10 Ways To Make Money By Giving Out Free Ebooks.

You’ve probably heard people say, “You can’t make money by giving away your books for free!”

But this is simply not true.

Here are 10 ways to increase your income by giving away your books for free:

  1. Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime Borrows

If your eBook is registered with Amazon KDP Select, Amazon Prime members and Kindle Unlimited members can read your ebook for free. But even if the customer doesn’t pay, Amazon will pay you based on how many pages of your book they read!

Most authors make around $ 1–2 each time a customer reads their book this way, and that can mean a lot of money if your eBook gets popular on Amazon.

  1. Leading generation

When you give away your book for free, you turn random people into leads who know you as you do and trust you. You can then turn those readers into loyal fans, email subscribers, and paying customers.

Most companies are willing to pay a fortune to bring in leads, but you can do it for free just by giving away your book!

  1. Free marketing and exposure

Once you have a book published and available on the internet, there are thousands of sites that will advertise your free book.

It’s also much easier to get bloggers, influencers, and customers to talk and share your book if it’s free.

  1. Build a mailing list and social media subscribers

Inside your book, you can ask readers to subscribe to your mailing list and follow you on social media.

If you get 10,000 people to download your book for free, that could lead to at least 1,000 new email subscribers and fans.

  1. Sell goods or services

If someone has taken the time to read your entire book, they will probably want to learn more from you. The back of your book is the perfect place to tell readers about any other book, product, or service you sell.

Many nonfiction authors make more money from selling products and services to readers than from royalties.

  1. Promote affiliate products or offers

If you don’t have your own products or services to sell, you can sign up as an affiliate and get paid when your fans buy other products or services.

You can add affiliate links directly to your book, or create a downloadable PDF or list of resources on your site that readers can use to find great products that you recommend.


  1. Get tons of book reviews

With a free book, you can get more readers faster. This can lead to you getting a lot of book reviews.

This is why many authors make their books free for a limited time. After they get excellent book ratings and reviews, they will change the price of the book and benefit from all the good word of mouth and social proof.

  1. Get Amazon to Promote Your Book

Amazon promotes popular books to readers, so if your free book downloads and reads more than the average book in your market, you’ll get tons of additional ads and downloads from Amazon at no extra cost.

  1. Fast and easy search engine rankings

Getting your site to rank # 1 on Google for a competitive keyword is tricky, but Amazon is ridiculously easy to rank # 1 on Google.

You can get your book’s Amazon page that ranks very high on Google, even for really competitive searches, if you have a book that readers love.

  1. Attract Lifetime Fans

Long term business success requires long term relationships.

By offering your book for free, you will attract more readers, and if what you say has an impact, many of those readers will become fans for life.

These fans can support you with future book sales, purchasing other products and services, supporting you on Patreon, and more. Never underestimate the power of fans for life!


by Abdullah Sam
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