100 games for less than $ 5 on the Play Store

GameClub is a new subscription service that comes to Android and that allows us to play hundreds of games for only 5 euros per month.

We are not a few Android phone users who like to enjoy one of our favorite hobbies, video games, on our smartphones. We are not going to deny it, it is much more enjoyable with a good desktop console like the PlayStation 4 but there is no doubt that mobile titles are becoming more and more interesting , without forgetting that more and more companies are betting on these types of platforms.

Nintendo , Square Enix and even Konami with its magnificent Castlevania: Shymphony of the Night are just some of the companies that have seen a gold mine in this market to take advantage of, however they are not the only ones. Apple launched its own subscription service a few months ago called Apple Arcade which we tested in depth on Andro4all . For less than 5 euros per month, Apple does not offer – only on apple devices – a multitude of exclusive games for mobile without ads and without microtransactions. Now this idea has also been brought to Android .

This is GameClub: a multitude of games without ads or microtransactions

GameClub is a service that has recently arrived on Android and that is honestly something similar to the aforementioned Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass . We pay one subscription per month and have at our disposal a large number of mobile titles without ads and without in-app purchases .

The difference between GameClub and Apple and Google services is as follows. While Apple Arcade brings exclusive games that we can only find on that platform and Google Play Pass allows us to play fairly recent titles, GameClub is trying to rescue old and almost abandoned games , which have been redesigned for said service.

That is, for the 5 euros per month we get a catalog of at least a hundred games among which stand out as we read in Android Authority , names like The Heist, Gravity Hook, Toki Tori, Frozen Synapse and Spider 2, which only the oldest of the place will remember.

Otherwise little more to add. It is true that there are more and more subscription services that exist and that it may be that more than one is saturated, but if you like retro video games, you can try GameClub for a month for only 5 euros and you decide yourself whether to continue supporting the project or cancel the subscription and switch to another platform.


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