12 homemade tips to end the hiccup

The hiccup can be quite annoying and unpleasant, especially when it comes at times when you need to talk or are doing some physical activity.

Basically it is a situation that disrupts our breathing because the diaphragm starts to receive involuntary stimuli that result in a short and irregular breathing that is not synchronized with the breathing cycle.

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The truth is that hiccups can happen to people of any age, but it is worth mentioning that crises indicate the presence of other diseases.

When this situation happens to you, it probably comes to mind old advice from your parents or grandparents, such as holding your breath or having a glass of water quickly.

In this article we will remember these advices and present other homemade tips to end the hiccup:

What causes hiccups?

It is not known for sure what is the main cause of hiccups, however some situations can contribute to its appearance:

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  • Gastric distension resulting from ingesting carbonated drinks such as soft drinks and sparkling waters;
  • Excessive feeding;
  • swallowing air when talking or eating;
  • Sudden changes in temperature on the skin;
  • Sudden changes in the temperature of food eaten;
  • Guffaws;
  • Alcohol intake;
  • Speak while eating;
  • Smoking;
  • Reflection of abdominal surgery;
  • Stress and anxiety;
  • Breathing chemical vapors harmful to the respiratory system;
  • Signal diseases such as pneumonia and pleurisy;
  • Stroke;
  • Brain tumour;
  • Diabetes;
  • Use of barbiturates;
  • Electrolyte imbalance.

As you can see, some of the aforementioned causes are perfectly normal, while others are worrisome, as hiccups appear as a symptom or sign of a more serious illness.

12 homemade tips to treat hiccups

Some homemade tips can reduce attacks and ensure more quality of life. Do you know those tricks taught from mother to child or that you heard from grandma when you were a child?

Because they work and must be taken seriously. Here are some suggestions to prevent hiccups :

1. Hold your breath

Hold your nose and hold your breath for approximately 10 seconds. Then relax and start breathing normally.

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Repeat the procedure again if it doesn’t work the first time.

2. Teaspoon of sugar

Take a teaspoon and fill it with sugar. Put it in your mouth and swallow the pure sugar.

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Through this technique you overload the nerve ends of your mouth.

Before swallowing the sugar it is interesting to put it on the part of the tongue responsible for feeling the sour flavors, so that the sugar overload has a greater impact.

3. Put your fingers in your ears

Some branches of the nerve causing the hiccups extend to the ears, so one way to stop them is to put your fingers to your ear.

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Just be careful not to hurt the area, avoid placing your fingers too deep in your ears.

4. Ask someone to scare you

Taking a fright accelerates the rhythm of your breathing and consequently makes the hiccups disappear.

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Ask someone to give you a fright or if you are that person who is not that scared so easily breathe heavily, inhaling quickly, as happens when you get a fright.

5. Raise the uvula

Do you know that “little bell” that we have at the back of our throat? It can also help you stop hiccups.

With the help of a spoon, lift the uvula, which will make you want to vomit and cough, which will stop the hiccups.

6. Drink a glass of cold water

Ingestion of cold water causes a change in temperature in the throat area, stimulating the vagus nerve and causing the hiccups to stop.

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Crushed ice and even gargling with water also help to stop hiccups.

7. Breathe in a paper bag

Try inhaling and exhaling in a paper bag, as if you are nervous or short of breath.

The effect is similar to that produced by taking a fright, as it causes the breathing to become faster.

8. Distract your mind

Ask someone to help you get distracted so that you stop focusing on hiccups and focus on something else.

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Try singing or laughing out loud, techniques that will also help you forget your hiccups.

9. Massage

Having your back massaged also helps to stop sobbing, so if you’re close to someone you know, ask them to massage your back.

By having your back massaged, you relax and distract your mind, making hiccups no longer the main focus of attention.

10. Blow your nose

Blowing your nose requires you to expel a large amount of air from your lungs, forcing your diaphragm to return to its normal pace.

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If it doesn’t work out on the first try, try another technique.

11. Pull out your tongue

Make faces and pull your tongue out of your mouth, that way you can stimulate the vagus nerve and stop the hiccups from harassing you.

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Curling and pulling the tongue also helps to stimulate the vagus nerve, so don’t be afraid and take care of your faces.

12. Suck a slice of lemon

The idea of ​​this technique is similar to that of sugar, that is, you intend to overload the nerve ends of your mouth.

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As the lemon is quite sour you will end up getting the expected result and will quickly get rid of hiccups.


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