Speaking of “customer engagement”, it seems incomplete if we do not understand the meaning of this term first. Then, what is meant by customer engagement? Customer engagement is a communication or interaction that exists between external stakeholders such as consumers (customers)and internal parties (producers or companies) through various correspondence channels. Customer engagement is also referred to as customer engagement, where the communication relationship between producers and consumers can occur through an interaction, reaction, effect, or experience that is felt by the customer as a whole for the products or services they choose. Customer involvement in this marketing process can be through offline, namely direct interaction with producers or through online using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.


Why is customer engagement important? Customer engagement is very important because a good relationship between producers and consumers will bind consumers to continue to choose our products or services on a regular basis. When we succeed in creating customer engagement in the long run, then consumers will feel satisfied with the customer service that we provide. One indicator of successful customer involvement is that consumer loyalty is increasing in our products and services.


How to Build Customer Engagement in Your Business? 

Speaking of products and services, what kind of business do your fellow readers have? Is it a culinary business, a real estate business, a transportation business, or maybe an online business ? According to the dot com business website, there are 10 ways we can apply in building customer engagement in our business through social media platforms. No matter what type of business your fellow readers have, customer engagement is very important for us to build in business.


This article aims so that fellow readers can get good customer engagement ideas on your business, especially through social media. So, colleagues have the right customer engagement planning. Interested to find out? Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Continue to Make Changes that Attract Customers’ Attention Through Social Media.

Based on a study, customers who have good customer engagement are more likely to return to use our products and services. For example in the real estate business or maybe the carpentry business. When a customer has a strong customer engagement with a builder who can repair damaged houses, the customer will always rely on the builder to try to repair other damage. For example, leaking tiles, broken water pipes, and others.


How do you make consumers do the same thing in our business? We can start from social media . As we know that social media is a powerful platform that can help us promote product brands and increase customer engagement. Some steps we can take are as follows:

– The first step, create a special social media account to market our business.

– Create a tagline like, “Always there wherever and whenever”. This is a pretty good tagline and reminds customers that business readers are always there to help them.

– Create a unique hashtag or sound so consumers always remember our business easily. For example, fellow readers can use photos, emojis or special stickers that depict a representation logo of your business. Include all of that every time we post something on social media.

– Fellow readers can share, repost or regram customer posts if they provide positive feedback on your business. In addition, do not forget to immediately reply to negative feedback from them with words that are professional and soothing.

– Perform unique interactions with customers on social media. For example, fellow readers create “challenges” for customers who buy products or use our services.

– Challenge customers to post their photos when using our sports equipment products or when buying a car from our transportation business. Invite customers to use the most unique caption. This will make them more recognized. Do all of this on a scheduled basis, so that our customers feel a warm interaction between us and them on social media.


2. Tempt Customers by Posting Your Business Photos and Videos.

The thing we need to do is make customers tempted to buy or use our products and services. How to? Post interesting photos or videos related to goods and services that we offer on social media. Yep! A picture can describe a thousand words. Because in business, photos and videos are media that can make customers more confident, tempted and tempted to choose the products and services.


We can call a professional photographer to take some photos of our product samples, or fellow readers can also do it yourself using a cellphone camera, supporting light and beautiful background. In addition to photos, record a short video explaining our services. Make the videos very interesting, so customers feel very confident about our products and services


3. Create a Professional Website for Your Business.

Maybe some people feel that creating a website for our business is unnecessary, even just a waste of money. They argue that the presence of social media is far more than enough to build customer engagement through the internet platform. In fact, creating a professional website for our business is still important. Through the website, we can offer some of our business benefits to customers.


In addition, our business will also look more professional and classy than just relying on social media. Our business website is a long-term investment in the future. The following things can help maximize our business website:

– Post the best short photos and videos of our products and services on the website. Fellow readers can include the price of each product and service clearly and in detail, so that customers can calculate the product or service they want.

– Give the “Product recommendation” column consisting of the products most often purchased by other customers.

– Include our business social media accounts on the website.

– Provide contact information for customer service .

– We can also write interesting content such as blogs related to each product or service that we offer. Oh yes, fellow readers can also list what features can be achieved by customers of our products and services.


4. Oh yeah, We Can Also Use Push Web Notifications!

Have your fellow readers heard the term “web push notification” before? Web push notification (WPN) is one of the latest innovations in the digital marketing industry . Well, this innovation allows its users to subscribe (subscribe) notifications from certain websites through their browser. This web push notification is different from conventional browser notifications because through WPN we can send push notifications whenever we want.


Some strategies that we can do to build customer engagement through WPN:

– Make a schedule for regular push notifications.

– Create messages or information related to offers that are of interest to customers.

– Make sure that the messages or information we provide are relevant to our different customers.

– Give an opportunity so that customers or users can choose “out”, if they do not want to receive messages or want to avoid these messages.


5. Greeting Customers via Email.

Eits! Even though the e-mail platform is fairly old-fashioned, it never underestimates the power of e-mail, colleagues. Email is one platform that is still powerful to improve product marketing and build personal customer engagement with our customers. Through email, we can inform customers that our business is imposing a massive promo on the prices of products or services offered. The promo can be because we are celebrating a business anniversary or because our business has achieved a very proud achievement. By doing this, customers will feel increasingly attached to our business because we are not reluctant to share happiness with customers on that special day.


6. Send Birthday Emails to Our Customers.

Birthdays are always a very special time for many people. Now, this is the right time for us to build customer engagement with our customers. In this case, we can send a greeting or digital card to say their birthday. Guaranteed, customers will feel very special on their special day. Facts prove that the transaction rate increased 81% higher than promotional e-mail. The thing we need to do is:

– Create data on consumers’ birth dates by asking them to register to an email list in your store. We can also collect this data through our business website or social media accounts.

– Prepare the best and personalized birthday greeting templates.

– Use automation so our emails can be sent automatically, and

– Give attractive price quotes to consumers who are having a birthday.


7. Be Responsive to Feedback from Customers.

Another thing we need to do in building customer engagement is to be responsive to all the suggestions and input given by customers to our business. Do not let us ignore the message they convey, because by being responsive means we are trying to be the best producer for our customers.


8. Provide Positive Experiences That Will Never Be Forgotten For Our Loyal Customers.

Others may forget what we do and we give them, but other people will never forget the “taste” we give them. Therefore, in building customer engagement, providing positive experiences to our business customers is something that needs to be done. Invite our customers to interact on social media, perhaps by asking what developments they propose for our products or services or asking their testimonials about our products or services, and so forth. We need to be friendly to every store visitor and be friendly to those on our business social media platform.


9. Invite Our Loyal Customers to Travel With Our Business Team.

One other interesting idea for building customer engagement is to make a lottery and choose our most loyal business customers. Let’s say fellow readers have gotten one to three of the most loyal customers.


Well, reward them with a travel voucher with you and the team to an island or a beautiful tourist spot. Besides we can build strong customer engagement with loyal customers, we can also build strong teamwork with our teams. This way of customer engagement is guaranteed to never be forgotten by our loyal customers for the rest of their lives.


10. Maintain your loyal customers.

One good example of customer engagement is maintaining good relations with our existing loyal customers. Research shows that 80% of our business revenue comes from our loyal customers, colleagues. By building strong customer engagement with loyal customers, customers will be more loyal and even invite those closest to them to use our products or services. Interesting right?


Now by combining the 10 ways above, we will find it easier to build customer engagement with our customers. Are your fellow readers interested in applying it now? If yes, good luck with Career Advice colleagues.

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