Maybe this word is already familiar to our ears. But what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. However, so that the understanding of SEO becomes clearer to understand, let’s look at what is said by experts about the definition of SEO. Understanding SEO according to experts is quite diverse, but certainly has the same core. According to Neil Patel, SEO is a unique art in studying and understanding search engines, where we will use certain knowledge, strategies and tricks in helping websites rank higher in search engines. In addition, Rand Fishkin also gave his opinion related to the definition of SEO. For him, SEO is a combined combination of tactics and strategy that includes, but is not limited by optimization of information, focus on content,social media marketing , and so on.


Indirectly, the benefits of SEO is to maximize the optimization process of a website and all things related to the website such as, content, systems and others, to be able to get a higher ranking and better in search engines (search engines) such as, Google


Does SEO Need to Have in a Business? 

The answer, of course, is very necessary. Why is that? Technological developments and changes that always come and go require that business people and entrepreneurs have superior content from their competitors. As a business owner, investing in the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can take our business to the success ladder. Try to imagine if our business is more advanced and famous because more and more people know and buy our products and services, it must be very fun right? Well, this can we get when we want to try hard and invest in raising the ranking of our website by using the right SEO.


In other words, SEO is a very important skill in today’s modern business world. However, recruiting SEO managers or recruiting digital marketing consultants will indeed cost more. But don’t worry colleagues, because this article will explain some SEO tools that are very useful for business readers. Reporting from the website business news daily dot com, there are 10 useful SEO tools and help the growth of your business, let’s see what are the types of SEO in question.


1. SEO tools: Google

The first and foremost SEO tool is Google. Yes, who doesn’t know this SEO tool? We are sure that almost all people in the world know this one SEO tool. In general, Google is the most used search engine when someone is surfing the internet. Well, Google has a huge impact on SEO strategies, especially when there is a change in the algorithm. Remarkably, Google provides so many useful services that we can use to collect data, and analyze data relating to our business website by looking at web performance. Shhhhhh! Everything we can get it for free. Google also has several types such as:

– Google Trends:  This one SEO tool can help us find the right keywords, compare keywords and analyze how internet users search for keywords within Google. Not only that, Google Trends also really helps us in comparing the performance of our business with competitors. So, don’t waste this SEO tool.

 – Google Analytics: This one SEO tool can help us in providing in-depth data about the performance of the business website that we have. This SEO tool can analyze several things such as website page views, how internet users reach business websites and information about our audience. Wow, it’s quite thorough too!

– Search Console: Have your fellow readers ever heard of this SEO tool? Google Search Console can help business websites be easier to find on the internet. Indirectly, can ensure our business sites can be reached on Google and use valid data to find out which products or services are the most successful and sought after on our business site.

– PageSpeed ​​Insights: Through this SEO tool, Google can help analyze how fast our business web pages are and Google will also provide suggestions that we can apply to improve the speed of the appearance of webpages on desktops, as well as mobile phones. Whether we realize it or not, the speed of our business website pages will also affect SEO! So, it is very important for us to continue to review the performance of our business web through this SEO tool.


2. SEO tools: Ahrefs.

Has anyone heard of this SEO tool before? How does this SEO work? Ahrefs has the advantage of features by displaying information about our business competitors. By analyzing the activities of our competitors, we can have a much better idea enlightenment in determining SEO strategies. Oh yeah, that’s not all. Ahrefs can help us to find high-impact keywords and check backlinks. This SEO tool has sophisticated analytical advantages so that we can track our business website.


3. SEO tools: Moz Pro.

This third SEO tool can help us to better understand SEO by figuring out how to use SEO, how to improve our SEO strategy and assist us in analyzing a trend in the industry. Now by using Moz Pro, business people can find suggested keywords with keywords that match our business targets. Moz Pro also helps us track the ranking of our business website, and find out about any errors or problems on our business website.


4. SEO Tools: Screaming Frog SEO Spider.

Because this SEO tool is free, there is nothing wrong if we use this SEO tool as an additional support for the growth of our business. What is the use of this SEO tool? Screaming Frog SEO Spider is an SEO tool that can help us in finding problems or damage in our business website links. This SEO tool allows us to analyze page titles and metadata, so we can detect whether a website page is missing or maybe double. Keep in mind that this SEO tool is integrated with Google Analytics, so we can transfer data into an overall analytic profile. For fellow readers who want to use this SEO tool, there are free and paid SEO tools, so they can be chosen according to your business needs.


5. SEO tools: Optimizely.

This SEO tool is an A / B testing tool that businesses can use to improve their websites. A / B testing is a method used by digital marketers and web designers to analyze two types of web pages or websites, which later they will determine which part is better for the audience to accept by using direct analysis. Eits, that’s not all. Even when there are changes even if only a few changes, such as adjusted colors or different design elements, this A / B test can provide us with useful information. So, for fellow readers who want to improve the quality of their business website, don’t forget to use this SEO tool.


6. SEO tools: Answer the Public.

Just as the name suggests, this SEO tool is a free tool that can help our business find out about “what is the audience looking for?” This SEO tool can also help us find the right keywords, exchange ideas about content and understand our field as a whole. The Public Answer is perfect for pairing with Google Trends, which can tell us about how popular a topic, term or search is compared to other keywords.


7. SEO tools: SEMRush.

This seventh SEO tool helps provide us with tools that can be used to analyze data, social media reporting, and valid SEO information about our business website. Oh yes, SEMRush is very suitable for business owners who have had experience in SEO before.


8. SEO Tools: UberSuggest.

Turning to the eighth SEO tool, UberSuggest is an online keyword generator that we can use for free. Just like the SEO Answer the Public tool, UberSuggest can be used to brainstorm new keywords and analyze old keywords. The search results will then be displayed in the form of a list (list) and cloud.


9. SEO tools: Majestic.

How about this one SEO tool? The Majestic SEO Tool is a database of links with URLs that are indexed from all over the internet. This SEO updates its database every day, so we can see the latest data every day. In addition, this SEO tool also helps us to get important information from our business website and competitors’ websites. About the price, Majestic has a free version that we can use. However, if fellow readers want to use Majestic, which is the full version, there is also a paid one.


10. SEO Tools: HubSpot SEO.

The last but not least SEO tool is HubSpot SEO. This is a marketing website using lots of SEO resources, as well as digital marketing. The extensive information that HubSpot has is a great first step for business owners who want to learn more about digital marketing and SEO strategies. HubSpot SEO offers metrics about web traffic, competitor information, and ways to modify SEO strategies. Cool right, colleagues ?!


Well, that’s 10 SEO tools that are very useful for our business. So, out of the 10 SEO tools above, which SEO is your business choice


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