12 Effects of Communication Climate on Job Satisfaction

According to Mulyana, communication expert, the communication climate is a combination of perceptions regarding communication events, human behavior, expectations, interpersonal conflicts and employee responses to other employees. Communication that occurs in the work environment has an influence on job satisfaction of each employee in it.

Employee job satisfaction itself also affects many things in the company, even the short length of the establishment of a company also depends on this. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the business communication climate. The following are 12 effects of the communication climate on job satisfaction:

  1. Improve employee performance

Good communication in the work environment will greatly affect employee performance. Employees who feel comfortable with communication in the work environment, both communication with fellow employees and communication with superiors will improve the performance of these employees.

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  1. Increase employee incentives

Good communication, especially from superiors to subordinates and vice versa, will increase opportunities for additional employee incentives. Good communication will certainly lead to comfort and trust by superiors so it is possible to add incentives to employees that he likes.

  1. Betah works longer

One important point that makes an employee feel at home working longer is good business communication. Communication in the work environment will make employees will not feel bored and feel always paid attention to work so it is more comfortable to work for a long time.

Even though the employee often gets overtime, he will be happy to go overtime without feeling any burden.

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  1. Increase employee loyalty

A good communication climate in a company will also greatly affect employee loyalty. The good communication and treatment he gets will certainly make him more loyal and loyal to the company. Even though he gets a far more lucrative offer from other companies, but if loyalty is already owned, then he will still work in the company he loves.

  1. The company’s image becomes good

When an employee feels comfortable in a company. Then automatically he will tell the comfort he feels while working to others. This gives rise to a positive image or view of the community towards companies that have succeeded in providing job satisfaction for their employees.

Companies that have a good image will find it easier to enter the market and introduce their new products so that this will also increase sales, both in the short and long term.

  1. Improving product quality

Employees who feel highly valued and satisfied at work will certainly give their best effort to the company. This hard effort will lead to increased quality in the products made. With an increase in product quality, the increase in sales also rose.

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  1. Employees become lazy

The influence of the communication climate on poor job satisfaction can also affect employee performance. Employees who feel that they are getting bad treatment or uncomfortable working conditions will become lazy to work.

If the communication climate he feels worsens, the employee will prefer to avoid the causes of the anxiety he feels.

  1. The resulting product is not quality

Another impact of a poor communication climate is a decrease in the quality of products or services produced. Employees who feel uncomfortable at work will certainly also affect the way he works so that the resulting product is no longer considered quality.

Even if an employee is already very uncomfortable, it is possible to accidentally sabotage or damage a product. Therefore, it is very important to always pay attention to the mental and physical condition of employees as part of good communication.

  1. Bad views by the community

Employees who are dissatisfied with the company’s attitudes and behavior towards themselves certainly will not remain silent. He can do several things that can damage the good image that has been built by the company.

Employees who feel disappointed will usually share their complaints with others so that the public will look down on the company. While the fatal part is when the employee chooses the legal route to face the company.

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  1. Employees become disloyal

Poor communication climate will reduce the level of employee loyalty to the company. When he feels uncomfortable working in a company, it is likely that he will look for another company that he feels is much better compared to the company where he works now.

  1. Elimination of incentives or bonuses

Employees who do not maintain good relations or communication with their superiors will get a reduction or even the elimination of incentives or bonuses. Even though he has a good performance in the company, but if a leader feels that he has a bad relationship with employees, then it is still possible.

Those are 12 effects of the communication climate on job satisfaction in companies that are felt by employees. Employee job satisfaction is very influencing its performance in the company. Therefore, it is better to maintain a communication climate, both between employees and between superiors and subordinates.

Job satisfaction will increase along with the improved communication climate. Increased job satisfaction is also directly proportional to the improvement in product or service quality. Thus this short article. Hopefully this article is useful and adds to your insight.


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