10 video games that were the disappointment of the year

2020 was a disastrous year in many ways, including video game releases. We are talking about the most unsuccessful projects of game studios, which became a real disappointment for gamers.

Frustration is always proportional to unjustified expectations. Gamers from all over the world have perfectly learned this pattern, because they come across it on a regular basis.

Every year there are games that first attract the attention of the audience, promise to please with interesting ideas and innovations, and at the release they loudly sit in a puddle and upset millions of users.

The reasons for failure can be very diverse – from excessive ambition to the desire to quickly saturate the pockets with bills with the help of a well-known brand.

Unfortunately, 2020 was an exception in this regard. On the contrary, he was marked by such disappointments that no one could even think of. Popular franchises, beloved by many fans, have contrived notoriously to stain their name and reputation. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

HB has compiled ten of 2020’s loudest gaming disappointments.

tenPredator: Hunting Grounds

Predator: Hunting Grounds had a very simple task: to become a good game for fans of Predator movies. All that was required was to implement a more or less acceptable balance in asymmetric matches, pleasant shooting and a lot of all kinds of content.

Now let’s look at the results: dash, dash, and dash. The IllFonic studio has failed in all respects, because in its game the Predator is felt as a punching bag among American special forces, and the shooting refers to the passing Polish shooters a decade ago.

And the strangest thing is that the game rewards very little for victories. There are few weapons and various improvements, and they open slowly. After several matches in Predator: Hunting Grounds, the player will begin to feel bored and discouraged.

nineMafia II: Definitive Edition

Apparently, “ real professionals” work in the d3t studio . They were tasked with creating a modern remaster of Mafia II – a quality game that has not lost its relevance in the ten years since its release. The project only had to be provided with modern graphics, polished up some rough edges and served on a silver tray to general applause.

But instead, d3t took and broke the game. Mafia II: Definitive Edition turned out to be a collection of bugs and errors that discouraged any desire to plunge into Vito Scaletta’s crime adventure.

Moreover, the developers managed to mess with the physical model, which is why the remaster has lost some recognizable elements of the original. As a result, users were offered the same game, only worse and more expensive.

8Bleeding edge

Even before the release of Bleeding Edge, she seemed to say with all her throat: “I’m not Overwatch or some kind of MOBA. I am different and special. ” Well, for the desire to stand out from the crowd, the game can really be praised. But everything else fails.

The battles in the project are viscous and boring, and the main tactic is to run in a crowd and target enemies one by one. There were too few characters at the start, and their appearance does not inspire confidence: it will be far from every user to associate himself with painted freaks from the future.

The situation is similar with the cards: interesting ideas can be traced in their design, but too bright acid style quickly gets boring. Bleeding Edge manages to push players away by relying on session gameplay, which is akin to a verdict.

7Deadly premonition 2

The first part of Deadly Premonition was a disgusting game with an amazing storyline that made you endure all its shortcomings. She also had a mysterious and sometimes eerie atmosphere in the spirit of the ” Twin Peaks” series.

And already from these two proposals it becomes clear what the sequel should be: the heir to the original, but with a taut gameplay and technical condition. However, we are writing about disappointments, which means that Deadly Premonition 2 did not cope with the task.

Although what it did not cope there: it turned out to be a painfully raw product with an empty open world and sickening gameplay. And the saddest thing is that the plot in it is an order of magnitude worse than in the first part. If Deadly Premonition, with clenched teeth, can still be passed, then you should stay away from the sequel.


A strange situation has occurred with the new ” battle toads”. The developers of the game clearly wanted to please the young audience and at the same time please the oldfags.

They implemented some difficult levels, but made too colorful a style and remade iconic characters. These changes are already enough to alienate old fans.

But the creators went further and added mini-games to Battletoads. Some of them turned out to be funny, but most were boring and of the same type. Breaks for such entertainment spoil the overall dynamics, so you shouldn’t be surprised that the project was quickly forgotten, like an accidental misunderstanding.


There are games that try to flaunt graphics with tons of post-effects and high-fantasy styling. They are trying to take users impudently, they say, if you mix all the colors of the rainbow in a bunch, add some epic phrases to trailers and show cool edged weapons, then smart sales are guaranteed.

Why there is such an opinion, I really do not understand. This approach does not work at all when implementing games, which is once again proved by Godfall. It has a good combat system, but even it is overcomplicated and has an overly awkward control scheme.

And the graphics, on which the project so pressed, begins to eat away the eyes after the first hour. Similarly, you can describe the two-line plot and the implementation of tasks. As a result, Godfall simply has nothing to fall in love with, no matter how hard you try.

4Fast & Furious Crossroads

About ten years ago, it was fashionable to release cheap and faceless games based on films. These projects are suitable for selling in packs for a dollar, because it is a sin to give more money for them. Naturally, such ” creations” mostly failed, which is why they ceased to be riveted.

But in 2020, suddenly there was a reason to remember the games described, as Fast & Furious Crossroads was released. This quick-and-dirty knock-off has some of the worst features of racing projects, from hideous physics to faceless tracks that instantly disappear from your head.

Even recognizable images from the film series ” Fast and Furious” could not save the sad realization of absolutely all aspects of the game.

3Marvel’s avengers

I can sketch out versions of an excellent Avengers game for several hours in a row, and in different genres – even a dramatic action game with a cool setting, even a shooter with switching between first and third person views, or even a stealth sandbox with immersive gameplay.

Superheroes provide a huge springboard for experimentation that the developers of Marvel’s Avengers have chosen to completely ignore. Their project has some good ideas, but they are drowning in monotony, sprawl and grind.

The creators of the game seem to have turned on the mode of creative impotence, although earlier these same people coped well with the restart of Tomb Raider. Apparently, the desire to get rich at the expense of a well-known brand was put at the forefront in the development of Marvel’s Avengers.

2Cyberpunk 2077 ( console versions)

The excitement surrounding the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 has not abated for several weeks in a row. The game turned out to be incredibly raw and has some prohibitive amount of bugs. But that’s still bullshit compared to how the new action RPG feels on PS4 and Xbox One.

Let’s bend our fingers together: regular drops in the frame rate, the appearance of objects in close proximity to the player, impermissibly low drawing range, constant crashes with a critical error. And these are just the most important flaws, not to mention the quality of textures and detail.

Naturally, for console users, the Cyberpunk 2077 release has become a complete failure, and their frustration is easy to understand.

oneWarcraft III: Reforged

Now many have forgotten that in 2020 the gaming industry was shaken by a scandal no less massive than with Cyberpunk 2077. It was caused by the release of Warcraft III: Reforged – a remaster of the legendary strategy from Blizzard.

He added new textures that look worse in places than the old ones, and removed a lot of content from the original. Ask why such a project is needed? Who knows. Because of him, even the most dedicated Blizzard fans began to mix the company with an unpleasant liquid mass.

All unanimously announced that they were no longer going to acquire studio projects. Moreover, it was thanks to Reforged that the famous phrase “ Blizzard quality” took on a completely different connotation.


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