10 ways to improve your day: the secret to happiness

There are days when it seems that the Universe is conspiring against you. Everything goes wrong and you feel that life is out of control. The only thing you want to do is sit and cry. Only this is not the best way, so we always try to do the best and move on. It is difficult, I know, but giving in to suffering leads to more pain. To help you through these bad times in your life, I brought you 10 ways to improve your day. They are simple, fast and cost nothing.

10 ways to improve your day

How can we improve our day? How can we make lemon into lemonade, as the saying goes? How can we remove this sadness that often affects us? First, we changed our minds. But sometimes it takes a lot more than just changing your mind. Other times, we need to shake it up a bit. Here are 10 ways to improve your day:

1. Hug

There is nothing like a hug to make things better. One of the best things about a hug is that you really can’t give one without getting another one back. So, hug your husband, a friend, your boyfriend, your pet, a father, son, brother, or even a stranger. Show through the embrace that you are fully present, that you really care about the person.

2. Smile

Find something to laugh about. Do not take life so seriously. Call a friend who makes you laugh and maybe remember some memory. Watch a comedy movie or series, like “Friends”, which I love and is guaranteed to laugh in almost every episode.

3. Make a list

Write down the things that make you happy. It can be a list of anything: your partner’s laugh, the smell of bread coming out of the oven, the sound of rain on the window, the feeling of having won a game … Anything that gives you a dose of joy. If your day is bad, identify the good things that happened on it. It changes my perspective immediately and I realize that there are always a ton of good things that are only overshadowed by what is not so cool.

4. Dance

Turn on some music and dance. Dance as if no one is watching or, if you prefer, dance as if everyone is watching. It can be axé, rock, pop, no matter the rhythm. Just follow the music with your body. If you have someone with you, invite them to dance. Or, take your cat or dog and dance with him.

5. Breathe fresh air

Who has never heard the phrase “Go cool your head”? It is amazing that every time we breathe the fresh air, our mood changes. Fresh air can be healing and purifying. Even if it is only for five minutes, get out and take a deep breath. It is a great way to improve your day.

6. Watch the sunrise or sunset.

Banal? Yes, definitely. But does it work? Of course yes. Whenever I can, I take the time to watch the sunset. It can be from the car, from the bus, from the home or work window. It is invigorating and fills you with heat. If you are willing, the sunrise is even more beautiful and your day gets better in the early hours of the morning.

7. Exercise

Take a walk on the treadmill, practice yoga exercises, run a run, take your dog for a walk, go to a kickboxing class, take a zumba class. Just increase your heart rate and sweat a lot, so you will release endorphins, which will do a very good job against moodiness.

8. Sing

Put on a song you like to sing and just sing it with your heart. Sing without any worry or concern about how your voice sounds. Sing like you have the most beautiful voice in the world. If it’s a good day and you feel like driving, get in your car, close the windows and turn on the stereo. Just sing.

9. Practice a random act of kindness

Do something for someone else without any expectations. Practice a random act of kindness without any attachment to the outcome. Even better, do it anonymously. This is like magic and will improve your day.

10. Spend time with a loved one

Another obvious tip, but there is nothing better. When I spend even a few minutes with my children in the morning, I am always very happy and that joy improves my day. Even if you don’t have a partner or children, there is someone in your life that you value. Set aside time and spend with it. Not just to watch TV, but to be with them, to talk to them.

It depends on you

See how simple it is to improve your day? The success of a new day in your day depends on motivation. Despite the many problems we can have in this life, we must start on the right foot every day to live it to the fullest.

Sometimes it can be difficult, it is much easier to complain than to actually take action; however, a negative attitude ends up affecting your physical and emotional health.

Focus on simple things, have positive attitudes, be cheerful and work on your self-esteem and self-confidence. By following at least some of these tips, your days will be much better. Life has so many good things, start enjoying them. Your life and that of everyone around you will be much more joyful.

by Abdullah Sam
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