11 Types of Counseling Therapy

In psychology, there is a therapy that is used to conduct counseling. but all of these things return to comfort and also the condition of the patient who is doing the therapy, although not all counseling patients need this therapy.

Actually the type of therapy itself consists of several types and of course it can be used according to the streams that exist in the therapy.

For example, in a school of psychoanalysis, namely resistance analysis, for assertive training which is a type of therapy in the flow of behavoir. while for one type of therapy based on behavioristic cognitive flow.

Psychotherapy itself, when interpreted clearly, is a treatment that has a collaborative base in a relationship between paisen and psychologists. where the existence of a psychologist provides a space to allow paisen to speak and openly with people objectively, and of course also has a neutral character.

However, psychotherapy itself is more focused on an individual, although in this case it is also not uncommon for a psychologist to work together with his family and group. Well, the following is an explanation of the types of counseling therapy that need to be known.

  1. Couples therapy

There are many types of therapy in psychology , including couples therapy, where this therapy is a therapy that has the aim of being able to provide assistance in a communication relationship and also to make room for changes in a fairly close relationship between husband and wife.

But actually this type of therapy is intended for those who are in a relationship, so counselors offer a very relevant form of training between couples.

  1. Behavior therapy

Behavior therapy does have a lot in common with other types of cognitive behavioral therapy .

In this section it can indeed be done by giving influence in learning, so that an individual may behave in his daily life which is very much influenced by the learning process throughout his life.

Many experts who have produced this type of terphy include Ivan Pavlov who also discovered something “classical conditioning” teraphy, but in this behavior humans often act directly in forming a relationship, in which there is a reaction and action.

  1. Psychoanalytic therapy (Psychoanalitic Therapy)

In psychoanalytic therapy it is carried out based on Freud’s psychosocial theory or it can be with classical psychoanalytic theory therapy , in which it is also stated that there is reasoning which is influenced by thoughts and behavior, where in this case there is a tendency that is obtained to see an experience from the side of the time. small so that usually it can greatly affect someone’s life, and of course it has the potential to raise a problem that can be faced.

And for this one therapy it usually takes place briefly and also quickly, but it depends on each person undergoing it.

  1. Humanistic therapy (Humanistic therapy)

Humanistic therapy as it is known has the goal of being able to help a person to better recognize himself. The person also needs to be able to identify himself, to know more deeply about the humanistic learning theory and also the humanistic approach in social psychology , indeed requires prerequisites that need to be done so that later a fairly good relationship can be established.

  1. Dynamic interpersonal therapy (Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy)

For this type of interpersonal dynamins, however, it is more specific to someone who has a relationship between individuals and also in their environment, it is also believed to be able to provide improvements to problems that occur and the emergence of psychological symptoms that make a person unable to have good social relationships, for that to do this therapy is very important to do

  1. Gestalt therapy

In this therapy, there is a form of psychotherapy that has long been developed by an expert called gestat, where in this therapy there is an international principle that is carried out as a whole (body, mind and spirit) in this case it is also a form of therapy that is the best for someone to understand. who is experiencing a technical condition.

Among the principles or keys that underlie this treapi include a relationship, a social responsibility, an experiment and a very creative discovery.

Emphasis in experience, the existence of respect as well as being done and centered on an individual.

  1. Dancing therapy

Therapy with a speech approach is often carried out by psychotherapists, but unfortunately in this case there is usually a speech approach that is very difficult to express, as well as a verbal feeling that is very comfortable to get.

In this concept, a relationship that is quite good is also carried out in accordance with a verbal element in a dance movement therapy.

Because this principle provides that a movement can be carried out by reflecting on a person’s mindset and also in accordance with the feelings that are in him.

  1. Resistance analysis

Resistance is indeed one of the types of therapy in which there is something that can be against the continuity of a but also in this case an attempt is made to prevent the client from bringing up material that cannot be realized.

In this case also the patient can choose whether he has the availability to be able to connect the thoughts and feelings that are in him, and usually according to these experiences that he can do and also express.

  1. Coginitive therapy

In this therapy, it can usually be seen from the mindset of a person or patient that actually in this therapy also has a goal that can change a person’s mindset to be much more rational, and can maintain and help him to find out things that don’t make sense, for that. The psychotherapists must also find ways to always think positively on patients who are currently doing the therapy.

  1. Transference theraphy analysis

In normal circumstances we ourselves have an emotional side that is difficult to control, and usually the transfer of emotions is carried out on other objects or it can also be to someone who specifically transfers their emotional feelings to a therapist.

  1. Music therapy

Music therapy is also often done to move people who give enthusiasm and strength to do it emotionally, the music that is done also generally has many differences and it also provides one way to connect with another therapy.


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