Affection is another form of affection. Affection can be interpreted as compassion or love like love. In this article, we will discuss the affection or affection given from leaders to their employees. Compassion here can be in the form of caring, caring, empathy, sympathy and motivating every employee in the team .


First of all, to be able to make employees feel loved and cared for by their leaders, we need to control the perceptions held by each employee. What is perception? Perception is a direct response or acceptance of something. When employees already have a good perception of their superiors or leaders, then this indicates that the employees feel comfortable and feel loved by their leaders.


Are There Special Ways for Leaders to Show Affection to Their Employees? 

Yep! Of course there is. In this article we will discuss 11 ways that leaders can apply to show their affection for employees, especially through the perceptions that employees have of the actions taken by their leaders. According to the Forbes website, there are 11 ways we can do from now on.


1. Unite with Employees and Not Be Snooty.

The first way we can do is unite or join our employees or subordinates. Make it seem like there are no boundaries between us and them, despite the fact that there is. Often the cases that occur in many companies are the leaders really feel that they are people who are so exclusive. For example, having a separate car park, asking employees to bring their belongings, or other examples that make employees increasingly limited themselves with their own leaders.

When a leader is arrogant towards his employees, this condition will only make the workers that they are a “floor” that will never be swept or mopped, but the floor will only be cleaned when the floor owner needs it. So the first way to love employees is to try to be one with them and not be arrogant. That way, employees will feel that we are not alienating them.


2. Care about their personal lives.

Some leaders feel this is ridiculous. Employees are workers in their company, so personal matters are not important things to consider. Unfortunately, this is a wrong perception. In fact, employees feel highly respected when their leaders care about their personal lives.


Caring about your personal life does not mean “being kepo” or willing to interfere in their affairs, but rather “If you have a problem. As a leader, I am there to always motivate you “. Try asking mild but pleasant things, “Andi, how old is your child? How smart is he now, can he walk yet? ” or “Rani, how is your husband’s condition now? Has his condition improved? ” Just ask something simple but not interfere in their personal affairs, it will be very happy.


3. Helping with Work and Personal Problems.

When the second point has been done, and it turns out our employees are having personal problems, this is where our role as leaders is needed. Helping personal problems that employees have is not just about money. We can still help them without having to spend more money besides the salary we give to employees. Then, in what ways can we help them? Power or our strength as their boss can help you! While we are helping positive things, why not?


For example, a few days ago my employee felt very confused. He was looking for a shop to build a small business . There is one shop that he wants, but the shop owner won’t if my employee pays the rent at the end of the month. I try to meet the shop owner with my employees, and have a light discussion with them. Until finally, the shop owner agreed if my employee rents his shop as fast as possible.


4. Support Other Talents Owned by Employees.

If the fellow reader has a very reliable IT employee in the office or a marketing employee who is very good at selling products. This doesn’t mean they don’t have any other skills! If the fellow reader finally knows the skill or other skills that the employee has, try to become their # 1 supporter. For example, say your IT employee is a basketball athlete. Next week, he has a basketball competition which is very important to him. Don’t just say “Good luck!” but try to take a minute and watch the game. We are sure that your employees will feel very loved.


5. Not Be False and Be Transparent with Them.

If there are things that employees want to know about and that is something positive. Why do we have to be fake by telling lies? Be honest with everything we feel and know, while all of that is good.


In fact, there is no truth that always tastes sweet. The truth will taste bitter, but it is good for one’s life. For example, if our employees ask for feedback, don’t just say good things to keep our good impression in front of them.


However, say what is really in them. How was their performance? what is their leadership ability? and so forth. Maybe we should talk a little bitter about a few things. But positively, they know which parts they need to improve and improve. This is all for their good in the future.


6. Take Our Time for Employees.

Time is very valuable. It’s like an expensive gift given from someone to us. In fact, time is far more valuable than money. Money can be sought back, but time can never be turned back. The relentless busy we face in the office often makes our relationship with employees more tenuous. We can not greet them or just listen to their complaints about work in the office. Remember, that employees play a very important role for the success of our company and business, treat them as well as possible. By spending our time with employees, they will feel that “our leader is with us”.


7. Do Things That Differentiate Us from Other Leaders.

There are many things we can do to show our love and care for our employees. No need to do big, complicated and expensive things. The simple way is enough to make them happy. For example, on certain days fellow readers try to take them to lunch outside together. Trying to have lunch with employees in the cafeteria will make your relationship with them even tighter.


8. Caring for the Little Things.

Learn to get used to caring about small things that really matter. Small things do not mean ordinary things, but it could be a very pleasant and happy thing for employees. For example, when a fellow reader sees the face of an employee who looks pale and uninspired, try to approach him and ask about his situation. If our employee explains that he feels dizzy and is not feeling well, suggest that he go to the doctor to check his complaints. It might be a small and simple thing, but it actually means a lot to our employees. These actions indicate that we care about the health of our employees.


9. Give Opportunities to Employees to Have New Experiences.

If your fellow readers see your employees have other interests and talents that are still relevant to the company’s needs. This is a good opportunity to show them that we strongly support their self-development. To show this concern, we can offer them new opportunities to have new experience in the divisions they want.


10. Expectations that the Company Give must be commensurate with the Employees’ Capabilities.

Long before employees trust and believe wholeheartedly about our company’s culture, vision and mission, make sure that we see them not only as “employees”, but that we choose them because they are people whose abilities and skills make us believe that they are will be a great person in the future.


By realizing the capabilities they have, they will be increasingly convinced that joining our company is the best choice they have, because we will always appreciate their abilities.


11. Safeguard Our Best Employees from Annoying Clients.

Often we assume that the client is the King and all matters relating to the client must always be SHOWN. Unfortunately, we also often forget that the best employees we have now are far more important than clients. If some cases show that our clients have treated our best employees badly, then don’t be afraid to lose clients. Be afraid to lose our best employees, because good and superior employees will bring more returns in the future.

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