10 ways to become invisible to mosquitoes

Do mosquitoes haunt you and you can’t spend a quiet evening outdoors? Becoming invisible to mosquitoes is not a mission impossible. Just choose the right measures and natural remedies to remove them. This way you will avoid most of the mosquito bites and you will not have to face the annoyance of itching.


  • Use a mosquito patch
  • Diffuse or apply essential oils
  • Harnessing a new molecule
  • Prepare an eco-friendly mosquito spray
  • Spray geranium floral water
  • Preventing with homeopathy: Ledum Palustre
  • Sprinkle with mosquito repellent body oil
  • Don’t drink beer
  • Wear light-colored clothing
  • Use a portable mosquito net

Use a mosquito patch

A crowdfunding project born last year centered around the creation of Kite Patch , a non-toxic mosquito patch designed to protect developing populations from mosquito-borne diseases, such as malaria and Dengue fever. The patch promises to make the wearer invisible to mosquitoes for 48 hours. Here more info.

Diffuse or apply essential oils

Some essential oils are more effective than others for warding off mosquitoes and protecting us from their bites. You can use them for aromatherapy, in a special diffuser, so that their scent protects the rooms of your home from the arrival of mosquitoes. Or you can apply them on the skin after diluting a few drops in vegetable oil. Among the essential anti-mosquito oils we find those of lavender, eucalyptus, geranium and lemongrass. Here the complete list.

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Harnessing a new molecule

A recent study conducted by the Usda has identified a new molecule , which takes the name of 1-methylpiperazine and which works by preventing mosquitoes from recognizing the smell of humans , from which they are guided towards our skin. It is a substance capable of partially inhibiting the smell of mosquitoes, acting selectively. Will the new molecule be able to stop potentially harmful insecticides and mosquito repellent products?

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Prepare an eco-friendly mosquito spray

You can prepare an ecological anti-mosquito spray to spray on the skin based on essential oils. To get it you will need distilled water, alcohol of the food type that is used to prepare liqueurs and essential oils of your choice among those of geranium, lavender, mint, lemon, lemon balm, tea tree and eucalyptus. Here is the complete recipe for making your own eco-friendly do-it-yourself mosquito spray.

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Spray geranium floral water

Geranium flowers and geranium essential oil are both suitable remedies to ward off mosquitoes that don’t like their scent. In fact, geranium is among the mosquito-repellent plants that you could grow on the balcony and on the windowsill to ward off mosquitoes. A natural remedy to apply on the skin or to vaporize in the environment is the geranium floral water , also known as geranium hydrosol , which you can buy on the internet or in herbal medicine.

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photo source: elomakeupaddict.over-blog.com

Preventing with homeopathy: Ledum Palustre

The Ledum Palustre is a homeopathic remedy against mosquitoes, affordable herbal medicine. It must be taken for the entire period in which you want to protect yourself from mosquitoes, even starting in advance, for example in anticipation of a trip. The Ledum Palustre globules are dissolved under the tongue . This remedy makes the smell of sweat unpleasant for mosquitoes which therefore move away.

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Sprinkle with mosquito repellent body oil

You can prepare an anti – mosquito body oil starting from Neem oil, to which you will add a few drops of the following essential oils: Tea Tree Oil, lavender essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, geranium and eucalyptus essential oil. At this point you just have to mix the ingredients and apply the preparation in small quantities on the skin. Here the complete recipe.

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Don’t drink beer

Some recent studies have tried to describe the characteristics of the mosquito’s favorite victim . It seems that mosquitoes are more attracted to those who have just had a beer. It is possible that, after drinking beer, their skin is warmer and therefore, also for olfactory issues as well as temperature, tends to attract mosquitoes more.

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Wear light-colored clothing

The favorite victims of mosquitoes , in addition to drinking beer, wear red or otherwise bright, or dark clothes , such as black and blue, again according to the latest evidence unearthed by experts. Pregnant women and those who are overweight would also be among the favorite targets for mosquitoes. Experimenting costs nothing: on summer evenings try to wear light-colored clothes to evaluate any benefits .

Use a portable mosquito net

And if you just can’t find a more comfortable solution to the mosquito problem, here is the portable mosquito net . So you can sit quietly on the park benches reading a book on summer evenings, or simply in the garden. If the presence of mosquitoes is really annoying and insistent, perhaps a portable mosquito net could be for you.


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