12 Ways to Overcome Economic Depression

Depression due to economic problems can happen to anyone, including yourself. Especially with the increasing needs of each person, but not accompanied by income or income. Sometimes it makes a person quite stressed, feels worried and also anxious.

Moreover, the needs of course must be met immediately. Especially for those of you who already have a family, of course, the needs will increase, not only for yourself but other needs such as children’s needs, housing needs and also the needs of daily life. So if you don’t find a solution, it will actually make your mind and you feel very depressed. one of them with family psychology.

Stress and depression are indeed something that cannot be avoided in life, so of course we must respond to all of them with positive energy, so that later we don’t get dizzy on our own to live it. Depression itself can be due to various reasons, such as stress due to problems with family, work problems to economic problems or depression .

So that, like it or not, whatever we are feeling, we have to find a way out and also the best solution. For now, there are many pressures in life to go through, one of which is depression due to economic problems. So that it does not drag on, of course, a solution must be sought.

1. Take up a hobby that you like.

Doing a hobby that we really like is a very fun thing, especially if we are in a state of stress with economic problems, doing things that we really like temporarily can also relieve depression and stress on yourself.

So that at least it can reduce the feeling of stress that is in you, even in some people it can make it even more excited for the future.

  1. Meditation

Meditation is one way to get rid of yourself from stress and also to clear your mind to make it clearer and also much more positive.

With meditation too and abisa mudha to concentrate, in this way it also turns out to be able to cure depressive disorders that often come to a person, so that it can prevent other illnesses from coming.

  1. Finding friends to talk to

When you are feeling depressed, especially because of economic problems, you should never be alone, because this will only make you worse off, try various stories with a friend so that later you can relieve the symptoms of depression you are experiencing.

Talk about what you are feeling right now, including because of the economic problems that are happening to you, confiding or telling a story with friends will not solve your financial problems, but at least it can make the mind much calmer and a little more comfortable.

  1. Go outside

When you are in a state of depression or are under severe stress, you should not stay at home, because it will make your mind worse, and later make your depressive disorder even worse. Try once to open yourself up, look for something that can make you enjoy all the fun and enjoyment.

Try to get out of the house for a while, for example by going to the park to breathe fresh air or just to relax your brain for a while.

  1. Read books

Reading books turns out to be very useful for those of you who are experiencing stress, be it stress due to work or stress caused by economic problems. Reading funny books can actually entertain yourself and also make your mood much better, so that it can be used as a way to deal with stress and mild depression that sometimes happens to everyone.

  1. Regular exercise

Exercise will indeed make your body healthy and strong, besides that, with regular exercise it can also make your current depression disorder much better.

For that you can exercise regularly every day, for example by walking casually in the complex or just to do other light exercise. so that this one social psychology method can change our minds much more positively.

  1. Get counseling

For those of you who have seen enough depression due to economic burdens, you should immediately do counseling and therapy to a psychologist, this method can at least alleviate all the burden of depression that happens to you.

By doing counseling to the right therapist, it turns out that it can make a person’s feelings feel much calmer and can also think much more positively. You can also see a psychologist who is experienced to relieve the symptoms of depression that you are experiencing.

  1. Take care of plants

By maintaining plants, it turns out that it can make the stress experienced even better, plants have natural powers that can make our minds much calmer, this method is also commonly used as a therapy to relieve stress every day at home. You can choose plants that make you feel calm, such as flowers and ornamental plants.

  1. Looking for a new job

Usually most depression problems due to the economy are caused by financial problems or those of us who are unemployed, so that we cannot focus on positive thoughts, for that you should try to find a new job, at least it can help deal with your financial problems and also the depression you are experiencing. By working means we have activities that can help us shift our thoughts in a much more positive direction.

  1. Don’t forget to laugh happily

You need to know, the depression that is experienced because we are too serious about life, you should calm your mind, and try to be happy, you also have to know, every problem can happen to everyone and not only happen to you. There are some buses out there that have a lot more serious problems than you.

  1. Think positively

For someone who is in a state of depression, it will indeed be very difficult to try to think positively, especially if what you feel is a very heavy burden, but you also have to be able to try it, always thinking positively will certainly relieve stress and depression in yourself. you.

  1. Pray a lot and try a lot

Prayer is indeed a panacea for all diseases, one of which is when you are in depression due to the economy, in addition to trying your best to fix economic problems you also need to pray a lot, so that later the efforts you do will not be in vain.


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