100 TED Chat Tips that can change your Life in less than 10 minutes

Have you ever thought about changing the world? Or at least in changing your closest reality?

We think that we all have the power to change things and to positively impact the world. And no matter how small you think that change is, the sum of many is what will make the difference.

An example of this is TED talks.

The TED talks were created in order to spread innovative ideas that seek to improve this world.  Called TED for its acronym in English, ” T echnology, Entertainment, Design” and are widely known for an annual conference ( TED Conference ) has been performed in various cities in the world in countries like the United States, Canada, England, Mexico, Africa and many others, since 1990.

The speakers who participate in these talks are usually very important and influential personalities in the world; including Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, and a few Nobel Prize winners.

In this article we have compiled by category so you can discover the 100 best TED chat tips in less than 10 minutes.

Let’s start!

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  2. The innovative ideasdo not come by magic, these really are the product of a process of progressive thinking . Steven Johnson in one of his TED presentations  tells us where the ideas come from.
  3. From Rory Sutherland’s Sweat the small stufftalk  we have learned that if we want people to remember us, we need to be more concerned with details and little things. It also tells us that big problems don’t always require big solutions.
  4. We have learned something about love and it is that the brain processes it in three areas: romantic love, desire and attachment. In her talk Why we love, why we cheat, Helen FIsherexplains that in order for a relationship to work, these three factors have to be taken care of.
  5. Greater benefits (professional and in terms of productivity) are achieved when you are happier in a certain job than when you earn more moneyChip Conley tells us about it in his talk “Measuring what makes life worthwhile”.
  6. Although it seems contradictory, the office is the worst place to work. Yes, this was said by Jason Fried in his TED talk Why work doesn’t happen at work.
  7. We believe that the more we focus on our productivity, the better results we will have and that does not always work that way. Stefan Sagmeisterexplains that taking time off can really make us more productive.
  8. It is scientifically proven, and it is something we learned from one of Dan Pink’s TED presentations,that what motivates a person the most (in terms of work or professional life) is how much autonomy, growth and future projections a job offers them, not how much money do you get for doing it.
  9. Although many turn to video games for fun and entertainment, Jane McGonigaltells us that video games can help you be more productive.
  10. Others believe that productivity will lead to happiness, but it is not so, it is happiness that will lead you to be a more productive person. We learned this from Shawn Achor’s TED talk.
  11. You cannot put your attention on everything at the same time. Yes, as you read it, we are not prepared to focus on a thousand things at once. We are talking about perception, which according to Apollo Robbins , is what tells us where we pay our attention when we are faced with many external stimuli.
  12. Reflecting on why you do what you do instead of just doing it can impact your productivity. Don’t miss that Simon Sinek talk. Surely you already know him because some of his videos have gone viral in recent months on Facebook.
  13. Success is a path, not a destination. This is how Richard St. Johnexplains it to us in his TED Success is a continuous journey .
  14. Failing more oftencan be one of the keys to being more productive and successful , says Eddie Obeng in his TED talk .
  15. We are not afraid of losing money or social status, we are afraid of being ridiculed and judged by others, says Alain de Botton.
  16. It doesn’t matter if you are very smart or not, this will not determine your chances of success. The key is in the power of passion and perseverancethat you put into your projects.
  17. If you want to make better decisions in the long term, you have to imagine what the consequences will be and how your decisions will affect your future self. 
  18. Small conflicts can lead to better relationships, says Margaret Heffernan in her TED talk. She says that avoiding conflict is in our nature, but that to a moderate extent, these can be the key to building better relationships.
  19. One of the keys to learning anything is to dive into it and think “ what is the worst that could happen? ” Masterful talk by the great Tim Ferris. One of his books ” The 4-hour Work Week ” changed my life forever and maybe you do too if you decide to read it.
  20. Many times the best way to helpsomeone is to just sit quietly and listen to them .
  21. Mass communication is almost extinct, so if you really want to make a change in the world, you have to focus on the tribes. Mythical talk by Seth Godin that undoubtedly leaves you wanting to read his best-seller ” Tribes “.
  22. Do you like to exercise and have meetings often? We recommend you leave the office, meet outside. For example, walking while talkingabout your business.
  23. You will often hear that stress can lead to heart attacks, headaches, and other body ailments. But, what really affects your health is the way you think about stress.
  25. 25. Limits only exist in our minds. Dare, leave your fears and fight to achieve your goals. Look at the example of Neil Harbinsson, who couldn’t identify colors and hacked a device to hear colors. Or Caroline Casey, who didn’t know until she was 17 that she was blind . You also have the example of David Blain, this man managed to hold his breath for 17 minutes underwater thanks to the fact that he prepared his mind and body for such a feat.

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  1. Although there are those who claim that the way we write text messages ruins the language, this is not necessarily true. Or at least not in English, as John McWhorterexplains .
  2. You are not as rationalas you think 🙂
  3. Elon Musk recommends three thingsin his TED talk: the first is that you work hard for your goals ; then you have to pay attention to negative reviews , especially those of your friends; And finally, start studying physics to learn the basic principles of how the world around us works.
  4. Don’t fall into the mistake of making your point of view known to win an argument. The important thingfor you to participate in this type of conversation is to learn , not win.
  5. The body language influences thoughtsthat other people may have about you. For example, when you see someone with their arms crossed, you will generally think that they are uncomfortable, or that they have a barrier against others.
  6. A healthy sex life guarantees you two things: security and surprise. In her TED talk, Esther Pereltells us and at the same time tells us what people in the 21st century expect about sex.
  7. The introvertsalso have a lot of potential and can give their bit to make the world a better place. Not only extroverts can do great things. If you are an introvert, we want to tell you that with your personality you can also contribute great ideas. Dare yourself!
  8. We often think about saving money, but we always end up spending it. Economist Shlomo Benartzi explains  how we can save moneyand recommends saving a percentage of salary with his  Saving more money, tomorrow program.
  9. Attitude is everythingto have a wonderful and rewarding life . It would be ideal if instead of focusing on what we do not have and have not achieved, we focus on the good things in life.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on the good things in life #emprender


  1. We all want the perfect formula to be happy, but that does not exist. However, in these TED presentations you can find some tricks that will make your way easier: Enjoy the moment, focus your feelings on the present. Take 10 minutes  (great talk from Andy Puddicombe of HeadSpace) to do absolutely nothing. Give a smile and spend money on others .  Take it easy . Appreciate and value the good things you have . We have a psychological immune system  that helps us to be happy. Change the perspective of our past, present and future it is one of the keys to finding happiness.
  2. Our memorycan sometimes play tricks on us. Psychologist Elizabeth Loftus in her TED talk explains that we can “remember” things that have not happened, and even remember events not exactly how they happened.


  1. Music can change moods, you surely know and have experienced it. Almost everyone is influenced by classical music , this genre of music can inspire or calm you down, try it.
  2. Book covers require imagination, dedication, and art. Chip Kidddefends his profession as a graphic designer in this TED talk.
  3. The disease with the highest mortality ratein America is not cancer, it is obesity. 66% of the population has this condition, children and adolescents are also part of the indexes.
  4. Educator Ken Robinson says that schools killchildren’s creativity , explains that the educational system is obsolete.
  5. Students need to stop and think, this way they will learn faster how to solve a problem. Dan Meyer encourages in his TED presentation to teach math classes in a different way.
  6. It is one thing to be loved and another thing to be unconditionally accepted,we have to learn to differentiate these concepts. In this TED talk they explain what is that line that separates love from acceptance in parent-child relationships.
  7. When we see others living through difficult and vulnerable moments, our wonderful capacity to be humanitarian appears. We show the powerof our humanity and help those who need us.
  8. The psychologist Laurie Santos, in search of explaining the irrationality of humans, studied the behavior of monkeys. She found that some decisions that primates make are the same as ours.
  9. We are all exposed to depression, including humorists. Comedian Kevin Breel explains in his TED talk how this disease and others can affect anyone, including him.
  10. People in North Korea suffer countless horrors, many are victims of military violence, others starve, and the worst thing is that if they try to flee they are killed.
  11. Violence against womenis not a problem for women. This TED presentation affirms that the problem has its origin in the way men visualize the role of women in humanity.
  12. One way to eradicate poverty is to give away mobile phones,instead of giving food or other things. What do you think?
  13. The world forgets the poor, abuses them, makes them invisible and ignores that they are there. The writer Becky Blanton, who was poor, shows her experience during that time in her TED talk.
  14. According to Cherly Sandberg, women underestimate their own abilitiesand abilities. During her speech at the TED talks, she offers three recommendations for women to reach the top of their goals.
  15. Experience ways to expand your five sensesin this TED presentation. We can all develop smell, sight, taste, touch and hearing.
  16. Maybe you think we are in one of the most peaceful moments in history, but what do you think if you listen to this TED talkto convince yourself otherwise?
  17. Good designs have the wonderful gift of making people feel happy. Graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister tells the public how his designs made him happy, while Yves Behar  recounts his new projects.
  18. Sometimes children have to experience dangerto better adapt to the world.
  19. aq uellos who want to helppeople in developing countries are advised to do thorough research and understand who are lending a hand.
  20. China’s modern economy is another option you have to guarantee success. You can check out this TED talk to see more about the Chinese method.
  21. Some studies show that the way you express yourself is reflected in your ability to save money.
  22. T ork hardworth, although in some societies work can be demeaning.
  23. Instead of thinking about the money charitiesspend , we should focus on the changes they make for those who receive their help.
  24. One of the most powerful tools you have to create, innovate, and change is vulnerability. Take advantage of it and make it the best tool for your goals.
  25. There is something magical and mysterious about waking up at 4 in the morning This TED presentation explains much more.
  26. The decade that we passed from the 20 years to the 30, is one of the most significant seasons for the human being. Here we are formed for life.
  27. The ability to choose  can make us happy or unhappy , depending on whether or not they meet our needs.
  29. Use the world around you to make music. Inventor Jay Silver helps you with that in his TED presentation.
  30. Can you imagine that your medical data is available to any researcher? This could mean more progress to improve health care.
  31. The web pages every day adapt more to the needs of the user. But this feature might not be as advantageous for people, leaving information on the web, according to Eli Pariser, is dangerous.
  32. Can you imagine a camera that captures videosat the speed of a trillion frames per second? And also the results are wonderful.
  33. The giant Google continues with its innovations, here you can find out about a vehicle that drives itself.
  34. 3D printingis already a reality and this year its use has spread to medicine, education and much more.
  35. As you well know, anyone can edit Wikipedia, and that makes this encyclopedia something unique in the world. Learn about the story behind Wikipedia.
  36. We are in the season, or the era, of videos. But it would be interesting if we used it to learn from other cultures and societies.
  37. They say, in this TED talk, that while you are on the web all your information is tracked. They also assure that this is not 100% bad, but it would be good to know what they use that data for.
  38. Rebuilding an electronic device from scratch is almost impossible. Designer Thomas Thwaites in his TED presentation explains that all devices are complex and that their components come from different parts of the world.
  39. You’ve wondered what the world is like behind the Amazon curtain. Ordering and buying is easy, but what happens after you click the buy button?
  40. Although computers are evolving very quickly and often people do not know how to get the most out of it, this TED talk argues that they must continue to improve because there is nothing as creative as humans.
  41. At first we just wanted to bring light into our houses, that’s why the bulbs had a plug, but then this turned into the electric revolution.
  42. How to make mushroom-based plastic ? The answer is given by Eben Bayer, while Van Jones makes us aware with his TED talk about  the consequences that the use of plastic has for the environment .
  43. Can you imagine being able to transmit data from a light bulb?
  45. This TED talk explains a magnificent system in Spain that is used for fish farming. We know that fish are delicious, but the way we grow them is unsustainable.
  46. The fascinating world of the oceanoffers us magnificent creatures, such as fish that change colors, others that have lights and many more that we would like to know.
  47. Discover with the marine biologist Edith Widder  the wonders of bioluminescence. What is it about?
  48. Are you a fan of octopuses and would like to know more about them? Gruy’s Mike shares his videos in the ocean.
  49. For over 50 million years, beeshave been in the world. But now they are threatened by bacteria, pesticides, and other chemicals.
  50. See how flowers use tricksto attract insects.
  51. According to Michael Dickinson, the flight of fliesis one of the greatest achievements of evolution.
  52. The planet is a very vulnerable place, at least it is what is assured in this TED presentation where it is said that a 6 mile wide asteroid can destroy us instantly.
  53. Scientists are committed to life outside the earth.
  54. If you like planets, and especially Saturn, check out this TED talk. It is a giant volcano that expels ice instead of lava.
  55. You can be part of the intelligenceresearch in other parts of the world  being carried out by the University of California.
  56. The curiosity is the engine of any investigation , this feature is what will move the world in the coming years.
  57. JJ Ahrams has a box that has not opened for 35 yearsand assures that the mysteries that are in there are more important than the box itself.

There is no better time than today to learn something new and improve.

With so many amazing and wonderful people in the world, how can you resist not seeing a TED talk every day? Remember our tips on how to take time to train each day , it’s all a matter of proposing it 😉

I definitely think that a TED talk a day is the best recipe against demotivation, conformism and complaints.

Is there any other TED talk you want to share with us to continue expanding this list?


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