12 games that let you choose between doing good or evil

Would you rather be heroes or villains? There are not few games that give you freedom to choose.

In real life, normal people are very clear that doing good is taking the right path. Maybe in video games too, although in them we take the freedom to experiment without fear of the consequences . There are sagas that have their own morality system, as we can find in Mass Effect or Fable , among others.

There are also those who bet everything that our actions directly affect the development and resolution of the story that he tells us, as it happens in Prey . Being able to choose between doing good and evil is yet another example of the insistence of the developers when it comes to making the real protagonist none other than the player himself. We propose 10 video games in which you decide whether to be good or bad .


Fallout: New VegasAlthough we can be good or bad in any of its installments, if we have chosen Fallout: New Vegas it is not by chance. Obsidian Entertainment is a true specialist in putting ourselves in the position of having to decide the fate of the people around us. For better and for worse.

An RPG that transports you to a world in which the bad guys have already won, how will you act? Will you be a hero or will you join the host of evil? The great thing about Tyranny is that it is a game of many grays that faces you with very difficult decisions with devastating consequences.

inFAMOUS: Second Son
The sandbox of Sucker Punch, creators of the recent Ghost of Tsushima, allows us to be good or bad and that affects how those around us perceive us. Although the most interesting thing is that our attitude determines the type of skills we can learn during the adventure.

The Elder Scrolls SagaIt doesn’t matter if you bet on enjoying Morrowind, Oblivion or Skyrim; In any of the great adventures of the saga you can behave well and help people, or steal them secretly and end their life in the most vile way you can think of. Because the end justifies the means and in the end it doesn’t matter if you are heroes or villains.

Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. DeathAlmost twenty years have passed since Rebellion surprised us with his interesting action title Judge Dredd. A title that offered freedom of action and combat against gangsters, zombies and other creatures. It is in our power to follow the code and stop the evildoers … or blow their heads off.

The Witcher 3: Wild HuntCD Projekt RED has been one of the most successful studios of the generation thanks to the third installment of the Geralt de Rivia saga. The sorcerer has many ways of coping with every situation, either in a gentle way or by becoming a soulless being.

Prey (2017)The great immersive sim from Arkane Studios offers us an exciting science fiction story. It is in our power to decide the future of life as we know it. Decisions are at the end and require us to carefully deliberate the path we wish to take.

Fable sagaPeter Molyneux made it clear when he conceived one of his most acclaimed works: creating a world moldable by the actions of the player, something he already did in Black & White. We can make friends and form relationships, but also do evil. There are achievements for kicking chickens or sacrificing innocent people! Are you heroes or villains?

Mass Effect SagaWe could have chosen any work from BioWare: Dragon Age, KOTOR, Baldur’s Gate … But we have stayed with Mass Effect because of how epic its stories are once the time comes to make decisions. Some left their mark on us, and not all of them led us on the path to being good people.

UndertaleUndertale is one of those titles that break the fourth wall and leave no one indifferent. It has become one of the most popular games of the generation, and it has done so thanks to its reflection on good and evil. Kill and end the matter quickly or bet on dialogue and mercy?

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