12 Tips to Achieve Better Self-Esteem in Your Child

Self-esteem is the concept we have of our worth, accepting ourselves, the ability to recognize our skills, abilities and achievements, as well as weaknesses.

In adolescents, self-esteem is represented in different areas that complement each other:

Social: the ability to relate or establish contact with others and recognize their feelings towards them

School: your academic performance is part of the evaluation you give your person, ability to achieve their objectives and goals

Family field: feeling an important member of your family and your personal appearance are a significant part of your overall assessment of yourself.

Tips to Achieve Better Self-Esteem in Your Child:

  • Avoid using negative phrases when communicating with your child; While you reinforce negative messages, the adolescent will grow up with that concept of himself.
  • In a safe environment SUPPORT your challenges, let your child experience new situations, with this you will help to increase safety in the adolescent.
  • Reinforce and celebrate the positive; Highlight your achievements.
  • Recognize their progress using phrases like “you can” “I believe in you”.
  • Pay attention while talking to you; This will help maintain better communication with your child.
  • Show and express your love frequently through kisses, hugs or praise. The child who does not feel that his parents value him may feel insecure, the fact of feeling valuable will make him more or less impervious to the mistakes, frustrations and criticism of others.
  • Share activities with him.
  • Do not compare it with others, you will feel vulnerable and rejected.
  • Avoid criticizing him in front of his friends, when something is not right talk alone with him.
“When we talk about a teenager who can easily relate to other people, express their emotions or feelings. Willing to assume their responsibilities, feel confident, able to tolerate frustrations, set goals and achieve them. We must not worry, this means that your self-esteem is growing ”


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