticated, many people attend the event with great expectations. So, make sure that the office event that will be held can meet these expectations. We can provide impressive great benefits, for example creating a philanthropic storyline that can make the atmosphere more enjoyable or involve an emcee who can greet and connect with guests who attend easily. This aims to create pleasant interactions. Requesting the names of participants’ social media accounts can also be done so that they can tag them through social media.


3. Have a communication schedule. 

How good the event will take place, can be seen from the way we build the image. Make sure that we have reviewed every post and picture before it is published and have a timely schedule for communicating the event with internal teams, vendors and sponsors so everyone knows the details of what to do and nothing is missed.


4. Involve everyone in the organization.

Everyone in the organization must be seen at office events, especially on special occasions. The communication team does not have to take care of all available communication. We can ask for help from the marketing team who often deal with clients . That way, they can help promote the event well. This can be done by updating the signature on the email, mentioning the event that will take place at the end of the call and even promoting through social media.


5. Provide support for the team.

We may experience chaos in the midst of complex needs. We might even lose our purpose. For that, make sure that we always provide support to one another. That way, we will still be able to achieve the targets and visions that have been determined.


6. Make everyone a brand ambassador.

Everyone in the organization is a brand ambassador. Make sure everyone is involved, for example helping to spread announcements through private social media or private conversation applications. Make attractive designs with clarity of time, day and place. That way, many people can find out about the event. Also make sure that everyone posts photos during the event and after the event has passed.


7. Send reminders.

Everyone has a busy life. So it is possible to forget what to do at a certain time. Now, we can use a reminder calendar that can be known by everyone. Make reminders that tell you what needs to be followed up or maybe someone needs to be contacted and other things so that no important points will be missed. That way, everyone will also feel very grateful for being reminded.


8. Use email. 

Office event marketing planning must involve various communication tools, such as social media, electronic media and e-mail. Using email as a tool for promotion can be the right way to use it.


9. Have consistency with the image used.

Images are one of the attractions that are usually placed on posters, flyers and brochures, but make sure that we have consistency with the images used. The image must have the same style, color and shape. This shows high quality that can make it easier for others to recognize the event.


10. Create a memorable experience.

To hold a special office event, we must focus on luxurious places, great content and new values ​​that will be gained by the participants. We also have to create unique moments and content that can be shared.


11. Start planning early.

At least, we have to start planning a year before the event. Yes, not all events take that long. However, this is to ensure that everyone will plot the time so that there will not be time to collide and allow for careful preparation.


12. Make a deal.

We must ensure that everyone will convey the same information during the event. Well, there is no harm in having to make a cheat sheet containing what things will be shared and delivered to everyone present.


13. Has constant communication.

The success of an event is determined by the ongoing communication. Make sure that we have constant communication. It never hurts to send the same thing over and over again. This ensures that everyone in the team can clearly know every detail of the event so that there will be no misunderstanding that can disrupt the continuity of the event.


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