12 Effects of Advertising Exposure on Brand Awareness

Advertising is not something that is foreign to us, in fact almost every product that makes advertising as an effective means of communication in the sale of its products. Advertising as a modern communication medium provides many benefits for product sales.

But not infrequently there are also some negative effects of advertisements that are displayed. Every advertisement has many positive and negative impacts on brand awareness. To better understand it, here are some of the effects of advertising exposure on brand awareness:

  1. It is easier to recognize the product name

Ads that appear, whether on television, radio, print media, or the internet will make it easier for consumers to recognize the name of the product being advertised. Product names that often appear in advertisements will make consumers more familiar with the product name when finding the product outside.

Even when someone is very close to the product name, then every time he goes anywhere, he will actually mention the name of the product more often, even though the product he is buying may be a product from another brand. For example, the custom of Indonesian people who order instant noodles is called Indomie, even though the brand of edible noodles is Sedaap noodles.

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  1. Recognize the product logo 

The effect of advertising on other brand awareness is that consumers will be better able to recognize product logos wherever they are. The intensity of seeing product logos in advertisements that look attractive will help consumers distinguish product logos from other logos.

For example, when someone sees a product with an apple logo that is bitten, then he will be able to immediately recognize that the product is Apple’s output. The ease in recognizing the logo of this product is a very important point.

By displaying logos as often as possible in advertisements, the brand awareness owned by consumers will also be increased so that consumers are no longer familiar with the products offered. Consumers will also be wiser and smarter to recognize products with other similar products.

  1. Get recognized quickly

The effect of advertising on other brand awareness is to make it easier for products to be recognized quickly and widely by the public. Advertising is able to spread information quickly and broadly so that it is suitable for introducing new products to the wider community.

The use of advertising on new products is very important. The level of effectiveness of an advertisement on consumers’ ability to recognize products is also much higher compared to other media.

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  1. Make the product more popular

The effect of advertising on the popularity of this new product also depends very much on the content of the ad content. To introduce new products that have never been recognized by the public is to use attractive advertisements. Ads that are peppered with humor or moral messages can divert the attention of consumers to longer see the ad and recognize the products offered.

Therefore, the effect of advertising on the popularity of a product is also very dependent on the content of the advertisement itself. Creating a very attractive ad and character in accordance with the product becomes a challenge.

  1. Increase awareness of the product

Advertising content will also make consumers more concerned about the product. For example, if the advertisement displayed is an ad with a moral message, then consumers will be more interested and concerned to know which products have such good character. Consumers will more easily recognize the product because it assumes that the product provides social care through advertisements that are served.

  1. More familiar with product slogans

Some advertisements show distinctive product slogans that make consumers easier and closer to recognize the offered product slogans. For example, on Tango wafer products where there is the slogan ‘How many layers? Hundreds’ are very phenomenal.

This distinctive and easily memorized product slogan becomes more value for the product because consumers will more easily recognize the product anywhere. The slogan spoken when the ad will also make consumers who listen feel closer to the product.

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  1. Get a good view 

A product launched on the market should have a good character in front of consumers so that the product is more easily accepted and sold in the market. A good image of a product is also obtained from advertisements given to the public.

When an advertisement gives a good message in it, it will cause a good image of the product being advertised. Therefore, it is very important to prepare and choose the right ads to build a good image for the product.

  1. It’s hard to be separated from the image of a brand ambassador

In creating a product ad, of course, brand ambassadors are an important component that must be considered before an ad is made. The choice of brand ambassadors greatly affects the product image in the future. Therefore, brand ambassadors who will deliver product advertisements must be well selected first.

The character and achievement of a brand ambassador is very influential in the image of the product delivered. When a product is advertised with a brand ambassador, the character of the brand ambassador will continue to stick to the product even though the product no longer uses the services of the brand ambassador.

For example, when Wardah products choose Dewi Sandra as their brand ambassador, automatically the energetic, authoritative, and intellectual character of Dewi Sandra will continue to be inherent in every Wardah product.

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  1. Increase sales

Advertising is indeed used to increase sales. By using the right ad, consumers will find it easier to recognize the product they want. Consumers will also be more consumptive when the advertisements that are aired have a significant impact in influencing consumers.

  1. Lower sales

Not only increase sales, an advertisement can also reduce sales if the advertisements are not appropriate or even contain SARA and pornography. Ads that make consumers uncomfortable or feel the moral message delivered is not good will cause consumers to avoid the product can even boycott the product.

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  1. Product blocking

Not just reducing sales, but also can cause products to disappear from the market. This is due to the blocking of products from certain parties, both the government and consumers due to inappropriate advertisement shows or even violates the rules in a country.

  1. Appreciation of products

Ad impressions not only affect sales increases, but also the public’s evaluation of the product being advertised. An ad that contains a good moral message will usually get its own appreciation from the public. Even now there have been many special awards for the best products from several parties.

Those are 12 effects of advertising exposure on a product’s brand awareness. Awareness of brand awareness to consumers is indeed difficult and easy. But everything returned to how hard the producers’ efforts to introduce products to consumers.


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