12 important things you should never do again to be able to live life to the fullest

I care about what others think and feel about you
When you spend too much time on what people around you think and think about you, you live your life for their sake, not for your own. People will always think and think what they want and you can never change that, so stop trying.

2. Always be right
The older you get, the less important it is to always be right. Realize that everyone has their own opinions and thoughts. Do not waste any more time trying to convince everyone to think and feel like you.

Strive for the perfect body
It’s just a myth, a photoshopped illusion created by a profit-hungry advertising world. Exercise to feel good and have fun, but stop comparing yourself to people with super bodies on social media. Learn to live with your flaws. Appreciate your shortcomings as part of your personality.

4. Kneading the past
It is not possible to change what has been. Accept the past for what it is – something that has happened and that you can not control. Focus on the future and on things that you can influence.

2. Hunt for confirmation
Do as you please. It’s okay to ask for advice and ask people, but still trust your gut feeling. Do things for your own sake, not to be liked by others.

Let negative people ruin my life
Break with everyone around you who is just whining and complaining. Surround yourself with supportive and positive people who want to accomplish things and see opportunities instead of difficulties.

Sacrificing my valuable time on social media
Facebook, Instagram and such digital sacrificial altars do not really make anyone happy. What’s the point of chasing likes and pretend friends that really only make you feel stressed, supervised and create unfair comparisons? Stop being a Facebook slave.

5. Whine about everything I miss
The one who has the most status stuff when he dies does not win. Consume less and spend more time on soulful things and find yourself.

6. Strive for revenge
Or to give back. Life is unfair, yes – but it’s just a waste of time and energy to give back and seek revenge for things you think have been sniffed at.

7. Stop thinking about if not if had been
It will be as it will be. It is not possible to get things undone. If it had not been for that, it might have been different, yes. Do not worry so much about the future. Do what you can to reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises, but do not spend too much time worrying about things that may happen.

8. Undo things
Accept that it turned out the way it did. The decision you made was probably the best you could make there and then. Take responsibility for the consequences, learn from your mistakes and move on. Regret only consumes unnecessary energy.

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