100 SMS to say good night my love

Not all couples get the chance to see each other every day, let alone spend the nights together. That’s why goodnight messages are important for keeping in touch.


The feelings are there but the words fail. You love your other half, but you don’t know how to tell them. Here is a list of 100 SMS to say good night my love. We hope this one will help you find the right words to send a good night message to your loved one. Remember that love needs to be expressed and feelings revealed: even when it seems obvious, it is important to put words into the affection you feel for another.


Here is a selection of messages to send to your sweetheart to wish him good night.

  1. I would love to be there to watch you fall asleep. Tell you that I love you and can’t wait to see you again tomorrow.


  1. Close your eyes, imagine a wonderful garden, where roses bloom and the air is filled with their perfume, it is our refuge and every night I wait for you. Sweet Dreams.


  1. Sweet dreams, my love.


  1. A human can live without water for 10 days and without sleep for 3 days, and I can’t live a single day without you!


  1. The sun has set on this day, but my love for you will never fall into nothingness.


  1. My darling, a message of love to say goodnight to you. I love you.


  1. Good night love of my life, love of my nights.


  1. You are the man of my days. But, the most beautiful thing is to have you as the protagonist of my dreams.


  1. Even though I am not the greatest romantic in the world and I do not have a vocabulary rich enough to say the most beautiful words of love to you, know that with all my heart, I wish you sweet dreams and that I care about you more than you can imagine.


  1. The day is over. Make way for dreams. I will surely meet you there!




  1. I found the man of my dreams.


  1. The stars are shining so bright tonight that they almost compete with our love. My they cannot measure up to our dreams!


  1. I wish you a beautiful night, dream of me!


  1. I hope your dreams will be as sweet as your kisses and as tender as your hugs.


  1. I think of you and I wish you a good evening, a sweet night, sweet dreams and a serene morning since a sweet message will be waiting for you on your mobile when you wake up! I love you !


  1. I live for the day when all my dreams will come true.


  1. Tonight I can’t wait to go to bed. I will dream of you and imagine myself in your arms.


  1. Far from you but under the same pale moonlight, someone is thinking of you. A person who feels very close and believes strongly in the powers of dreams. Have a sweet night my love. See you tomorrow.


  1. I can’t wait to fall asleep to have many dreams of you.


  1. I know it’s hard for you to fall asleep without me. Soon we will never be apart again, have sweet dreams.




  1. Open your heart and close your eyes. Let my love pamper you, across the skies.


  1. My angel, by what miracle could I have been so lucky? I spend my days with the best man in the world and when I go to bed I find him in my dreams. Goodnight My Love.


  1. I know how hard you had a day. I wish you a night full of sweet dreams … If you dream of me, you will dream of an angel …


  1. Love is in the air then, take a deep breath and let it rock you. Sleep well, sweetheart.


  1. What to wish you for a good night, except to dream of me!


  1. The weight of a message is so light that I can load it with love and tenderness to make sure you have the sweetest of nights. Sleep well i love you


  1. I hope when you go to bed tonight you will have sweet dreams filled with joy and sweetness. Rest your soul and open your heart: you will feel all my love there.


  1. Lying down, your perfume on the pillow memory of past moments, I find myself dreaming that tonight you will be by my side. Good night my darling.


  1. This night will be a bit special because for the first time in a long time, you will not be in my arms. Let’s not think about it and keep in mind the memory of the best evenings and nights spent together. I love you.


  1. Tonight the miracle of love brings us together. We cannot be physically together, but our hearts are forever linked. Good night, my soul mate!




  1. Every night I realize how much I love you. Sweet dreams and think of me! I love you.


  1. Tonight, all the stars in the sky are going to shine a little brighter, because I’m thinking of you. I wish you have sweet dreams.


  1. At night, I sleep peacefully because you are by my side. I dream every night of seeing you again in the morning.


  1. Sweet dreams. You are the only one who touched my heart. It will always be yours. Sleep well my only love. I love you.


  1. I am the happiest person in the world: I have the chance to say goodnight to you every evening and good morning to you every morning.


  1. My bed is so empty without you! And my pillow, as soft and warm as it is, does not replace you! I hope my dreams will lead me to you. I’m kissing you strongly.


  1. Every day that I spend with you is the happiest day of my life. I can’t wait to be in the morning. Good night.


  1. My eyes refuse to close because they blame me for not wishing you good night. So I wish you with all my heart a sweet and pleasant night.


  1. I always end my days with the best, and that’s thinking about you and wishing you good night.


  1. Little gem of my life, angel of my paradise, I only say good night to you. I love you.




  1. It is said that dreams are the literature of sleep. So you are my favorite book.


  1. Before going to bed, look out the window. Do you see the stars shining? It is my love for you that watches over your dreams.


  1. My darling, I would love to be by your side at the moment … Have a good night filled with sweet dreams. I miss you. I love you.


  1. The night is sometimes so long, when you are not there!


  1. Hush! I dream. I dream of you my love. I hope that I too am present in your dreams.


  1. Through this message I send you a magical and mischievous kiss which lands on your neck and your lips. It will end its journey on your eyes so that they close and fall asleep for a night sown with dreams.


  1. The night is longer than the day for all who have dreams. And the day is longer than the nights for those who build their dreams. So, my love, have sweet dreams so that you can build them tomorrow!


  1. I go to bed and can’t wait to see you tomorrow. I will see your tender face again and feel your fiery love.


  1. Good night, sweetheart. May your night be as beautiful as my love for you.


  1. When I lie down next to you, I feel my heart beating. Each pulse is an ode to love.




  1. The evening angel passes by and takes the opportunity to give you a thousand and one kisses. Have a good night sweetheart.


  1. Honey, I can’t wait to see you tonight, lie next to you and feel your strong arms hug me. At that point, I know how much you love me.


  1. I offer you: a flood of love, a cloud of roses, a pillow of softness, a sheet of sweet dreams, a restful sleep. Good night.


  1. Oh my love, where have you been all day? Come close to me, hug me and wish me good night in your arms.


  1. My idea of ​​a good night’s sleep has always been to be embraced by my beloved. Thank you for making my wish come true!


  1. Good night. I send you a sheet of happiness, a blanket of sweetness and a pillow of love! I hope that with all this you will sleep well!


  1. Good night my darling. I know she will be because I watch over you.


  1. Good night! Don’t forget to dream about me!


  1. I feel alone in my big bed, I’m cold, I would like to feel you by my side, your breath on my neck, your sweet kisses on my lips. Goodnight My Love.


  1. The night is as dark as my love for you is deep. Goodnight My Angel !




  1. I would like to fall asleep every night by your side to watch you sleep, to cover you with kisses. Good night Sweetheart.


  1. Under the dark and dark sky I send you fragrant flowers that will fill your sleep with dreams of love.


  1. The sky has pink highlights like your lips. In the distance come the colors of the night. I drown my heart in it when it is far from you.


  1. Good night, my love. I will see you in my dreams …


  1. Sweet dreams, my love. The stars are watching over you!


  1. May your night be sweet. May your dreams be tender.


  1. I think of you, I love you, I kiss you… all of this at the same time!


  1. When I close my eyes before sleeping, I see your face, your hair and your smile. Here are three reasons to have a great night’s sleep. I love you.


  1. I think you are sleeping and I think only of you. I’ve been trying to sleep for an hour but I can’t. Your warmth, your scent is missing … The night will be long without you! I love you.


  1. Sleeping without you is difficult. But knowing that I’m going to see you again tomorrow plunges me into a soft and deep sleep.




  1. Look at the sky, you will see two stars next to each other, my eyes are watching you and wish you a sweet night, I love you my love.


  1. I send you a plane of kisses in a sky of love covered with a cloud of tenderness carried by a wind of happiness, hoping that it will crash on your heart.


  1. Every day he goes around the world looking for the most adorable person that can exist to wish him good night my darling.


  1. I wish you to fall asleep in the soft cotton of the night and to wake up in the sweetness of the morning honey. Good night.


  1. At this moment I would like to be a wave of sweetness and warmth to accompany you all the night that has just started… Have sweet dreams.


  1. Little gem of my life, sweet angel of my paradise, shining star of my nights, I only say good night to you.


  1. Are you sleeping? Me no, I couldn’t until I wished you good night and sent lots of kisses.


  1. All the waves of the sea, all the scents of flowers, all the angels of paradise are gathered around your bed to say good night to you …


  1. Good night my love. I love you a little more every day.


  1. When I go to bed I am always very sad that I cannot lie down next to you.




  1. I wish I could lie down next to you and hug you so much.


  1. Right now there are 4 billion people sleeping. But you’re the only person I wish a good night.


  1. Good night. Know that I will dream of you tonight and until tomorrow … and even until the end of my life.


  1. In the calm of the night and the silence of the people I would like, without disturbing you, to wish you a good night.


  1. Look out the window before you go to sleep. All the stars you see are the little kisses I give you. Good night.


  1. Your eyes, your smell, your warmth, your hair… I miss absolutely everything! I want you all and tonight I’m alone and my feet are frozen.


  1. When the night erases the light of day, and the moon gently shines on us, I do not forget to wish you good night my love!


  1. When I close my eyes before sleeping. I see your face, your smile and I remember the beautiful moments when we spent together. It allows me to have a very good night! Goodnight My Love. I love you.


  1. I am sending you this little message loaded with love and tenderness to wish you to spend the sweetest night! Sleep well, I love you.


  1. Good night my love. I love you so much that I would dream of you every night until the end of my life.




  1. Far from you but under the same star-covered sky, I think strongly of you and I hope to find you in my dreams. Have a sweet night my love. See you tomorrow.


  1. If I were a bird I would fly over all the villages to see your face, if I were a cloud I would fly over to your window to say good night!


  1. Have good dreams, I will dream of you since you are my most beautiful dream.


  1. When I go to bed without you, I hurry to fall asleep, because I will dream of your kisses and will wake up amazed.


  1. We can tell a baby not to cry, we can tell the birds not to sing, but we cannot tell my heart not to love you. Goodnight My Love.


  1. I wanted to write a romantic text to wish you good night. But thinking about you turned me on. I got lost in my thoughts and now it’s late. So good night my heart.


  1. I send you two angels to watch over you while you dream of me. Good night.


  1. I’m going to bed. I am warning you so that you do not delay going to bed. You are not by my side, but join me in my dreams and take me in your arms.


  1. I’d so much like to give you a hug instead of having to text you goodnight.


  1. The clock is ticking and my eyelids grow heavy. I must wish you good night.




It’s not always easy to put words into your feelings. We hope this list of good night text messages has helped you send a beautiful good night message to your sweetheart.

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