10 Ways to Define a Catchy Title

The main key to marketing is to grab the audience’s attention . If the title alone is boring and uninteresting, how will the audience want to buy or even just see your content? The  first impression the customer sees is the content title . However, if the title is interesting then most likely they will click and read the content lo . “Think like a customer” , bro.

Well, I’m here to help you provide  10 special title templates that are sure to be effective in attracting your audience to want to read :

  1. 5 Ways To _____________
  2. 6 Reasons Why _________
  3. This is ___________
  4. 10 Tips For __________
  5. 3 Simple Ways To ___________
  6. 4 ThingsT er ________
  7. 5 Worst Mistakes In ________
  8. 6 Secrets About __________
  9. How to ___________
  10. 7 Tipsand Tricks For _____________

Yeah, your welcome dude! 🙂

Happy experimenting, and this is my experiment:

“The 6 most absurd things I’ve ever done while taking a shower” (how about you? Are you interested and curious?)

by the way this does not apply to science fiction titles  and the like. But yes it doesn’t hurt to try,


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