105 tips on how to drive a man crazy in foreplay

Learn how to drive a man crazy in foreplay with a few simple tips. If you’ve ever played treasure hunting, you know that, until you find the chest, you need to go through some challenges and explore the most diverse paths. And then I ask you: what is sex if not a search for gold? And in this hunt between four walls, there are several options for routes, and the good thing is that when you get to the crossroads, you won’t have to choose just one direction to follow, as they all can help you get there. Do not skimp on attempts and explore all paths. Want to know how to drive a man crazy in foreplay?

In today’s post, we will unveil the secrets of the preliminaries and how to make them a shortcut to the much-desired treasure discovery

The taboos surrounding foreplay

How many times have we heard complaints from friends about men who, at the time of H, just want to know how to dip the biscuit, but don’t make any effort to make us enjoy sex too? If you’ve never been there, believe me, you’re lucky. This male unconcern about the pleasure of women, for a long time, could be justified by social culture, in which the female existence in bed was restricted to the role of satisfying the other’s pleasures. But before we get into that, do you know what foreplay is? If not, before continuing reading, give a little cap on the post that I talk about the importance of foreplay .

With the passage of time and the female conquest for space within society, even as a sexually active figure, this scenario has been changing. I usually say that that man who is still stuck with past values ​​and sees women only as an object that does not feel, does not complain and does not enjoy should study a little more about Darwin’s theory of natural selection. She proposes that only individuals who adapt can survive and, let’s face it: among the powers of choice we have, making the queue walk is one of those that bring us the most benefits.

This behavior change, more than welcome, was confirmed by a study by the Sexuality Project at Hospital das Clínicas, in São Paulo, which revealed that 81% of sexually active women are happy with the preliminaries. The percentage is quite optimistic, not least because, like it or not, we live in a macho country. But we must not forget that, among women who are satisfied with caresses before sex, 19% still do not experience their potential.

Even so, those who think that it is the exclusive role of men to satisfy women are mistaken. Nobody does anything alone in bed, and if you want to have foreplay that takes your breath away, shivers and gets you there even before finally, I have prepared some tips to put into practice.

How to drive a man crazy in foreplay

# 1 Leave the modesty out of the room

From the bedroom, the living room, the car, the motel, you. This is the first tip to loosen up and enjoy each caress and footprint in a preliminary. Sex awakens in us natural instincts that cannot be prevented from surfacing due to unresolved issues. Want to know how to drive a man crazy in foreplay? Start by being a well-resolved and confident woman.

When our brain identifies the timing of foreplay, neurons begin to release endorphins, which causes that feeling of well-being, disposition. And I say more, if you like a stronger grip, this is the time to abuse it, since, due to the adrenaline rush during caresses, our body develops insensitivity to pain.

So, if you like wilder foreplay, be sure to have them out of insecurity with each other. In order for you to surrender at that moment and get there, it is also important that you are not influenced by dissatisfaction with your physique. Friend, go for me: even Gisele Bündchen would like to change something in her body. A little fat here or there won’t get in the way of anything during foreplay, unless you make them the center of attention.

# 2 Talk to your partner

In the lectures I usually ask women which women would like to have a crystal ball at home. And the result never surprises me: the vast majority do not hesitate to respond positively. When I question why, many say that the crest ball would make life easier, since with it, it would be possible to know what other people think and expect, without having to make efforts to try to find out, because the answer would be ready, in front of you.

This is the dilemma of the modern world: no one has a crystal ball, which makes communication a key to opening any door, including sex. If you don’t tell the other what you like and how you prefer the foreplay, how do you expect him to know the way for you to get there?

# 3 Explore your body when you’re alone

My third tip is a complement to the second. How to drive a man crazy in foreplay? If it is important to expose to men what you want in the preliminaries, it is essential that you know what you like. And for that, there is no other way: masturbation and caresses when you are alone are the main ways to explore your body, and, believe me, knowing exactly your pleasure points can transform your sex life and make you get there in the preliminaries.

# 4 Propose foreplay in unusual places

I usually say that, in the preliminaries, there are 3 factors that get you there: physics, chemistry and imagination. Both complement each other, since there is no lust if one does not enter the field, but among them, imagination is what opens the most possibilities. That’s because it has no limits and can, yes, get you there.

To explore this fantasy, a tip is to suggest or surprise your partner by taking the initiative to foreplay in unusual places. This, in addition to spice up your relationship, will heat up sex and play exactly with the question of imagination.

# 5 Forget the clock

If haste is the enemy of perfection, it would not be in the preliminaries that it would help you get there. Of course, the routine is busy and, on the same day, we have a thousand and one things to solve. So much so that, especially if you have a more lasting relationship, it ends up being common to leave sex for a second plan.

So, when you give yourself that time, leave everything for later and focus on the moment so that you can explore it to the fullest. What’s more, after you come, you will have all the time in the world to solve other things, and, most importantly, with a smile on your face.

# 6 Propose different positions in foreplay

We usually talk a lot about positions at the time of sex, but it is also possible to alternate them in the foreplay, and, go for me: changing the angle of the caresses can lead you to experience unique sensations and get there in the most unusual ways. An example is to innovate in the position of oral sex. Instead of the traditional one, how about if you’re on all fours? Take the test and I’m sure you will pass this tip on to your friends.

# 7 Toys are welcome

If you are one of those who think that, in sex, one is little, two is good and three is too much, how about making an exception for an inanimate being, but that animates – and a lot – the foreplay? I’m sure it answers how to drive a man crazy in foreplay.

Using toys for two before sex is a great way to spice up the relationship and explore foreplay to the fullest. Among the ones I recommend for these moments are the clitoral vibrator and the Thai balls, but remember: the idea is that you use the toys together.

# 8-Watch bed porn.

Watching pornography can be a great way to help bring the two of you together. It is exciting and stimulating, as long as you are both comfortable enjoying other people’s bodies in front of each other. The focus here is not just watching, but replicating the movements you see on the screen in your own bed. A good half hour to watch pornography is to have your hands moving over each other, delaying sex to excite you both in a big round of foreplay.

# 9- Dress for him.

Your partner may be used to seeing you naked around the house. But that doesn’t mean he can’t get turned on when you wear something sexy. As foreplay, dress up for him and wear sassy lingerie. The sexier your attitude is, the more he will want you to keep your lingerie on while he makes sassy caresses. Sometimes all you need is a new look to make the blood flow faster.

# 10- Massage

A massage is a perfectly sensual way to give him a happy ending at the end of the day. Bring your massage oils and scented candles, say sexy things while you caress him and move your body against him. In the end, all he’ll want to do is fuck you.

# 11-Speak dirty things

When you both lie down on the bed, say dirty things to your partner. You don’t even have to touch it to get excited. Just sit next to him and whisper about the first time he touched you or played with your breasts. Or remind him of the way you felt when you had sex for the first time. Speaking dirty things has a big impact on men. It creates a sexy world of imagination with unlimited possibilities even before it enters you.

# 12-Take a shower together.

If the two of you are not particularly in the mood for a chic night on the town, go to a bathtub and just relax in each other’s arms. You can bring the candles and wear a cotton shirt in the bathtub before revealing everything to him. Don’t focus on sex right away. Instead, they just play with each other’s bodies. It would be the perfect round of foreplay to revitalize you after a long day at work.

# 13- Public display of affection.

After dinner or a few hours of clubbing, enjoy some preliminary caresses while taking a walk in the car, either in the parking lot or in a lonely spot on the way home. Build sexual tension so that he wants to come home and do something dirty with you. The public display of affection is always a big attraction for a guy, whether by foreplay or anything else.

# 14- Photos

If you trust him, you can use the photos to excite him. Use a camera and take a nude photo of yourself when he is on his way home. Or when they are both in bed, give him a camera and ask him to take some pictures when he is naked and doing something dirty with him. But unless you are sure that photos will always be safe and out of prying eyes, delete them after the fun and games.

# 15- Staging fantasies

Role play is the perfect idea of ​​foreplay to keep your partner in the mood, without just focusing on sex. Dress up some sexy character and tease him. You can tie it up or just let it explore your body without undressing. Recreating your secret fantasies is one of the sexiest ideas of foreplay for any man.

# 16- Sexy secrets.

Dress sexy when you go out or even if you’re at home with some friends. But don’t wear a bra. Do something outrageous, even if no one else notices. And out of nowhere, approach him and whisper your little secret in your ear that you’re not wearing a bra inside your shirt / underwear under your skirt. It doesn’t matter if it’s not obvious to anyone else. What matters is that he knows your sexy secret. And he probably goes into foreplay as soon as he hears your secret.

# 17- Give him a show

Giving your partner a show of self-pleasure is a powerful preliminary technique, because it is a huge influence on him and you will be showing exactly how you like to be played! Men find it incredibly hot to see the woman let go. So, the next time you’re in bed with him, ask him if he would like you to do a little show for him. He won’t say no! Tell him that he can only play after you’re done, that you like to tease him and want to see him watching, but not playing. That kind of provocation will make him jump when you finally give him permission to get involved.

# 18 – Masturbation

Let your partner join you on your show! It can focus on your neck and breasts while you rub your clitoris. Or he can touch you while you rub your clitoris. Don’t forget to tell him how much fun you are having. Speaking in explicit detail will get you even more excited.

# 19- Kiss track

A super pleasurable foreplay technique is the smooth transition from kissing your man to giving him a blowjob. You can do this by first kissing it on the lips, then slowly lowering it from your mouth, kissing your neck, then moving lower down kissing your chest and stomach before reaching your groin. The whole time you are doing this, you will be kissing, licking, sucking and gently biting your skin.

# 20- Domination and submission

Switching between dominance and submission is an excellent preliminary. If your partner is always the one who initiates sex, try to become a little more dominant and be the one who starts sometimes. If you’re always the dominant one, then next time during foreplay, try to get on your knees to give you a submissive blowjob.

# 21- Lie fight

When you are both standing beside a sofa or even your bed, push it down and then mount it. Look him in the eye, smile slyly and then push him down again. When you do, move closer to your cheeks or neck and start kissing him. It will turn to butter!

# 22- Hot or cold

First you need to choose a part of your body that your partner needs to find (say, your clitoris). But don’t tell him which body part you chose! Then he needs to find you, kissing you slowly through your body, while you instruct him to say “Hot” or “Cold”, depending on how close he is to your chosen body part or erogenous zone.

# 23- Gender data

Sex dice are a classic game of foreplay. They come in a pair, one with actions printed on each side, the other with body parts printed on each side. You should buy a pair of purposely made sexual dice and take turns throwing them at each other. So, when you play them, your partner must follow the instructions they give.

# 24- Countdown

This preliminary game requires a countdown timer on your watch or phone. You will establish a countdown where neither you nor your man can touch each other’s genitals. This also excludes sex.

# 25- Use your hands

Using your hands to masturbate your partner is a proven and true foreplay technique that puts a smile on his face. And if you do it right, then it can look almost as good as sex to him.

# 26- A perfect blowjob

Another preliminary that drives men crazy is blowjob. You can continue to masturbate your partner with your hands while placing your mouth over his penis to suck him. Satisfaction guaranteed!

# 27- Positive reinforcement

When you’re in the middle of foreplay, use the power of communication and tell him how you like to be touched. For example, whisper that you ‘love to be touched here’ and then guide his hand wherever you want. Knowing he’s doing something right, he’ll want to do it for the only reason he knows you like it – simple, right?

# 28- Cards

Think of nine things you want him to do to you, and nine things he will want you to do to him and write on different colored sheets – pink for you, blue for him. Place them all face down on the bed, turn them one at a time and do as the card asks.

# 29- Hair strands

Run your fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp. This will help him to relax, to let go and he will be melted immediately. Remember that hair is a very sensual part of your man, so work on it to get him in the mood.

# 30- Caress your face

After you’re done playing with his braids, start stroking his face. A man’s face is as sensual as his hair. Just running your fingers over your face and jaw line can do wonders for your partner. This will make him want you more and you will certainly enjoy it during the final act.

# 31- Explore his neck

The Adam’s apple that stands out is the most sensual part of your man’s neck. Kiss, bite or lick and you are sure to incite the wild madness inside him and make him hungry for sex. The Adam’s apple is formed by the thyroid cartilage of the larynx which is responsible for metabolism and sexual desire. So now you know that pressure point.

# 32 -Bite your ears

It can’t get more exciting and exciting than that. The ears have several nerve endings that explain the sensuality in your man. Once you start using his sensual tricks there, he will certainly be weak with desire.

# 33- Playing with your palms

Okay, this is probably a part of the human body that you thought you could never focus on foreplay. You are wrong! Simply circling with your fingers on the edge of your palm and moving towards the center can help you relieve your tension and gradually make you crazy.

# 34- Navel

Your partner’s navel is an exciting place to explore your impulses. Start by making circles around the navel, then move towards the outer edge. But remember, the amount of pressure must remain consistent or the whole process can end with him laughing.

# 35 -Go down to your knees

The area just behind the knees is more sensual, but remains unexplored most of the time. So get on your knees and start kissing, licking or just tickling. This will make your spine shiver and make him fall into bed without wasting any more time.

# 36- Kiss your feet

The soles of your feet are another tried and tested region. However, precaution must be taken during the exercise of pressure or you will send him for one of his laughs, which is something that will not put you in the mood.

# 37- Strip Tease

Even if they don’t admit it, every guy fantasizes about a strip scene, after all, the sight of a woman with little clothes and moving in a provocative way, is capable of driving any guy crazy, especially if it is the woman he loves. The first step is to make sure that you have selected your sexiest lingerie from the drawer, make sure to wear something loose and easy to remove when the time is right. Once you’ve chosen your sexiest outfit, put on some sexy music with a strong base and let your striptease routine begin. Remember to close the curtains to make sure it’s only for your man’s eyes!

# 38- Tease and retreat

Provoking and tempting someone and playing tug of war with your pleasure is a great technique for foreplay. By giving them what they want and then stepping back, you increase the desire. So be a big provocation during the preliminaries.

# 39- Stimulate ALL your senses.

Touch is not the only meaning we have, right? So why do people believe that just touching to take things to the next level? You have to stimulate all of a person’s senses in order to put your nerves on edge. Light some scented candles, turn off the lights and play slow, sensual music. Then focus on making them feel good about the touch.

# 40- Suck your fingers

Having your fingers and toes sucked turns many people on, while others prefer to suck. During foreplay, take his hand, insert a finger into his mouth and suck it in and out suggestively while he watches. This is also a technique of sensual foreplay to perform in a public place. There are just the two of you and the promise of sex. Find your inner dominatrix and opt for a little foot worship. Get him to kiss all the way up your body until he reaches your toes. Order him to take each one in his mouth and suck gently for a few seconds. While he does this, ask him to caress and massage your feet and legs at the same time.

# 41- Light caresses

Tease your naked partner with a brush or feather, paying special attention to the genitals. Or buy a feather mask and take turns wearing it during oral sex. Feathers will dance and tickle in unexpected ways.

# 42- Kisses

Don’t underestimate the kiss when it comes to great foreplay. Kissing is a sensual and very intimate act. There are, of course, many different ways to kiss someone. It often depends on the circumstances and the type of sex you tend to have. Just pay attention to your partner and adapt your kissing session to match the mood and type of night you both plan to have.

# 43- Make Out Session

This may be something that you think is reserved for excited teens, and maybe you’re right, but it still works when it comes to making you two feel connected. They just lie down on top of each other, in clothes, and start to catch each other. This increases the tension and anticipation.

# 44- Lick

Licking is very hot, and the big news is that every part of your body is a part that you can lick! Kissing and licking your partner’s whole body will raise expectations and make them tingle in all the right places. Lick your sensitive areas and erogenous zones to drive you crazy.

# 45- Nibble

Nibbling is a huge stimulus for many men. Start by nibbling on the neck, ears, breasts and any other part of the body that will give you pleasure! This can be something that many love and some hate, so just ask him or just start and see how it goes!

# 46- Preliminaries hours before

Foreplay doesn’t have to start just before sex, it can start hours before. If you plan on making crazy love with your partner after dinner, start the lunch hour foreplay. Send him dirty photos and texts and he will be a sexual energy pack all day long. The moment he sets eyes on you, he will want to devour you.

# 47- 50 shades of gray

Just like in the movie 50 shades of gray, you can play around with some BDSM concepts. Of course, do not enter this world once and for all, in the sexy shops there are some kits for beginners that can be great in foreplay.

# 48-Nipples

Many men claim that their breasts and nipples have no sensitivity. Well, they either lie or haven’t explored exactly that area yet. Your breasts work like ours! Start working and playing. Try kissing, licking, pulling and even biting. He will love it!

# 49- A sexy dance

Turn on the sound very loudly, grab your partner and start dancing with him, making sensual movements. Dancing can be romantic and sexy, so use this to your advantage.

# 50 – Caress your feet

With high heels, run your foot up and down his calf, first on the outside of the leg, then on the inside. Then, take off your shoes and caress his legs with bare feet, your toes tickling your ankles.

# 51- Sexy dinner

This tip is for the brave. Go out to dinner in just a big coat and high heels, with only lingerie underneath. In the middle of the food, reveal to your partner how you are dressed. He will probably want to finish as soon as possible and go home.

# 52- Use your breath

Start kissing the neck or chest, but immediately breathe in the same place you just kissed … or licked. Temperature changes create this sensation that drives men crazy.

# 53. Ice cubes.

Here is a prop that requires no awkward travel to a sex shop. Just keep a glass of ice near the bed and put a cube in your mouth for oral sex or just kissing. You can also trace the ice around the nipples, on the neck and in the folds of the hips, following the water dripping with the tongue.

# 54. In front of a mirror.

It can be difficult to keep your eyes open when someone is petting you, but you may be missing out on a show. Stay close to a full length mirror and have it kneel under you (and vice versa). It will be incredibly hot to see yourself getting closer and closer to orgasm and it is easier to enjoy each other’s movements when you see them, instead of just feeling them.

# 55- .Food

Covering each other with food can be … sticky. Better in practice than in theory, but there are ways to use it sparingly. Try dipping a spoon in honey and letting it fall gently on a trail that you will follow with your tongue: a spot on the neck, nipples, hips, the inner thigh, above the knee and, of course, a heap on your head. penis. Edible items work a little better in foreplay when they are a sexual accessory and not the main event.

# 56- Challenge each other to a nipple orgasm.

You always hear about those people who can orgasm just by having their nipples touched properly. Why not try to be one of them? Choose a tender spot on each other – the neck, your perineum, your G spot – and then go to work sexy, taking the time and experimenting with new techniques to see if a big O is possible. Challenge accepted.

# 57. Grab it tightly

Guys want to feel like they are really wanted. Make sure you grab it tightly and rest your body on it. Wrap your hands around his waist and spend a few more seconds squeezing his body.

# 58. Play erotic music

Your best bet is to go to YouTube, find a playlist of erotic songs and just let it stream. Music can really help to set the mood. And don’t forget that dim lights accompany erotic music.

# 59. Strip poker

A classic game that never disappoints! It’s like traditional poker, but with a sexier feel. Whoever loses a match, needs to remove a piece of clothing. The game is over when both are naked.

# 60- Sold

Sell ​​your partner and do the meanest things you can imagine for your body for 10 minutes! The game prank? He who is blindfolded cannot make noise. The goal of those who are doing the sexy thing is to make the other partner moan or make a sound of pleasure. The one who wins becomes the lucky one, deciding the course of action for the night.

# 61 -Truth or consequence

First finish drinking a bottle of wine to be more cheerful; use the empty bottle to play this game and turn it into a sexy round of truth or consequence. If any of you choose the truth, you can ask about secret desires and fantasies. And if you ask for consequences, you can ask the other to do anything sexy.

# 62 -Make the mornings special

Morning sex is always great and adding a little sensual foreplay to it would make it even better. After you wake up, start your morning routine as normally as any other day, but this time, do the routine while you’re naked. Watching you brush your teeth, wash your face, cook and have breakfast naked will drive you crazy eventually leading to an unforgettable morning!

# 63- Seven minutes in heaven

Enter the room, turn off the lights and start kissing and touching each other all over the body. The rule of the game is that neither of you is allowed to speak or make any sound for 7 minutes and both can do whatever they want to each other. The thrill of being in a confined space, unable to speak or have the lights on, will guarantee you great sex later!

# 64- red / green light

The basic concept of this game is that red means ‘to stop’ while green means ‘to continue’. One of you will be in control and when your partner says green, you will start touching and kissing him as he counts back from 20. Once he has reached zero, the person receiving the caresses needs to say red, otherwise you receive a punishment. You have to try to make the teller forget his count and thus prolong the experience.

# 65- Deck

Take a normal deck of cards and give each suit a sexy and naughty meaning. Swords can mean massage, hearts can mean kissing, and so on. The two of you would have a chance to each draw a card and perform a task. For example, if your partner takes 10 of hearts, it means that they both need to kiss each other for 10 minutes. Keep playing this game until you are both completely excited and can’t wait to grab each other in bed!

# 66 – Handcuffs

Handcuffs are always great to take to the bedroom. Combine them with the surprise element of handcuffing your blindfolded partner in any room, and teasing him relentlessly as he tries to understand the environment, at the same time he is carried away by waves of pleasure.

# 67- Playing with perfumes

Perfume only the parts of your body that you want your lover to touch. These can be the obvious places, like the genitals, or those places that you would secretly want him to touch most often, like armpits, back on your knees, inside your elbows. Make him smell lightly to find the scent and then inhale deeply only those scented places. Do not touch. He’s kissing you with his nose.

# 68- Read an erotic story

Women love erotic romances, but there is no reason why men can’t love them too. Read parts of the book, teasing your partner with dirty words out loud. Then, you can reproduce in real life everything that was read.

# 69- Eat

This can work anywhere, including at cafes and picnics! Feed on anything from strawberries to sandwiches to honey-covered fingers. This is a very simple way to trigger excitement, and you two will be dying to get home!

# 70- Bondage

Most people are excited by the idea of ​​being tied up, so this is a very good way to spice up your sex life! For a smooth introduction, avoid handcuffs and use soft material such as silk ties instead. Make sure you have an emergency word in case someone is uncomfortable.

# 71- Touch surprise

While you are kissing him or just talking to him or while you are just physically close to him, place your hand on his groin. Then your hand should be resting on your underwear or your pants. To make it easier, start by placing your hand on his leg and moving it from there. Then, start gently massaging your penis and testicles out of your pants / underwear.

# 72- Very close

Instead of just taking your partner’s penis into your mouth and giving him a blowjob, you can kiss it around your groin and gently massage your balls using your tongue or tickle your testicles with your fingertips.

# 73- Lap Dance

Make your partner sit on a chair and give him a very sexy lap dance. Make sensual dance moves on his lap, but don’t let him touch you. For some added excitement, get him to get fully dressed and then you can personally remove your clothes one by one. You could start out fully dressed as well and then mend with a streaptease.

# 74- The preliminary that never fails

Simultaneous oral sex never fails and gives pleasure to both, Just make sure you control your time, you don’t want it to end too long before you, do you?

# 75- Mirror game

Stand facing each other, sitting on the bed or lying on your side. First, one will make a sequence of kisses, caresses, etc., which the other should imitate and add another stimulus; now it will be the other that will repeat the sequence with the added gesture and add one more of you. It’s a fun and sexy game and it also has a memory!

# 76- Body painting

Use some finite brushes and a washable paint, which are sold in sexy shops, but you can use something you have at home, like jam or chocolate. Gently paint everything on the other person’s body, then use your tongue to erase it.

# 77 – Erotic ideas box

Write down on small pieces of paper gestures that you like in the foreplay, for example: kisses on the neck, foot massage, striptease … When the time comes, you draw a piece of paper and have your bank of erotic ideas!

# 78- Breasts are your best weapon.

They love the breasts, it is a great truth and therefore you can play with them and your body during foreplay. For example, massage your back and support your breasts little by little. They also like to have their breasts passed over their face and mouth so that they can kiss them.

# 79- Spanish

Place his penis between your breasts and move it up and down. You can kiss the head of his dick or lick it until it explodes. This is one of the most popular positions in the kama sutra.

# 80- Connect your eyes

Watch it to draw your attention to your face. Bite your lips suggestively and wet them. Only one thing will go through his head: YOU.

# 81- Eyes

It may seem silly, but giving small kisses to the eye area can turn you on if you do it right. This is because the eye, being an organ as complex as it is, is covered by very sensitive skin. On the other hand, we often forget how much a look can give us.

# 82- Neck

Do everything you can in this area: kisses, bites, licks … A thousand emotions run through our body every time he puts his lips on our neck, bristling the skin. So, take the opportunity to get to know all these sensations well to offer them to him and release his imagination.

# 83- Multitasking

Nothing is stranger than when someone is petting and the other is doing nothing. Kiss and caress! Use your hands and mouth at the same time, try to pay attention to the erogenous zones while working with your lips.

# 84-Exchange erotic letters

Express your love and desire through words. Describe in bold and intimate detail how you imagine the two of you will make love and the feelings it will evoke. Create a secret world between the two of you. Take turns exchanging letters to suggest a date, which can vary from the bedroom to the bathroom or even under the stars.

# 85- Whispers

Unexpectedly, whisper in his ear things like, ‘You look sexy in that shirt’ or ‘I love you’. Then touch the inside of the ear with the tip of your tongue and gently bite the lobe.

# 86- Different massage

We already talked about the massage and how pleasant it can be in the foreplay. How about you try a different version? Use a 2 in 1 cream (massage and lubricant) and start massaging, but with your own body. Go sliding your hands and vagina along the entire length of his body.

# 87- Spread scraps

In strategic places, put some dirty messages, so that he finds it during the day. It can be in the bag, in the diary, in the bedroom, anywhere he has access. Phrases like “are you ready ?,” you don’t know what awaits you tonight “,” I’m already wet thinking about you “, are some examples.

# 88- Playing with sensations

There are several gels in the sexy shops that can give you a boost in foreplay. Try one that heats or cools and start massaging his penis. He’ll be on the point of a bullet. There are also some that promise to cause a vibration due to a mixture of substances and you can go crazy with a vibrating massage.

# 89- Caress on the testicle

Men also love an affection in the testicles! But as the area is ultra sensitive, go carefully. You can use your hands, your mouth, but always very gently. It is also worth licking and blowing lightly.

# 90- View of your butt

Stand with your back to him, standing, and make circular movements with your butt on his penis while still in your underwear, leaving your body a little tilted forward so that he has a full view of what is going on.

# 91- Thighs

As with women, the inside of a man’s thigh is a strong stimulus point. Squeeze firmly – but not too tightly – pass your nails, kiss or bite the area, this will excite you a lot.

# 92- Drive his hands

Do not be afraid to speak when the caress is not pleasing. Be honest, but gently. Take his hand and put it in the place where you like it the most. Move with him to show the way he has to do it.

# 93- As teenagers

You can make things very slow. Stay embraced, still dressed, for a long time. The breasts casually touching, gently stroking the thighs. Then, slowly, undress each other.

# 94- Double Caress

If you want to drive your partner crazy, ask him to stand and you kneel from behind. Start licking your anus and at the same time masturbate your penis. Don’t give up, he’ll go crazy.

# 95- Nails

Slide your nails all the way across your partner’s back until you reach the butt. You can also do this from the chest, through the belly, to the groin. Do not put force on the nails, touch the tip as light as possible and slide slowly and continuously, without interrupting the path.

# 96- Wrists

Many people do not know, but the wrists are also points of pleasure as much in women as in men. Start by giving light kisses and licks on your hands, work your way up until you reach your wrists. Alternate kisses and licks with light breaths. This will cause chills in the entire body.

# 97- Vibrator

If your partner is not prejudiced, you can use a vibrator at the entrance to his anus to give an extra touch to caresses. Another tip is to use the vibrator on his nipples while giving a nice blowjob.

# 98- Differentiated movements

During the massage, do not stick to a single movement. Use circular, pulsating and swinging movements. The intensity can also vary, depending on your partner’s reactions.

# 99- 30 second pause

30 seconds is the time it takes a man to “cool down”. So if you want to delay your partner’s orgasm, stop the caress you’re doing until his arousal recedes. Another tip is to squeeze the tip of the penis to delay orgasm.

# 100- Edible gels

Good oral sex can get even better with some additional ones. There are some that have flavor and that can warm up the relationship even more. Use it on your partner and yourself and ask him to drop his mouth. This will also help you to get even more lubricated and have more pleasure.

# 101- Expectation of the kiss

Create an expectation for the kiss. Go slowly kissing the whole face, run your tongue over his lips, breathe breathlessly, with your mouth very close to him. However, don’t kiss him until he loses control.

# 102- Simulator

Stand, facing the wall, with your legs together. Your partner, duly excited, comes from behind and simulates penetration between your thighs. It’s just not really worth penetrating, okay?

# 103- Guessing game

Blindfolded, give him different foods so he can taste. If he hits what is in his mouth, he wins a prize, a caress wherever he wants. If he loses, you choose what he has to do.

# 104- Cowgirl without penetration

You can do the cowgirl or cowgirl position in foreplay too! Get naked and mount him, but he must be dressed in shorts or thin fabric pants. The friction between the vagina and the penis should lead them both to orgasm.

# 105 – Applying lipstick

Make a dirty face, take his penis and pretend you are putting lipstick on your lips. To get even more thought-provoking, apply a mint lipstick first so that it feels fresh when you make the move.

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