10 WordPress plugins to add live chat to your blog

Have a small button « Chat ” Or ” Send a message Lets you establish yourself as a supplier who cares about customer support and satisfaction.

So you need a Live Chat feature on the public interface of your business website. And if this site is built with WordPress, it’s good for you. on WordPress integrating a live chat feature is as simple as installing a plugin.

To help you narrow down the search for the perfect WordPress Live Chat plugin for your site, I have listed 10 best premium WordPress plugins specialized in creating Live Chat.

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Then find out together our list.

1. Live Chat Unlimited

This premium WordPress plugin allows you to create a Live Chat on your site. This is one of the best sellers in this niche and his latest update provides more fluidity, speed and a little intelligence. Although it is suitable for the standard website, it was designed at first glance for companies that offer customer service.

Its features include: an open source code , the ability to install on unlimited domains, support for 100 connected users who can chat simultaneously (ie 10 operators and 90 visitors), Multilingual support (WPML and Polylang plugins), the ability to let on multiple operators responds to the same user notifications via email when a new visitor is online (optional), SSL support . compliance with the GDPR and others.

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2. Uber Chat

UberChat is a WordPress plugin that allows you to communicate directly with Uber customers directly on your WordPress site. The modern and easy-to-use interface is very intuitive and allows your visitors to contact you when they need it.

Its features include: f paid at once, an e x experience of unparalleled living cat, a pleasant appearance, modern and customizable, support of o several operators, a responsive layout , page Selectable audio messages, one hour complete history of previous discussions and inquiries and the like.

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3. Click on WhatsApp Chat

WordPress Click to WhatsApp Chat plugin allows WordPress customers to easily connect to the website owner or customer support with their WhatsApp account. Just a click on the WhatsApp account and it will be directly routed to the WhatsApp mobile account with a standard message. And if the client is on a desktop or laptop, it will be redirected to WhatsApp Web.

This plugin requires number and time and day for WhatsApp, which the website owner or support team will use to chat. The chat button can be added to the WooCommerce product page , which is directly related to this product.

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4. Live chat

It is a feature-rich WordPress plugin. And I do not say it easily.

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LiveChat really makes your life easier. It offers a range of features carefully stacked in a dozen categories, all aimed at improving customer management and user experience.

It gives you a team management tool, customer feedback interface ( consists of notes, comments, statistics, etc … ), hermetic security features , specific features of e-commerce (in a sale of information, campaign settings, etc. ), comprehensive customer support features, a very user-friendly integration -API ( works with all major marketing systems / analytics tools / CMS on the web ).

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5. Zendesk

Another important provider of Live Chat services is Zendesk. It is easy to install with the plugin Zopim Live Chat . In addition to adding Live Chat functionality to your site, Zendesk also provides useful tools such as user tracking. You can also easily customize the chat widget to match the WordPress theme used on your site.

Zendesk comes with original apps for iOS devices and Android. With these apps, you can easily connect to the Zendesk dashboard on your mobile devices and provide real-time support anywhere.

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Zendesk offers a free plan that only allows one active chat at a time and limited functionality. Their basic plan starts at $ 14 per month per agent.

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6. Tidio Live Chat

This flat UI-based tool fits your website like a glove. It is ultralight and easy to handle for beginners.

It offers you something simple, instant with a large number of customizable chat applications and complete widgets with auto-responder, working hours that you can view, the ability to perform surveys or surveys, contact forms, tracking of visitor activity and an advanced API for other integrations.

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7. Casengo Live Chat Support

This plugin comes with a list of features Elite Packed as a basic and advanced package has support via email, chat or Whatsapp. Lead generation ( with an integrated contact form ),

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Help with usage, platform compatibility ( multiple applications for different mobile operating systems ) and integrations with different tools ( Independent CMS ).

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8. Chat from FlyZoo

For websites that take their technical aspects seriously, Flyzoo is an excellent choice. This plugin works as a charm with cloud servers, subdomain installations and secure SSL websites.

You can restrict access based on user roles, monitor visitor activity, moderate chats, block potentially malicious IPs , integrate chats, chat in private mode, download multimedia files and have a carefully recorded chat log.

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9. Comm100 Live Chat

The Comm100 Live Chat solution is a simpler and faster Live Chat service for small businesses. They have a live ChatX plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily integrate it into your website.

They offer all the basic chat features with integrations to third party services like Salesforce, Google Analytics and more.

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Price: Their plans start at $ 29 per agent per month.

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10. Olark

Olark is a popular Live Chat solution for companies offering Internet services. It’s easy to use, and adding Olark to a site is easy. All you need to do is copy and paste a snippet of code into your WordPress widget or child theme.

If you prefer not to work with the code, it also has a plugin that you can install .

Olark offers integration with other services such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Highrise, etc. It has third-party mobile apps that allow you to connect to Olark to chat on almost any device. ” iOS ” or ” android “,

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Price: Olark offers different plans for companies of all sizes. Their Plan » Bronze Starts at $ 17 a Month. All their plans have free trials, and you get a 10% discount if you pay for the whole year.


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