11 ways to work happily

Refreshing, energetic and clear will help clear the brain. Be alert to think and work both easy and difficult, bright, fearless, and always keen to view work and problems.

  • Improve personality. To suit the position and job description

A person with a good personality is like having a spell of trust, trust, respect, and appreciation.

  • Always exchange conversations with people involved in the job.

Don’t go solo Work that must be done as a group must go together as a group If groups can join forces, work is easy, results are good, and coexistence is happy. Always talking It is to melt the ice barriers that can form and prevent a relationship that should be good at all times.

  • Learn how to work more efficiently.

Work is a constant challenge. There will always be new and old variables or problems that we must always solve. Don’t just use your habit. But be alert to learn new strategies To be used to overcome problems Work will always be accomplished as you wish. And you yourself will be able to develop and progress as well

  • Put enthusiasm and energy into the event.

Work is to clean up, work is to fix, all three of these require the power of the body and the mind to conquer. That enthusiasm is like engine oil. It keeps the engine running good, powerful and smooth, so be very active. And has strength in

  • Always record a warning to protect yourself.

People’s memory is limited. It can forget many things. Saving it not only helps to forget But will become a weighty proof in the future

  • Always seek additional knowledge.

Don’t stop learning The one who stops learning is the dead. Because the world changes every day There is a wide variety of knowledge that we have not yet reached. That is a treasure that should be discovered.

  • If you want to relieve stress. Try to find Dhamma books to read.

Good dharma books Help dust off the heart, help the mind lighten, eliminate sadness. And add peace Which is a great power for all of us

  • Do not be serious about work and life until serious.


Life and work are for us to manage them perfectly. Not meant to bear Do the best you can Nothing better than that Because you care to do it in the ‘best way’, there is nothing left to be angry or to blame yourself.

  • Divide the work into sections. Then the priority of the work

So as not to waste time on tasks that are not important And very little time left for a very important job Separate it from each other And select manage according to their priority

  • Set time to relax, work and meditation time to keep balance clear.

All of them will help strengthen you. To go out to fight with many missions that await the next day Do all this the best You will find that you have tremendous energy, energy, and happiness. Will not be afraid to work even very hard Because you can both rest and pay yourself in these three ways.

by Abdullah Sam
I’m a teacher, researcher and writer. I write about study subjects to improve the learning of college and university students. I write top Quality study notes Mostly, Tech, Games, Education, And Solutions/Tips and Tricks. I am a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue.

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