12 Factors Choosing Office Equipment and Machines

To maximize performance, both government and private offices often rely on office equipment and machines. With these various office equipment and machines, work activities and productivity can be further increased. Thus, the results obtained will also be more optimal.

Humans are always required to be able to keep abreast of increasingly rapid technological developments. In every activity, humans need to act more quickly and efficiently in all fields.

For that, humans need the right equipment. In an effort to choose equipment and office machines this also requires the right knowledge and capabilities. We need to know the important things in choosing office facilities.

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Select Office Equipment and Machinery

In choosing equipment and office machines, there are several things to consider. Things to consider in choosing office machines according to Drs Moekijat as written in his book titled Office Management , namely:

  • The machine to be used must be absolutely necessary
  • This type of machine should be a practical machine
  • The machine can reduce the cost of implementing work
  • The machine can speed up the completion of a job
  • The quality of the machine must be really good
  • The machine can help reduce work difficulties
  • The machine can be used for various jobs
  • Machine maintenance can be done in an easy way
  • Training to use the machine can be done easily
  • The machine can be adjusted according to employee quality
  • Consider whether there is office space for the machine

Factors for choosing equipment and office machines

In preparing office equipment and machinery, office planning work will be carried out. In this office planning work, there are 12 factors that need to be carefully considered.

Factors to consider in choosing office equipment and machinery are:

  1. Work and How to Complete It

The purpose of the work and how to complete it must be clearly summarized. It also needs to be examined carefully so that it can guarantee the importance of that goal. Details that do not need to be deleted. So, we need to know the best ways to get a job done and the most effective alternative ways.

  1. Needs of Individual Employees

The needs of individual employees in certain offices are also important to consider. This individual needs approach is important especially in relation to the use of office machines.

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  1. Total Savings and Total Time Savings

Comparison of speed in completing work is important to consider. But, what is more important is the savings in overall time, both in amount and value. This amount usually depends on the volume of work, and this savings cannot be obtained if the unit does not carry out a good part of time.

That is, achieving this large volume can be superior depending on the possibility to combine work, as well as the flexibility of unity in carrying out various types of work. To be profitable, time-saving is used for other productive office work.

  1. Flexibility of Use

The use of equipment and office machines can achieve savings because it is influenced by the vast unity of machines that can be used for various types of work in the office.

That is, we need to consider the unity of office equipment so that the equipment can be used effectively for many types of work in the office.

  1. Price and Investment

Price is always a very important management consideration. This price or value consideration must be considered in conjunction with the services provided and possible.

That is, these considerations must be considered based on what is received and on savings that are expected to reduce the principal.

  1. Ability of Unity

The ability of this unit means that when a unit is able to carry out work efficiently.

  1. Value of Beauty

The beauty factor is also important in choosing equipment and office machines. Because, the face or appearance of the office is also important. the value of beauty is very subjective and is influenced by one’s pleasure, and not by data that can be calculated mathematically.

Although based on subjective assessment, but the benefits derived from the value of beauty is quite positive. An attractive office is very likely to benefit the office morale and the performance of its employees.

This machine equipment not only needs to be seen as a physical device, but also must be seen as a tool to boost the religion. The right equipment and machinery can put employees feeling in the right place to work efficiently.

  1. Employee Preferences

This employee preference is a consideration from the standpoint of employee desires and comfort. This is important to consider because it can determine the appropriate equipment to use.

  1. Influence on Employee Conditions

Occasionally, the use of office equipment and machinery affects employee conditions. In a sense, the requirements regarding the number of employees, the level of proficiency of employees and other employment-related problems can be influenced by the choice of existing office equipment and machinery.

  1. Ramalam Regarding Workload

Forecast or planning that needs to be considered is about the needs of the future and the adequacy of unity to be able to meet the needs of the future.

For example, the need for the next 10 years must also be estimated. Unfortunately, predictions or planning like this are often very difficult to do.

  1. Quality of Administrative Work

The use of office equipment and machinery must also be able to influence the accuracy and form of work in the office. That is, if a machine is used to replace handwork, then this machine should be able to produce greater accuracy.

This is due to the nature of the machine which tends to make fewer mistakes than humans. Various paper formats, letters, forms and so on, also usually can be better and neater when made using a machine, rather than just handwritten.

  1. The Need for Copies and Statistical Data

A machine is very possible to provide more copies. An important consideration in this regard is the availability of copies of data that are really needed and whether the copies can meet the objectives that encourage improvement in management activities.

However, if these conditions are not met, then additional copies will in fact result in management practices becoming increasingly inefficient.

Factors to Look For in Buying Office Furniture

A good office furniture must be able to have a positive influence on employee performance, such as being able to save employee movement, assist employee supervision, and be able to increase the health and efficiency of its employees. For that, when you want to buy office furniture, there are factors that must be considered. Factors that must be considered in buying office furniture are:

  • Must be able to save floor space
  • The height of the table against the chair must be commensurate
  • Not so heavy, so easy to move
  • There must be enough space under the table to be cleaned. This is related to health problems.
  • The durability of metal furniture is usually higher than that of wooden furniture
  • The risk of fire from wood furniture is relatively greater than that made of metal.
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