Who doesn’t want to have happy employees and team members? Of course, all managers and leaders on this earth always hope to have subordinates who always feel happy. Why so? Because happiness can reduce our stress levels and bring a positive aura to the work environment.


To make this happen, managers or leaders do not have to be very famous in their work environment, but at least they have a good personality, so that makes the people around them feel comfortable and calm.


So what do managers and leaders have to do so that employees don’t feel afraid to come to work? According to the entrepreneur’s website, there are 10 ways that can bring happiness in a work team, so that the work environment will always feel fun. And, these 10 ways must begin to be applied by managers or leaders, before they expect happy employees. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Having Good Leadership Character . 

As a manager or leader, the first thing that team members will see is the “leadership” of their leaders. Does their boss have a dictatorial leadership character, but don’t bring any good? Or is their manager a very good person, but does not help his employees hone their growth?


Every leader must have advantages and disadvantages of each, there is no perfect leader in this world. They are also humans like us. However, there are some important criteria from leaders who can make their employees comfortable working in the company . For example, giving confidence to employees or not feeling suspicious, not saying rude or speaking words that bring down employee self-esteem, and so forth. A good manager or leader will guide his team to work together in a compact, maintaining fraternity between team members and creating a conducive working environment.


2. Always be optimistic in any situation. 

Happiness will always be created when there is optimism in it. In the world of work, there will be many challenges that come up to team members. Pessimism and negative mindset will be very easily created in every challenge. This is why we really need leaders who always think optimistically.


Optimistic that we can beat competitors’ products even though our products are not as popular as they are, optimistic that we can increase sales percentage to 10% higher. And, be optimistic about other work targets. Don’t forget to say positive words that can motivate team members. That way, team members will always be excited and motivated to work .


3. Always Motivate Its Employees.

Almost the same as being optimistic, leaders who are always willing to motivate their employees will create happiness in the hearts of employees. The difference, optimism comes from within someone like, the belief to be able to change things for the better than before, and the strong belief that we can achieve the dreams that are expected.


Meanwhile, motivating means issuing all these beliefs and beliefs and turning them into positive words, so we invite others to have beliefs and positive thoughts like us. If a leader has both of these, then it is certain that his employees will always feel happy.


4. Knowledgeable Leaders? Wow, this is so cool!

Ensure that we have broad knowledge, especially knowledge related to their respective fields of work. What is the purpose? Leaders who are knowledgeable will find it easier to communicate with their employees.


Try to imagine if a boss has no knowledge of technology at all. When there is an IT problem that occurs in the office, the boss is only angry unclearly with his IT staff, when the staff wants to explain the root of the problem, he becomes more angry because he does not understand what his staff are saying.


This situation will become easier if the leader has knowledge of technology. Not necessarily being an expert, at least he understands briefly. So, there is no suspicion on its employees. A knowledgeable boss will also find it easier to discuss innovative ideas with his team members.


5. Have a Good Stress Management. 

Stress is the only thing that will always come in any business. Stress will come without being asked or invited, we can’t even choose what level of stress comes into our lives, can the stress level be categorized as light or is the stress already very complicated?


How to create happiness in employees by using stress management? Dream leaders will be very skilled in controlling their emotions. In other words, they have excellent emotional intelligence to control emotions and solve the problems they face.


In addition, they also really know how to manage stress correctly, so that if there are team members who feel stressed, these leaders can easily help their employees to get rid of feelings of stress that are very detrimental.


6. The existence of communication that is well-established and clear. 

One factor that will make employees happy is having good and clear communication with their leaders. They know and understand what their managers want, especially related to the work expected by their managers.


Clear communication will make employees more excited and motivated about what they do. Why so? Obviously, because they know what kind of work standards are needed, so that every effort and hard work spent does not feel in vain. This will keep them motivated to come to the office and give the best performance.


7. Want to Provide Guidance for Employees. 

Happiness will also be created when an employee gets a leader who not only acts as a leader, but more than that. For example, their managers always take the time to discuss or do coaching. Coaching conducted with employees aims to hone the abilities of each employee to be even better.


Moreover, we all know that the abilities and skills possessed by each person must be different. By implementing this, happiness will surely be felt by all employees because they have leaders who care about their personal development.


8. Always Appreciate the Work Employees Do. 

Having certain work standards is important, but that does not mean that you have to put down every effort that your employees put into their work. To make employees happy and comfortable with what they do, we first need to value every work they produce.


However, we also need to provide some motivation so that they do not feel easily satisfied, and are challenged to provide performance and results that are more than what has been done now.


9. Always Be Fair to Anyone. 

Being treated unjustly would be a bad problem for everyone. Nobody likes being treated like this. Therefore, to create happiness in team work, we need to treat everyone fairly. No matter what position they are attached to, no matter how high their level of education is, as beautiful or as cute as their faces, everyone needs to be treated fairly. If justice has been applied, then everyone will feel they have the same opportunity to excel, and that will make them feel happier.


10. Invite All Employees About Success. 

There is nothing happier than trying to succeed together. Leaders who succeed in doing this will increasingly encourage employees to be motivated and motivated to achieve success like those of their leaders. Later, success will not only benefit employees, but the company’s name will also be better and more famous.

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