12 tricks for WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is a way to use WhatsApp on the computer from a browser and it is convenient to know some tricks to get the most out of a web tool like this, and thus dispense with using the app on the mobile while you are on the computer, working or not.

To use WhatsApp Web you need to have your mobile with WhatsApp close by, so that if you move your mobile away at some point or it goes offline, you will not be able to use it. You will be able to do many of the things that you can do in the app (send messages, view status, etc.).

If you are new, we recommend you take a look at our WhatsApp Web guide so that you can know all the ins and outs of this service, so you can complement it with the tricks that we are going to teach you below so that the user experience is the best possible .

Activate notifications in 3 steps

One of the first things is to activate notifications , so you will find out at all times how much a WhatsApp message comes to you to respond or simply see it and this is something you can do in just 3 steps:

  • Enter WhatsApp Web from your browser and click on the icon with the three vertical dots.
  • Access settings / notifications. Check that you have the first 3 boxes activated, in this way you will receive notifications.

Leave WhatsApp Web open

A trick to leave WhatsApp Web open in a tab of your browser is to leave the tab fixed , so you don’t close it by accident and it will still be there when you close and open your browser the next time, so you don’t have to enter by opening the web, but rather the you have ready to use.

To fix the WhatsApp Web tab, you just have to right click on it and click on the option “fix tab” or “pin tab” (it depends on the browser you have). Keep in mind that the tab will be smaller, will not have a close button and will be located on the left.

Access WhatsApp Web directly from the desktop

Did you know that you can directly access WhatsApp Web from your desktop ? This is allowed by the shortcut, so you open it as a normal file and your web browser opens directly in the web application, but for that you have to create that shortcut.

All you have to do is open WhatsApp Web in your usual browser and select the entire URL, then, and without releasing the mouse, move the URL to the desktop , which will create that shortcut to the tool, so each Once you press it, it will open.

Activate night mode

If you are going to use WhatsApp Web to chat at night on your computer or you just want to use a more pleasant interface for your eyes, there is a trick, activate the night mode , which will make the web interface darker and more comfortable for your eyes and for visual health.

It is very simple to enable the night mode of WhatsApp Web, you just have to enter, click on the icon with the three dots, then go to settings and finally enter “themes”, where you have to select the dark theme so that it can instantly change the Colour.

Mute notifications with one click

You can remove the sound from WhatsApp Web notifications with a single click , without having to enter the service settings or anything similar, it is something that the browser itself allows, so you can continue listening to music or other sound without being bothered by the notifications .

For that, locate the tab in which you have WhatsApp Web open and right-click on it and click on the option “mute tab” , what you do like this is to remove the sound, but continue to hear the rest of the things on your computer, a action that you can undo in the same way.

Archive chats to hide them

One way to hide WhatsApp Web conversations so that no one sees them is to archive the chats directly , this way they will be waiting to be unarchived and recovered again, but this way you can maintain a better order in your list of conversations.

This option is good to use when you have old conversations and you do not want to delete them, when archiving them they will be stored in another section of WhatsApp Web so that you can recover them later, or leave them there permanently.

Find emojis quickly

A trick to find emojis quickly on WhatsApp Web is to write the colon followed by the word that is related to the emoji, so you won’t have to search the endless list for the one you want to send to any of your contacts in a conversation.

For example, if you want to send the heart emoji, just type: heart and the available options will appear, so it is faster to search for them.

Know when someone is online

There is the possibility that you will miss a notification every time someone goes online to WhatsApp Web , but not natively, but with an extension for the Chrome browser called WA Web Plus , which greatly expands the functionalities of WhatsApp Web .

It is a free extension that adds very interesting little add-ons, like the one we mentioned, although there are also other small utilities that will come in handy (blur the latest messages, highlight the contacts that are online, etc.).

Take quick actions with shortcuts

WhatsApp Web has a series of shortcuts that not many users know and that will allow you to be faster in the tool, so that a simple combination of keys can execute actions more quickly than if you did them in another way.

For example, with the shortcuts for WhatsApp Web you can create new chats, add participants to them, directly access our profile, archive the chat and many other options, all only using the keyboard.

Make line break in text

You do not always want to write a text in a conversation in a row, you may be more interested in writing it one below the other and for that you have to make a line break . You can make a line break in WhatsApp Web with a simple combination of keys that we showed you recently.

What you get with them is to write words or phrases one below the other, so you don’t have to write them in a row or finish one and send it and then write the other and send it, you write them all at once and you will even see that they look better and they are more readable.

Open two WhatsApp Web sessions

You can open two WhatsApp sessions in the same browser if you have two different phones and both have WhatsApp. The trick is that you open one of the sessions in the normal version and the other in the browsing section in incognito mode .

You are really opening an extra instance of the same browser, if I opened both in the same browser you could not and you can check it perfectly. You could also do it if you open two WhatsApp Web sessions in 2 different browsers, for example, in Chrome and Firefox.

View messages without opening WhatsApp Web

You can see the messages that come to you on WhatsApp Web without having to open the tab , although you must have it open, but not as an active window that you are currently viewing. The trick is to see the messages in the Windows 10 notification center.

The messages will be reflected there and you just have to click on the icon of the speech bubble that appears next to the time and date of Windows 10, a panel will open and at the top you will see the notifications pending to watch, including messages from WhatsApp.

There are a multitude of small tricks for WhatsApp Web , surely some of them you already knew, but it is likely that others of those that we showed you did not know until now, and that you will surely apply them from now on in case they work for you. tools.


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