12 Ways to Deal With Work Panic

Anxiety and panic are very common in everyone, especially when you are working. Usually this happens because there is a sense of anxiety and stress about work or it could be a feeling of nervousness when you first work, especially if the work we are doing is not what we want. In addition, the perception of colleagues at work can exacerbate feelings of anxiety and panic at work.

Excessive panic, of course, can affect the psychology that is in you, and it can lead to feelings of stress and also the characteristics of mild depression that you experience.

And unfortunately there are still many who can’t figure out how to say panic or excessive anxiety, even the panic feeling often comes suddenly, so you also need to know how to get rid of panic in the work that we will discuss this time.

  1. Inhale slowly

When you feel a panic attack, you can relax by taking a long, slow breath, this is also very effective in reducing panic attacks and anxiety when you are facing work. And there is nothing wrong with when you feel panic or anxious, you should calm yourself first and you can do this by taking a slow breath, then exhaling with the same tempo.

  1. Clean the work space

A comfortable workspace can certainly help relieve sudden anxiety and panic, so there is nothing wrong with maintaining the cleanliness and comfort of your work space. it can also help the mind become more positive and more rational. For that, always keeping your room clean is something you can rely on.

  1. Divert your mind

When you are in a panic, there is nothing wrong with you multiplying the thoughts you are experiencing. For example by reading a book, counting 1 to 100, but you can also deal with the panic that is happening so that it can eliminate the panic you are experiencing.

  1. Don’t ignore the anxiety that occurs

If there is anxiety that suddenly comes to you, you should not ignore that feeling, because if you continue to feel afraid and try to get rid of it, it will only increase the anxiety you experience. Face the panic you are experiencing while slowly removing the feeling of panic, but remember not to overexert panic feelings.

5. Get fresh air

When there is a panic attack in the office, there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of the rest time you experience by going out for a while, you can breathe in the fresh air first and also see what’s around you, so that you can have a sense of calm and can be much more calm. This can also be done to help relieve stress and can open your mind too, of course.

6. Get enough rest

The feeling of stress or panic that is often experienced can also be due to lack of rest when you are at home, even if you lack sleep it can cause your brain to not think much more calmly, so when you are at the office you will feel anxious and also Excessive panic that you can feel when you’re in the office.

For that, you should get enough rest to be able to maintain a balance of mind and get rid of panic and also how to get rid of the anxiety you experience.

  1. Ask for family support

There is nothing wrong if you feel panicked by always asking for support from your family, it can be your parents or husband, so that this support can certainly make you much calmer, in family psychology there is also a positive energy inside you that makes you able. overcome the panic that is being experienced. Because talking to someone who really understands ourselves feels much better.

  1. Avoid consuming coffee.

Excessive caffeein will certainly make your panic even worse, so when you are in the office you should avoid consuming a lot of coffee, as for the symptoms that can be caused, it will actually worsen the panic feeling in you. Like a feeling of shortness of breath, a racing heart, trembling and excessive dizziness.

For that, if you cannot get rid of the habit of consuming coffee, you should reduce it a little at a time from now on.

9. Listening to music

It’s no stranger that music can be used as a way to get rid of excessive panic, especially when you feel panic while working.

By listening to music in soft tones, of course, you can make your mind and heart feel much calmer, this will also allow you to control your emotions and also the panic attacks that are inside you.

  1. Joking for a moment

If you are panicking, you should stop work temporarily, find friends with whom you can joke. There is nothing wrong with joking between our jobs, because this can certainly help you relieve panic. By joking you can also release stress and refresh the brain to be more positive.

  1. Looking for a quiet place

When you are feeling panic, there’s nothing wrong with going out of work first and then looking for a quieter place to cool off for a while, but it’s best not to stay too long in a lonely place because it can interfere with your work time. You can take 10 to 15 minutes to just calm down first, so that it can be used as a way to deal with stress on employees .

12. Go out for a bit to eat

Going out for lunch for a while can also relieve the panic you are experiencing, because eating or looking for snacks can also make your tense muscles much better.

In addition, you can also load your mind much more calmly and avoid panic attacks that suddenly come while you are working.


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