12 Ways to Overcome Psychic Impotence

Impotence or what is commonly called erectile dysfunction is a symptom or disease where the penis cannot harden even though in this case various sexual stimulations have been carried out in order to stimulate the partner, actually if we talk about the causes of impotence it can occur due to several things, including physical disorders. and also psychology. but this can also happen because of these two things.

Impotence can also occur as a result of physical problems or the condition of your body that is not in good health. so that if your body condition or your body is not healthy, it will greatly affect the achievement of an erection that will be carried out when having sex with a partner. and it can also happen the other way around, if the body’s condition is in good health, of course, the erection can function properly.

You need to know, psychological or psychological factors can actually be very influential from a person’s impotence, so to be able to overcome the problems caused by impotence, it is necessary to do various ways, but before that you also have to find out, what can cause impotence before knowing how to overcome this.

  • Feeling insecure, this could be the cause of impotence in men, especially if a man is dealing with a wife, for example a husband who is unable to provide for his wife, of course this can disturb his confidence. so it is necessary to find a way to overcome insecurity
  • Depression, this one thing has become a very common thing. in fact, sometimes it does not only disturb a person’s psychological condition, and can also affect a man’s physical condition, prolonged depression can also greatly affect the condition of the body.
  • Anxiety disorders, well, excessive anxiety disorders can usually be one of the causes of impotence problems and can arise due to several reasons.
  • Guilt, this one feeling can actually affect a person’s condition, including causing sexual impotence. for that you need to know how to deal with some of the causes of impotence in men caused by psychological problems.
  1. Get enough rest

Health is the main factor that is very important to overcome mental impotence in a person, with rest, of course, will regenerate damaged cells and make yourself much healthier. With adequate rest it can also make you feel less anxious or afraid and your body can become more relaxed again.

  1. Sports

As you know, the benefits of exercise are many, besides being able to keep the body in shape and also healthy, it turns out that exercise can also relieve stress and impotence that results from a person’s psychology. with exercise the blood flow will be smoother and the nerves will be much better. besides that, with the right exercise it can also produce the hormones serptonine and endorphins, and how to deal with stress when there is a problem in the soul.

  1. Yoga

To avoid impotence due to psychological disturbances, you can also do yoga, because in this way it is very effective in being able to increase the sense of happiness that is in you. With yoga, it also shows that the hormone serotonin will increase and can also reduce the hormone cortisol and the feeling and feeling will be much more relaxed.

  1. Take medicine

Some people are also sometimes quite successful with this one way, namely by consuming herbal medicines. This method is also considered to be quite effective in order to restore your erection, and usually in addition to restoring health, taking the right medicines can also make you healthier.

  1. Breathing

Practicing good breathing techniques also turns out to be very effective in keeping your emotions much more under control and for those of you who are experiencing an impotence phase you can come back more confident and confident when dealing with your partner. You also have to be patient to do this breathing technique, so that your mind and heart remain balanced and can eventually affect a good relationship again.

  1. Don’t stop connecting

Some of them who have experienced impotence choose to stop dealing, even though this method is not the right way, for that you should discuss with your wife about your condition, to continue to have regular relationships it will be much better, so that you can train the system later nerves in order to get healed as soon as possible.

  1. engobatan acupuncture

This technique is commonly used in China, acupuncture techniques can also cure various types of diseases. For that there is nothing wrong with you trying this one way, because this has been done by the Chinese imperial rulers, by applying acupuncture can make impotence heal, and this therapy can also increase self-confidence and also get a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Look at the quality of the relationship

This is of course very important, because you have to be able to maintain the quality of the relationship with your partner, so that you always maintain a harmonious relationship with your partner and in the end can slowly heal the impotence that occurs. By maintaining harmony, it can also reduce the psychological and stress level of Emnajid, this is what can affect your health later.

  1. Reduces anger.

If you are feeling emotional or angry about something, for example work, you should leave all of that outside, don’t get carried away into the house, because it can be very disturbing and cause illness and health of the relationship with your partner, so never bring problems from outside in. into the house. and memebdakan between the relationship between emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence

  1. Eat good food

Eating healthy and nutritious food can also greatly affect your life with your partner, especially for those of you who have impotence disorders due to psychological disorders experienced. By consuming foods rich in fiber, nutrients and vitamins can make the body healthier, and also reduce anxiety and relieve diseases in your body slowly.

  1. Reduce stress by laughing

Making funny jokes or watching movies that keep you entertained can also be very helpful. In some people who suffer from impotence disorders due to psychological problems, this usually occurs due to problems such as increased levels of stress and depression, so entertaining yourself can certainly reduce stress within yourself.

  1. Good communication

Good communication with a partner will certainly greatly affect your psychology with your partner, for that you should improve my communication with your partner and keep doing fun things together as usual, besides being able to maintain harmony, by maintaining self-concept in psychological communication  can also heal psychologically which is the cause of impotence


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