Self-evaluation is an action that can change our lives. If you see that there are many things that happen beyond what you expect, this could be due to a lack of self-evaluation. For this reason, it is very important to hold regular self-evaluations. One form of self-evaluation that can change lives is by asking yourself questions. Some questions may be difficult to answer.


Isn’t the best thing in life not coming easily? Just like the test we faced. We will be faced with difficult questions that show how deep understanding the material is. Likewise with life, we cannot avoid ourselves from questions that might seem difficult, but can change our lives. Each exam will provide valuable results. So, it never hurts to contemplate and evaluate yourself with the following 12 questions.


1. “How do other people see me from their own perspective?”

We may think that when we behave or say something, we have done the right thing, but apparently other people see it in a different way. If you want to know the other person’s point of view of us, how to listen to the feedback they provide. Ask for clear and specific feedback. When other people give feedback, don’t let us be defensive. Receive any feedback given. Shouldn’t we ask others to give feedback? Then why do we have to be defensive? If we are defensive, other people will never again be willing to give us feedback.


2. “Was I able to make improvements today?”

If you always do a self-evaluation with this question, you can focus on important things related to your career. We no longer need to focus on anything else that only divides concentration.


3. “Have I applied the values ​​that I have?”

Have your fellow readers felt that you did something that violates your values ​​in life? Without realizing it, we often do things that are contrary to their values, for example for us in spending time with family is important. However, we often overtime and come home late. This means that we have violated our values. We no longer do things according to the initial principles. For this reason, make sure that you hear your conscience before doing something. That way, we will find out whether it will violate our values ​​or not.


4. “What is preventing me from doing what I should be doing?”

This question helps us whether we have done everything well or are just trying to find excuses and avoid ourselves from what should be done. That way, we can know what should be done.


5. “What aspects of life make me feel satisfied?”

If we are satisfied with something, we will be able to accept any shortcomings. This question can help us to make a decision about whether to stay in a matter or move on.


6. “In the next 5 years, what kind of life do I want?”

If you don’t have a clear goal, you don’t know where to go. 5 years is the perfect time period. If we know what goals must be achieved, we will know which route to choose.


7. “What abilities do I need to improve?”

This question is a form of self-evaluation that can see the current state of self. That way, we can determine what abilities need to be developed and improved in order to experience significant progress.


8. “What will I feel if I reach my goal? What can I do to have that feeling while trying to pursue a goal? “

If you haven’t reached your destination, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. We do have to postpone the satisfaction, but it never hurts to have fun along the way, right? This question can be our reference whether to live life with gratitude and happiness or with complaints that can be discouraging .


9. “What haven’t I tried to learn?”

There is a lot of knowledge and abilities that exist in this world. With this question, we can evaluate ourselves to what extent we have actually tried something, so that we can take the time to focus on it.


10. “What will I do if I don’t have fear?”

Fear can prevent doing dangerous things, but we must be able to overcome the fear . That way, we can get out of our comfort zone and make every dream come true .


11. “What problems have been successfully resolved?”

Everyone has different ideas. We cannot force others to have the same ideas that we have. This question is a form of self-evaluation that shows whether we are able to be mature and accept differences of opinion or not. That way, we can become a mature professional.


12. “What valuable lessons do I have in life? Have I really studied? “

Life teaches us many important things. It’s just that we sometimes don’t really learn and fall twice into the same hole. This question can be a reference for us to evaluate whether we have made experience as a lesson or not.


by Abdullah Sam
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