Does anyone know how many human populations are on this earth? Hmm, there must be a lot! Amazingly, God created all humans with different personalities, and of course we all have our own uniqueness. This article will discuss 11 surprising facts about human personality, yep! our personalities.


Apparently, the way we hang toilet paper, how we choose work, and how we use social media, all can determine our personality! The following are 11 facts of human personality according to entrepreneur websites that are very surprising. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Wealth will be more easily obtained, if our personalities match the chosen job.

Finding the right job is difficult and easy. Not all work can make us comfortable. Not that our bosses or coworkers are annoying, but rather the job description. If our personalities match the work we choose, then we will feel very comfortable and enjoy every effort we give to the job.


The more compatible our personality is with the chosen job, the stronger the chemistry we give to the job. The surprising fact is that the more compatible a person’s personality is with the work they have, the higher the income they get.


Just imagine, every day we will work for everything we like, or we can call it passion. That way, even heavy work will feel very light and fun.


2. Our Personalities Are Influenced by What We Learned Before.

The second surprising fact is that our personality can be determined by the sciences and information we have learned before, especially at the last level of education. For example, research finds that students from the Faculty of Psychology are more open to people around them and students from the Faculty of Arts tend to be more quiet and less emotionally stable.


3. Our Personalities Are Influenced by the Weather Where We Are Born and Grow.

Maybe this belongs to a fact that is quite surprising to many people, or makes others wonder. Is it true that the weather we were born in can affect our personality? A study published by Nature shows that people who grow up in warm weather, are usually more pleasant, open, broad-minded and not too neurotic. Meanwhile, those who grow up and grow up in areas where the weather tends to be hot, they are usually more easily provoked emotions.


4. Our Personality Can Affect Our Weight. 

A study conducted by the American Psychological Association found that our personality can influence our weight loss and increase. For example, individuals with very high “impulsive” levels are more likely to be obese (overweight than ideal). Why is that? First of all, we need to know what is meant by impulsive? This is a condition where a person gets the urge to take an action without thinking about the consequences first.


Therefore, people with high impulsivity like to take risks, be competitive, and be aggressive. So, they need more food intake. This is what makes them easier to be obese because they will find it difficult to stop eating.


5. Our Personalities Can Influence Political and Economic Views. 

This surprising fact was put forward through a study conducted by Psychological Science. The researchers found that people who from their childhood had an aggressive nature, like fighting, often stealing their friends’ belongings, they tended to believe the economic view to the left (liberal) and were not satisfied with the existing political system.


6. Some personalities can have a longer life span. 

This is also one unique fact. It turns out the results of research conducted by several researchers indicate that there are indeed some personalities from humans that cause them to live with a longer period or what we call a long life.


A group of researchers found four main traits that have a tendency for longevity, two special personalities for women, and both for men. For women, emotional compatibility and stability will lead women to a more comfortable and longer life. On the other hand, openness and good self-awareness will make men live longer.


7. Our Personalities Can Influence How To Use Social Media.

Who here likes to use social media? We are sure that almost all of us will access at least one social media every day. Well, it turns out our personality can also have an effect on the way we use social media . There is one study that found a significant difference between introverts and extroverts. For example, extroverts tend to like to expand their connections on social media. They really like to chat through the message column, comment on their friends’ photos on Instagram or Facebook, and video calls with their friends.


Meanwhile, those who are very introverted to the point of having anxiety and concern for themselves, they also often use social media. The difference is, they are not too involved with their friends on social media.


8. Our Personalities Can Determine the Coffee Choices We Drink. 

Maybe when your fellow readers read this eighth point will feel a little confused, what is the relationship between coffee and human personality? The data shown from a study says that people who like black coffee with a bitter taste tend to have anti-social (not sociable), narcissistic and psychopathic qualities, though maybe not everything is like that. Conversely, those who are very fond of drinking coffee with cream and sugar will tend to have an open, pleasant and friendly personality to others.


9. Our Personalities Can Also Influence Music Taste!

A three-year study was conducted comparing music preferences and personality traits taken by more than 36,000 correspondents. The result is as follows:

– Classical music fans tend to have a closed personality.

– Hip-hop music lovers are usually more extroverted.

– People who like indie rock music are usually creative individuals who are open to new experiences, but have a low work ethic.

– Punk rock music lovers have very strong personalities, are energetic and have a little empathy.

– Country music fans? Yep! they really like to work hard and have good empathy.

– What about people who like folk, jazz and blues music? They are usually more reflective, open-minded, very creative and enjoy new experiences.


10. The way we hang toilet paper is also influenced by our personality!

It turns out that this is not just a hoax, colleagues. Three years ago precisely in 2016, a doctor named Dr. Gilda Carle conducted research on the “Toilet Tissue Personality Test”, to which the study participants had to answer, would they rather hang toilet paper in a position below or above? Then, participants need to give a scale from 1 to 10 about how assertive they are. What about the results? this research shows that people who hang toilet paper in the top position tend to have a dominant personality. Conversely, those who hang it in a lower position tend to be more obedient to others.


11. The Selected Vacation Location Is Also Influenced by Our Personality. 

Again, the research conducted can distinguish holiday choices very significantly. The results show that extroverted individuals would prefer a vacation to the beach or places that are arousing.


Meanwhile, introverted individuals will prefer a calmer and more peaceful vacation location. For example, hiking and camping in the forest.

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