100 Examples of Adjectives for Children

The adjectives are words used to give information about nouns (people, things, places or animals).

For example: The green ball . In this example, ball is the noun (the thing) and green is a qualifying adjective used to give information about the ball.

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Types of adjectives

There are many types of adjectives.

  1. Qualifying adjectives . They are adjectives that qualify, add or subtract value to the noun. For example: old house .
  2. Explanatory adjectives . They are adjectives that highlight the qualities of nouns and are generally placed before the noun. For example: big hills.
  3. Gentile adjectives . They are adjectives that serve to indicate the origin of someone or something. Unlike nouns, adjectives are not capitalized. For example: Albanian citizen (“Albania” is a proper noun and is written with a capital letter, but Albanian is a gentilicio adjective and is written with a lower case)
  4. Numeral adjectives . They are the adjectives that indicate a numerical quantity. They can be subclassified into: cardinals , ordinals , multiples and partitives . For example: two, half, double, third. 
  5. Pronominal adjectives . They may be:
    • Demonstrative adjectives . They are adjectives that serve to indicate the relationship of proximity or distance with something. For example: that house, that man.
    • Possessive adjectives . They are adjectives that indicate who something belongs to. For example: my beloved , our children. 
    • Indefinite adjectives . They are adjectives that give information but not with precise data. For example: no child, ever . 


sour beautiful easy
elongate hot ugly
high guy skinny
yellow short fluorescent
old weak cool
blue thin funny
under hard big
pretty Lasted cute
White enormous small
soft extraordinary gentle
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Explanatory adjectives

happy smile fragile heart bright smile
bitter cup wet cheeks soft sing
ferocious beast painful moment huge forehead
gentle horse white snow fearsome howl
expensive car dark silence horrible farewell
sweet wait painful departure famous sultan
harsh reality deep bog thick rain
green leaves loud drum green grass
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Gentile adjectives

German Chinese English
American Colombian Italian
Argentinian korean Japanese
Australian Danish peruvian
Austrian Ecuadorian polish
brazilian swiss Puerto Rican
Canadian French Russian
Chilean Hungarian swedish
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Numeral adjectives

one First half
ten second double
fourteen third triple
twenty-five bedroom quadruple
thirty-six fifth fivefold
Forty-four seventh sixfold
one hundred eleventh a twelfth
hundred two millionth thirteenth
one thousand thirtieth thirtieth
one million latest twentieth
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Pronominal adjectives

that me something
that Own some something
those mine both of them
those my Quite
that our each
those our true
that its any
those their the rest
is his too
these you a lot of
this your little
these of yours all


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