12 Dos And Don’ts In Long Distance Relationships

Living a Love at a Distance implies having more responsibility and effort to provide than in a mundane relationship.

Here the emotions are increased tenfold by the absence, and the notion of reciprocity in the couple is more present than ever.

So here are 12 Dos and Don’ts to have a healthy long distance relationship that moves forward .


6 things to do in a long distance relationship

1. Communicate often

Talking to your significant other on a regular basis is the best way to minimize the lack of absence. Try to speak as often as possible and share what is going on in your life.

For this we will turn to traditional texting and calls, the essential Skype as well as the best applications for long-distance relationships .

Each means of communication has its advantages and disadvantages for you to see what corresponds to your relationship.

Your partner will feel all the more important and involved .

2. Plan your reunion

There is nothing more important to do while you are apart!

Living a healthy relationship at a distance without a reunion is simply inconceivable.

So decide CONCRETELY who is going to join the other, where and when, and then start preparing .

Being able to visualize your reunion and therefore a future together (even if it is only for a few days), will then help you to gain serenity and optimism, and will strengthen the bonds forged.

3. Believe in yourself and your relationship

Keep in mind that trust is a pillar of any relationship, and even more so in a long-distance relationship.

Indeed, you will have many opportunities to worry, show jealousy or suspicion.

Give your partner a reason to believe in you, and believe in him / her in return and your relationship will go the right way.

4. Do things together

In the internet age, no more excuses not to spend time with your loved one!

The bunch of activities are possible despite the distance.

Watch videos, a series or a movie, draw, listen to music, play, read, talk, surf, eat, learn together.

The only limit is that of your imagination . So you don’t have to wait for your reunion to share memorable adventures together.

5. Be considerate

Sweet words, cards, letters and other surprises will keep the flame of the beginning of the relationship intact despite the distance.

We can think of surprise visits or small gifts to regularly please your boyfriend or girlfriend and preserve romance.

6. Capture and share your daily life

During your long-distance relationship, do not hesitate to capture the important moments of your daily life that you will exchange with your partner in the form of photos, videos or audio recordings.

This will be a great way to indirectly inform your partner about what is going on in your life, despite the distance between you.

6 things not to do in a long distance relationship

1. Don’t take your relationship lightly

The absence of your partner does not give you the right to act as you see fit to decide the future of the relationship on your own.

You must remember that your partner has as much right as you to participate in the decision-making in the couple, and this, for the well-being of this one.

In the end, a long distance relationship is a relationship like any other .

Just because it’s a long-distance relationship doesn’t mean you’re on vacation and can afford anything , especially with other people of the opposite sex.

A long-distance relationship remains a promise and a commitment.

2. Don’t be paranoid

There is no room for jealousy in a long distance relationship .

As we have seen above, confidence is essential to make your relationship grow in the long term.

So although it is tempting to scrutinize the slightest movement of the chosen one of your heart on his social networks and the accounts of his friends (s), try to stay away from them as much as possible.

It will only make you more jealous to imagine the part these people occupy in your partner’s life.

And jealousy can be a dangerous thing …

So don’t panic if he / she can’t talk to you tonight or doesn’t respond to your messages instantly!

3. Don’t be impatient

Sometimes you have to wait a long time, even a very long time to see your partner again.

Unfortunately, sacrifices of this type are required by the very fact that it is a long distance relationship, hence the need to adjust to it and deal with it.

So take it upon yourself, be patient, and keep in mind that it’s worth the wait .

4. Don’t wait without doing anything

Most of the long-distance relationship failures I have observed arise from the fact that the two members of the couple wait for time to pass without making any special effort to take it to the next level.

My theory is that these couples basically feel that their relationship isn’t going to last on one side, but they don’t want to end it on the other .

A word of advice: if from the start you feel that this is not going to work out then do not enter into a long-distance relationship, because you will both suffer from this lack of motivation and reciprocal commitment.

In a long distance relationship, each partner must be fully involved in a proactive manner in improving the quality of their relationship .

5. Don’t have unrealistic expectations

By the very nature of the long-distance relationship, you are bound to idealize your partner.

It’s normal. This is the case for everyone.

However, it is important to realize this so as not to have unrealistic expectations and desires now or during the reunion , which would lead you to be disappointed with your partner.

The less you expect, the more you will receive.

6. Don’t be a slave to your relationship

While it’s important to try to communicate as often as you can, don’t put your relationship ahead of yourself .

Maintaining your own independence is a key to a successful long-distance relationship.

It makes your conversations richer, your life more engaging, and allows you to rely on something other than your relationship.


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