100 love quotes and phrases

Are you in love? Do you want to share the depth of your feelings with your loved one? Here is a selection of romantic love quotes and phrases that will inspire you.


Thanks to these few ideas, you will be able to reveal your blue flower side and wow your partner.


Whether he or she is near you or miles away, send him a message of love to make his day better.


These beautiful sentences will help you put into words everything you feel for the other.


Maybe you’ve never told her you love her or maybe you lack the imagination to creatively tell her a hundredth time …


Whatever the case, these 100 love quotes and phrases are here to give you a boost!


Take a look at our selection and wow your loved one!


Love quotes

Oh, love ! This term so vague but so existential. How, then, to find the right words to express it when sometimes, yourself, you do not know what it is.


You feel it deep inside you. You’ve even become addicted to this feeling, but why is it there?


Why do you feel this way? As many questions as possible answers …


The most obvious is, of course, that you have found your soul mate or twin flame. So use the inspirations below to tell your loved one how you feel!


  1. Self-esteem is not really selfishness; you can never really love another if you don’t love yourself.


Self-esteem is not really selfishness;  you can never really love another if you don’t love yourself.


  1. True love is knowing the other’s faults but still loving them.


  1. Love is like the wind: you can’t see it but you can feel it.


  1. Everyone says that you only fall in love once. But it’s wrong ! Every time I hear your voice, I fall in love again.


  1. I think if I were to die tomorrow and you came to visit my grave, I could hear your footsteps from deep in the earth.


  1. Love enlightens you even during the darkest times.


  1. Love can heal any dying soul.


  1. God gave us eyes to see the beauty of nature; he gave us a heart to see the beauty of the loved one.


  1. Love is when you fall asleep thinking about your loved one and wake up again passing to him or her.


  1. Love is knowing what the other is going to say before he or she can even say a word.


Love is knowing what the other is going to say before he or she can even say a word.


  1. Love is when you don’t want to go to bed because reality is better than dreams.


  1. There is no work in love, only expressions of joy.


  1. The sound of a kiss is not as loud as that of a cannon; but, its echo lasts much longer!


  1. Words can’t even express what I’m feeling… 3 words, 2 people and 1 feeling.


  1. Your kiss is the poison I want to give my last breath to.


  1. Passion is the daughter of love.


  1. While touch is eternal and kisses fill this eternity; love lives through it!


  1. Love is a moment that lasts forever.


  1. Miracles happen naturally through expressions of love. The real miracle is that love inspires them. Therefore, everything that comes from love is a miracle.


  1. Loving someone deeply gives you strength; being really loved gives you courage!


Loving someone deeply gives you strength;  being really loved gives you courage!


  1. We see ourselves through the eyes of the loved one.


  1. In the dictionary, love has your first name.


  1. Because you hear my thoughts, understand my dreams and because you are my best friend… I love you!


  1. The soul which can speak through the eyes can also embrace by a simple look.


  1. True love does not have a happy ending because true love never ends.


  1. Today, I was walking thinking about all that was missing in my life, then I remembered: I have you and I feel complete!


  1. I do not regret anything that I have done, or not done, because all of this has brought me to you. You are my saving soul.


  1. I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow!


  1. The most imposing force on earth is that of love.


  1. To love is to receive a piece of paradise.




  1. Come and grow old with me; The best is yet to come !


  1. Loving someone is like looking at the face of God.


  1. I used to think that “forever” was really too long; but, now that I’m with you, I think it’s way too short!


  1. We are one! Losing you would be like losing myself!


  1. The best representation of me? You!


  1. When you whisper in my ear, you whisper in my heart; when you kiss my lips, you kiss my soul.


  1. True love forces you to take risks.


  1. Love is this feeling of security.


  1. Love is being ready to give everything to make him smile.


  1. It is said that the eyes are the reflection of the soul. I am sure this is true. And, in this case, the lips are the door and the kiss the key!




  1. Love is neither here nor there. Love is neither happy nor sad, neither good nor bad… Love is quite simply love.


  1. Love knows no limit in its endurance or in its confidence. When everything collapses, he holds on and rises alone!


  1. Every time you speak, every time you smile, every time you gaze into mine: you make my life more beautiful!


  1. Love is the symbol of eternity. It erases all traces of time, destroys all the memories of the beginnings and the fears of the end.


  1. Love is when the other gives you a part of your soul that you didn’t even know was missing.


  1. ​​The greatest acts of love are made by those who make small gestures of kindness.


  1. When you kiss me, my heart stops beating.


  1. A life without love is not worth living.


  1. Stumble over love and you can get up. Fall in love and you will fall forever.


  1. Love does not look with the eyes but with the mind.


Love does not look with the eyes but with the mind.


Romantic love phrases

These few sentences will help you put the right words to what you are feeling. Love is not always easy to understand or to keep; he needs passion, understanding and above all romanticism.


Here is a list of suggestions that you can send as is to your loved one or that you can just take inspiration from.


  1. Just in case you forgot it: you matter to me. You are loved. You are worth it. You are magic.


  1. Come live in my heart and pay no rent!


  1. When I look at you, I see the rest of my life in front of me.


  1. I want to be your most beautiful “hello” and your most difficult “goodbye”.


  1. Think of you keeps me awake. Dreaming about you keeps me asleep. Being with you keeps me alive.


  1. Every day, I fall more in love with you. Except the days when you really piss me off.


  1. I love you more than coffee, but please don’t make me prove it to you!


  1. Romance is the icing, but love is the cake.


  1. I like being married. It’s great to have found the person you want to piss off for the rest of your life.


  1. Love is when you stay awake all night thinking about your loved one and finally fall asleep to dream of him or her.


Love is when you stay awake all night thinking about your loved one and finally fall asleep to dream of him or her.


  1. Meeting you was a coincidence. Becoming your friend was a choice. But falling in love with you was out of my control.


  1. These three words are magic, they have an incredible power: I love you!


  1. Love is like swallowing hot chocolate: at first it takes you by surprise but, in the end, it keeps you hot for a long time.


  1. The most eloquent silence? The one during which two mouths meet to kiss.


  1. You don’t love your partner because he (she) is handsome or beautiful; this person is beautiful because you love him.


  1. If I could have stretched out my arm and grabbed a star every time you made me smile, the entire galaxy would be in my palm.


  1. True love cannot be found where it does not exist. Besides, it also cannot be hidden where it actually exists.


  1. Love is like war: easy to start, hard to end.


  1. A man is not really married until he understands all the words his wife does not say!


  1. Life without you would be like sleeping without dreaming.


Life without you would be like sleeping without dreaming.


  1. I have fallen in love many times… each time with you!


  1. Every night I go to bed crying because I have to wait until the next day to see you.


  1. Find someone who deserves your tears, your smiles and your heart. Look for someone who will love you as much as you love them.


  1. Today I caught myself smiling for no reason… then I realized I was thinking of you.


  1. To the world, you are one person. But, for a person you are the world!


  1. I cannot promise to solve all of your problems. On the other hand, I can promise you that you will never have to face them alone.


  1. Some loves last a lifetime; others forever.


  1. If I had planted a rose every time I thought of you, I would walk through a garden forever.


  1. I love you not for who you are but for what I am by your side.


  1. Refusing to love for fear of suffering is like refusing to live for fear of dying. I choose to love you at my peril.


Refusing to love for fear of suffering is like refusing to live for fear of dying.  I choose to love you at my peril.


  1. It is only when you risk losing a person that you realize how much you care about them, how much you need them and how much you love them.


  1. The real lesson in love is that there are no lessons.


  1. Two beings who love each other always meet.


  1. Ever since I’ve known you, I believe in love and romance again. Thanks for being my other half!


  1. I love you so much that my days hurt from smiling. And yes, every time I think of you I laugh. And I think about you all day!


  1. Of all the people, you are the only one who attracts me, gives me confidence and supports me. You are the perfect being and you are mine.


  1. I want a love so great that even the universe would be jealous of it.


  1. To love is to say “I love you” without speaking.


  1. A poetry is a smile on a rainy day, love, a poem that is recited every day.


  1. This is the story of you and me. The end I don’t know, because there won’t be.


This is the story of you and me.  The end I don’t know, because there won’t be.


  1. I do not love you with my heart but with my soul because one day my heart will stop beating while my soul will always burn for you.


  1. I don’t care how old you’re going to age, how many gray hair you’re going to have, or how many wrinkles are going to dot your face. You will always be beautiful (beautiful) in my eyes and I will love you until the end of my days.


  1. When I am in your arms, I feel protected, safe and loved. I feel like I can do anything and have the ability to overcome anything.


  1. What could be more romantic than a simple “I love you”?


  1. Of all the people on this earth, I have chosen you. And I will choose you every day until the end of time. You are my most precious possession, the sun of my life and my reason for being.


  1. The world can crumble around us and I’m not even sure I would notice it because my gaze is only on you!


  1. When we’re together, everything else is blurry: I forget where I am, I don’t see the others and I don’t know what’s going on around me. My heart only sees you, everything else is futility.


  1. Before I met you I didn’t know what nervous laughter was, you know the one that makes you look stupid? Well, now I know cause every time I think about you I hear myself laughing that way.


  1. Being together and doing nothing is the best way to pass the time. You are the most important person in my life, so why waste my time with others?


  1. Thank you for loving me. Thanks for supporting me. Thanks for always being there. Thanks for being you.


Thanks for loving me.  Thanks for supporting me.  Thanks for always being there.  Thanks for being you.


Have these romantic love quotes and phrases help you? Have you been inspired? We hope so. Sometimes you lack the imagination or creativity to tell your loved one all the feelings he or she causes in you, but that doesn’t mean you don’t like him or her. Quite the contrary.

Indeed, it is when words fail you that you know that you are head over heels in love!


“ I want to hold you, talk to you, put my arms around you, cover you and burn you with my caresses. To see you grow pale and red under my kisses, to feel you shiver in my conflagrations, it is life, full, whole, true life, it is the ray of sunshine, it is the ray of paradise! O my angel, how beautiful you are, come and let my mouth place and pick on yours this word which is the sweetest of kisses: I love you! “

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